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Gates Foundation to insist on Open Access science

All funded research – and data - to be released under Creative Commons, say Bill and Melinda

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has drawn a line in the sand: as of next year, it will only fund research that is released in full, for free, immediately upon publication.…

Thu 2014-11-27.02:59 | [The Register]



Health Advisor: Ebola Still Spreading, Worst Outbreak We've Ever Seen

Lasrick writes After four decades of confining Ebola outbreaks to small areas, experts acknowledged in an October 9 New England Journal of Medicine article that "we were wrong" about the scope of the current situation. At the present transmission rate, the number of Ebola cases in West Africa doubles every two to three weeks. Early diagnosis is the key to controlling the epidemic, but that's far easier said than done: "And there are several complicating factors. For one thing, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 60 percent of all Ebola patients remain undiagnosed in their communities." A transmission rate below 1 is necessary to keep the outbreak under control (instead of the current rate of 1.5 to 2), and the authors detail what's in the works to help achieve early detection, which is crucial to reducing the current transmission rate.

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AT&T to FTC: I'd like to see YOU install 1Gbps fiber across the US. Which we're still doing

Telco tells regulator to step off after demand for homework

AT&T has told the FCC to mind its own business after the US watchdog started poking around the ISP's threat to halt its fiber broadband rollout.…

Thu 2014-11-27.02:27 | [The Register]


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Save Thanksgiving! Get your turkey to text you when it's done

Okay it's $40 but what price emotional turmoil?

It may be a cliché, but the one thing guaranteed to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner, as well as provide one more thing that your family to torture you with for the rest of your life, is a burnt turkey.…

Thu 2014-11-27.01:58 | [The Register]



Ask Slashdot: Best Biometric Authentication System?

kwelch007 writes I run a network for a company that does manufacturing primarily in a clean-room. We have many systems in place that track countless aspects of every step. However, we do not have systems in place to identify the specific user performing the step. I could do this easily, but asking users to input their AD login every time they perform a task is a time-waster (we have "shared" workstations throughout.) My question is, what technologies are people actually using successfully for rapid authentication? I've thought about fingerprint scanners, but they don't work because in the CR we have to wear gloves. So, I'm thinking either face-recognition or retinal scans...but am open to other ideas if they are commercially viable.

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Voting Machines Malfunction: 5,000 Votes Not Counted In Kansas County

An anonymous reader writes A malfunction in electronic voting machines in Saline County, Kansas, left over 5,000 votes uncounted. That's roughly one-third of the votes cast. Counting those 5,207 votes didn't change any outcomes in this case however. “That’s a huge difference,” county Chairman Randy Duncan said when notified by the Journal of the error. “That’s scary. That makes me wonder about voting machines. Should we go back to paper ballots?”

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Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous After All

Taco Cowboy points out a new study that shows it is possible to figure out the IP address of someone who pays for transactions anonymously online using bitcoins. "The Bitcoin system is not managed by a central authority, but relies on a peer-to-peer network on the Internet. Anyone can join the network as a user or provide computing capacity to process the transactions. In the network, the user's identity is hidden behind a cryptographic pseudonym, which can be changed as often as is wanted. Transactions are signed with this pseudonym and broadcast to the public network to verify their authenticity and attribute the Bitcoins to the new owner. In their new study, researchers at the Laboratory of Algorithmics, Cryptology and Security of the University of Luxembourg have shown that Bitcoin does not protect user's IP address and that it can be linked to the user's transactions in real-time. To find this out, a hacker would need only a few computers and about €1500 per month for server and traffic costs. Moreover, the popular anonymization network "Tor" can do little to guarantee Bitcoin user's anonymity, since it can be blocked easily."

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Uber's Woes Could Be A Boon For Lyft

Lyft says it had a record number of rides last week, while Uber's rumored to get record financing.

It would be an understatement to say last week was not a good one for Uber. Its CEO made callous remarks about customer privacy, sparking a firestorm of bad publicity and reports on the company's "frat house ideology" and trust problem. Then one of its execs was loose-lipped about plans to dig up dirt on Uber critics, prompting a user-generated campaign to delete the app. Not surprisingly, bad news for Uber appears to be good news for competitor Lyft, which claims it gave a record number of rides last week, Venture Beat reported.

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Wed 2014-11-26.22:17 | [Fast Company]
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The "Number Two" Bus Runs On--What Else?--Human Waste

Surprisingly, Bristol's Bio-Bus doesn't even smell.

The new Bio-Bus in Bristol, England, is nicknamed "the number two" for a reason: It runs on fuel made from human waste. The biogas in the bus's tank is also made from food waste.

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Wed 2014-11-26.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Lambda the Ultimate - Programming Languages Weblog]

John C Reynolds Doctoral Dissertation Award nominations for 2014

Presented annually to the author of the outstanding doctoral dissertation in the area of Programming Languages. The award includes a prize of $1,000. The winner can choose to receive the award at ICFP, OOPSLA, POPL, or PLDI.

I guess it is fairly obvious why professors should propose their students (the deadline is January 4th 2015). Newly minted PhD should, for similar reasons, make sure their professors are reminded of these reasons. I can tell you that the competition is going to be tough this year; but hey, you didn't go into programming language theory thinking it is going to be easy, did you?

[The Register]

Twitter App Graph exposes smartphone spyware feature

You don't want everyone to compile app lists from your fondleware? BAD LUCK

App developers around the world are cursing Twitter for spilling the beans: spyware isn't a bug on iOS or Android, it's a feature.…

Thu 2014-11-27.00:58 | [The Register]



BlackBerry Will Buy Your iPhone For $550

mpicpp points out that BlackBerry is hoping to get iPhone owners to switch to Passport smartphones by promising up to $550 to trade in their phones. "The promotion, which starts Monday, promises as much as $550 to iPhone owners who trade in their handsets in favor of BlackBerry's Passport. The actual trade-in value depends on the iPhone, with the iPhone 4S worth up to $90 and the iPhone 6 worth up to $400. (The iPhone 6 Plus is not eligible.) BlackBerry then sweetens the deal by kicking in an additional $150 as a topper for each iPhone. The deal will run through February 13, but it's good only in North America. Customers must buy the $599 to $699 unlocked Passport phone through either BlackBerry's website or Amazon. The trade-in amount comes in the form of a Visa prepaid card."

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Jackie Chan Discs Help Boost Solar Panel Efficiency

wbr1 writes Apparently the pit pattern on a blu-ray disk is great at helping trap photons, rather than reflecting them. Applying this pattern to the glass in a solar panel can boost efficiency by 22%. Researchers at Northwestern tested this system with Jackie Chan discs. From the article: "To increase the efficiency of a solar panel by 22%, the researchers at Northwestern bought a copy of Police Story 3: Supercop on Blu-ray; removed the top plastic layer, exposing the recording medium beneath; cast a mold of the quasi-random pattern; and then used the mold to create a photovoltaic cell with the same pattern....The end result is a solar panel that has a quantum efficiency of around 40% — up about 22% from the non-patterned solar panel."

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Fly With the Brooklyn Aerodrome (Video)

A bit of housing insulation material, a battery, a motor and propellor, a radio receiver and transmitter, and servos to control the motor and a pair of ailerons, and you're ready to fly the Brooklyn Aerodrome way. This isn't a tiny radio-controlled paper airplane, but a big bruiser with a 1:1 power to weight ratio (which means it can climb like a bat out of hell) and enough guts to fly in reasonably windy conditions while carrying a camera -- except we'd better not mention cameras, since Brooklyn Aerodrome creations, whether kits or plans, are obviously intended tohelp you build model airplanes, not drones. Timothy ran into project proponent Breck Baldwin at a maker faire near Atlanta, surrounded by a squadron of junior pilots who may someday become astronauts on the Moon - Mars run -- or at least delivery drone controllers for Amazon. (Alternate Video Link)

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DragonFly BSD 4.0 Released

An anonymous reader writes From the release page: Version 4 of DragonFly brings Haswell graphics support, 3D acceleration, and improved performance in extremely high-traffic networks. DragonFly now supports up to 256 CPUs, Haswell graphics (i915), concurrent pf operation, and a variety of other devices.

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Forget Hillary, HP's ex CARLY FIORINA 'wants to be next US Prez'

Former CEO has political ambitions again, according to Washington DC sources

Carly Fiorina – the former HP chief executive who presided over the firm's $24.2bn merger with Compaq – is mulling a run for the US presidency in 2016, Washington insiders claim.…

Thu 2014-11-27.00:32 | [The Register]


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Tesla confirms Australian launch date

Will detail showroom, charging plans on December 9

Tesla, which earlier this year started scouting around for charging stations in Australia and has also popped up with displays in at least one Sydney mall, has confirmed December for its official launch.…

Thu 2014-11-27.00:13 | [The Register]
[The Register]

NASA 'nauts have a go on Star Trek replicator IN SPAAAAACE (sort of)

Butch plasticky and the sun power plant kit

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have tested their new 3D printer – proving they can manufacture small parts while in orbit, somewhat.…

Wed 2014-11-26.20:42 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Demonstranten Ferguson bestormen stadhuis St Louis

Demonstranten hebben woensdag het gemeentehuis van St Louis bestormd, waar de voorstad Ferguson deel van uitmaakt.

Thu 2014-11-27.02:39 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

9292-app toont actuele reisinformatie

De app van 9292 heeft een update gekregen waardoor gebruikers voortaan actuele reisinformatie bij reisadviezen te zien krijgen.

Thu 2014-11-27.00:01 | [NU - Internet]

Wed 2014-11-26


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Teeven ontkent schijn van belangenverstrengeling

Staatssecretaris Fred Teeven (Veiligheid en Justitie) heeft woensdag hard uitgehaald naar de PVV, de partij die de VVD-bewindsman ervan beschuldigt de schijn van belangenverstrengeling over zich te hebben afgeroepen.

Wed 2014-11-26.23:30 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

Koenders heeft goed gesprek na Turkse uithaal

Minister Bert Koenders (Buitenlandse Zaken) heeft woensdag avond een half uur gebeld met de Turkse autoriteiten over een vermeende verklaring dat Nederland de Turkse gemeenschap hier discrimineert. 

Wed 2014-11-26.22:30 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

Minder regenwoud in Amazonegebied verdwenen

Het regenwoud in het Zuid-Amerikaanse Amazonegebied wordt nog steeds op grote schaal gekapt en verbrand, maar het gaat wel in een lager tempo. 

Wed 2014-11-26.22:17 | [NU - Algemeen]
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Turnbull should spare us all airline-magazine-grade cloud hype

Box-hugger is not a dirty word, Minister. Box-huggers make the cloud WORK

Australia's Communications minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday labelled those who oppose use of the public cloud “box-huggers” and suggested such behaviour is bad because it ties organisations to an outmoded and expensive way of doing IT.…

Wed 2014-11-26.22:16 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

Buyer's Guide: The Best Air Purifier

Looking for an air purifier that's quiet, affordable, and effective? The Sweethome tests nine models.

It took 100 hours of research and testing conducted by an airborne particle physicist and former NOAA scientist using $100,000+ of equipment to find the best air purifier for most people: The $250 Coway AP-1512HH Mighty. It's as effective at removing particulate contaminants (such as pollen, spores, smoke, and dust) as machines over twice its size and costing twice as much. But the best air purifier for you personally depends on your specific needs, which is why we have other recommendations.

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Wed 2014-11-26.21:33 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

GoPro Is Reportedly Getting Into The Drone Business

The commercial drone industry could approach $2 billion by 2020.

Once upon a time, if you wanted aerial footage from a GoPro, you had to attach the camcorder to a hobby drone from a company like Parrot or DJI. An eagle would also do in a pinch. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, it looks like GoPro is developing its own line of of commercial drones to sell directly to consumers.

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Wed 2014-11-26.21:20 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Twitter Wants To Spy On Your Mobile Apps

New update lets Twitter gather more data for advertisers.

Twitter claims to be making yet another change to give users better content recommendations—and give itself more information to sell ads. Recently, it started showing users tweets they might enjoy from accounts they do not follow. Twitter's next step to make this function better? Finding out which other apps a user has on their smartphone.

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Wed 2014-11-26.21:10 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How Uber Is Making One Design Firm's Life A Living Hell

Just another day in the office for the beleagured startup.

Uber has its fair share of problems right now. The CEO allegedly said that Uber should be called Boober for its ability to get him laid. The upper management can spy on the trips of its users with a privacy-busting "God View" app. The senior vice president has suggested hiring a smear team to discredit journalists who write negative coverage about the company. They price-gouge their customers when they need them most, and they place orders for fake rides on their competitors' services just to screw them.

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Wed 2014-11-26.18:45 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

These Shocking Google Earth Images Show How Quickly The Planet Is Changing

A lake disappears. The desert turns to concrete. See the changes humanity has wrought in the landscape.

It's one thing to talk about changes to the planet in the abstract, and another to see them happen in simple before-and-after shots. That's the power of a new exhibit that uses aerial photos from Google Earth to show changes in places like the Aral Sea, which was once one of the world's largest lakes, but dried up completely this year for the first time.

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Wed 2014-11-26.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

A Plant-Covered, Car-Free Design For The Megacity Of The Future

Instead of a traditional street grid, the design employs a network of public squares surrounded by massive, interconnected skyscrapers.

In 1980, only 30,000 people lived in Shenzhen, China. Today the population is over 15 million, and Shenzhen is the most crowded city in the country, with more people per square mile than famously packed Hong Kong. And it's still growing. That's why, in a recent project, architects laid out one vision for a future neighborhood that could fit everyone sustainably.

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Wed 2014-11-26.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

This Black Friday, Patagonia Is Giving Away Lots Of Free, Lightly Used Clothing

The sustainable brand is cornering the don't-buy-more-stuff market.

Every year, Patagonia thinks up a new campaign to stop people from buying stuff on Black Friday, keeping with the company's anti-overconsumption stance.

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Wed 2014-11-26.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How To Run A Chinese Startup From Silicon Valley

Before expanding internationally, remember the cultural differences and logistic energy required.

Opening up an office in Silicon Valley made sense. PapayaMobile has been headquartered in Beijing since 2008, but we started to develop a growing client base in the U.S. If we planned to continue operating in the U.S., we needed a physical presence.

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Wed 2014-11-26.11:37 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Ask The Experts Special: Tackling Five of Work's Most Difficult Conversations

Our advice column has tackled all sorts of uncomfortable workplace situations, but these five conversations top awkward charts.

For the past year our experts have been tackling every perplexing work-life challenge you throw at them, so in honor of Difficult Conversations week, we've compiled five conversations that will likely come up at some point during your career, along with expert advice on how to handle the situation without embarrassing yourself.

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Wed 2014-11-26.11:27 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Inside The Cicada 3301 Cabal

An 18-year-old student says he solved the Internet's most enigmatic mystery, and was granted access to the online headquarters. Here's what he found.


[NU - Algemeen]

Spaanse minister treedt af om corruptieonderzoek

Een onderzoek naar corruptie heeft de Spaanse minister van volksgezondheid Ana Mato de kop gekost. 

Wed 2014-11-26.21:37 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

BlackBerry will pay you $$$s to be its friend and dump that iPhone

Hugs not included

Sales-challenged BlackBerry is hoping to bribe iPhone users away from Apple with a cash offer starting next month.…

Wed 2014-11-26.21:43 | [The Register]



Was Microsoft Forced To Pay $136M In Back Taxes In China?

itwbennett writes China's state-controlled Xinhua News Agency said on Sunday that an unnamed international company was forced to pay 840 million yuan ($136 million) in back taxes, as part of a Chinese government crackdown on tax evasion. The Xinhua article simply referred to it as the "M company," describing it as a top 500 global firm headquartered in the U.S. that in 1995 set up a wholly owned foreign subsidiary in Beijing. The details match Microsoft's own background, and no other company obviously fits the bill. Xinhua added, that despite the company's strengths, its subsidiary in China had not been not making a profit, and posted a loss of over $2 billion during a six-year period.

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Wed 2014-11-26.20:42 | [Slashdot]
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IDC: iPad sales CRASH incoming ... Win 8 killing 2-in-1 typoslabs

Death of the PC? Death of the touch screen revolution more like it

Market-watcher IDC has bad news for makers of tablets and two-in-one typoslabs like Microsoft's Surface: sales of the former are going to slow markedly and punters are avoiding the latter due to Windows 8.…

Wed 2014-11-26.02:02 | [The Register]



Clarificiation on the IP Address Security in Dropbox Case

Bennett Haselton writes A judge rules that a county has to turn over the IP addresses that were used to access a county mayor's Dropbox account, stating that there is no valid security-related reason why the IP addresses should be exempt from a public records request. I think the judge's conclusion about IP addresses was right, but the reasoning was flawed; here is a technically more correct argument that would have led to the same answer. Keep Reading to see what Bennett has to say about the case.

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Wed 2014-11-26.19:59 | [Slashdot]

WaveNET – the Floating, Flexible Wave Energy Generator

Zothecula writes: Scotland's Albatern is putting a new, modular spin on renewable energy generation. WaveNET is a scalable array of floating "Squid" generator units that harvest wave energy as their buoyant arms rise and fall with the motion of the waves. Each Squid can link up to as many as three others, effectively creating a large, floating grid that's flexible in every direction. The bigger this grid gets, the more efficient it becomes at harvesting energy, and the more different wave movements it can extract energy from. Albatern's 10-year target is to have 1.25 kilometer-long floating energy farms pumping out as much as 100 megawatts by 2024.

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Wed 2014-11-26.19:15 | [Slashdot]

Auto Industry Teams Up With Military To Stop Car Hacking

An anonymous reader writes: A team of hackers is collaborating with military and industry groups to develop cyber security defenses for commercially available cars, in response to a growing threat from criminals and terrorists. In the U.K., hackers are now responsible for a third of car thefts in London and there are fears that while technology is progressing, older models will remain vulnerable to attack. Although there have been no reported instances of a car being completely commandeered outside of controlled conditions, during tests hackers come out on top every time – unlocking car boots, setting off windscreen wipers, locking brakes, and cutting the engine.

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Wed 2014-11-26.18:32 | [Slashdot]

Hacker Threatened With 44 Felony Charges Escapes With Misdemeanor

An anonymous reader writes: It's no secret that prosecutors usually throw every charge they can at an alleged criminal, but the case of Aaron Swartz brought to light how poorly-written computer abuse laws lend themselves to this practice. Now, another perfect example has resolved itself: a hacker with ties to Anonymous was recently threatened with 44 felony counts of computer fraud and cyberstalking, each with its own 10-year maximum sentence. If the charges stuck, the man was facing multiple lifetimes worth of imprisonment. But, of course, they didn't. Prosecutors struck a deal to get him to plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge, which carried only a $10,000 fine. The man's attorney, Tor Eklund, said, "The more I looked at this, the more it seemed like an archetypal example of the Department of Justice's prosecutorial abuse when it comes to computer crime. It shows how aggressive they are, and how they seek to destroy your reputation in the press even when the charges are complete, fricking garbage."

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Wed 2014-11-26.17:50 | [Slashdot]

Is Ruby On Rails Losing Steam?

itwbennett writes: In a post last week, Quartz ranked the most valuable programming skills, based on job listing data from Burning Glass and the Brookings Institution. Ruby on Rails came out on top, with an average salary of $109,460. And that may have been true in the first quarter of 2013 when the data was collected, but "before you run out and buy Ruby on Rails for Dummies, you might want to consider some other data which indicate that Rails (and Ruby) usage is not trending upwards," writes Phil Johnson. He looked at recent trends in the usage of Ruby (as a proxy for Rails usage) across MS Gooroo, the TIOBE index, the PYPL index, Redmonk's language rankings, and GitHut and found that "demand by U.S. employers for engineers with Rails skills has been on the decline, at least for the last year."

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Wed 2014-11-26.17:06 | [Slashdot]

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run

McGruber writes: Fired HP CEO and failed Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is "actively exploring a 2016 presidential run." Fiorina has been "talking privately with potential donors, recruiting campaign staffers, courting grass-roots activists in early caucus and primary states, and planning trips to Iowa and New Hampshire starting next week."

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[NU - Internet]

Twitter-app gaat smartphonegegevens verzamelen

Twitter gaat bijhouden welke apps zijn gebruikers hebben gedownload op hun smartphone, om zo gerichtere advertenties te kunnen aanbieden.

Wed 2014-11-26.22:36 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Inside Aurora: how disruptive is Amazon’s MySQL clone?

Storage engine made for the cloud – shame it's only for MySQL

At its recent re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, Amazon announced its new database engine Aurora, claiming it to be a commercial grade database engine at open-source cost. “It’s at least as available, durable and fault-tolerant as the enterprise editions of the proprietary commercial database engines and high-end SANs,” said senior AWS VP Andy Jassy, “and it’s a tenth of the cost.”…

Wed 2014-11-26.11:46 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Vier doden door verkeersongeval in Drenthe

Vier mensen zijn woensdag om het leven gekomen door een verkeersongeluk bij het Drentse dorp Meppen. Een vrachtwagen botste tegen een auto. 

Wed 2014-11-26.21:49 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Europees Hof wil Rusland spreken over Krim en Oekraïne

Rusland moet een verklaring komen afleggen bij het Europese Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens in Straatsburg over de annexatie van de Krim en de gevechten in het oosten van Oekraïne. 

Wed 2014-11-26.20:05 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

Opstelten sceptisch over preventief reisverbod naar IS-gebied

Minister Ivo Opstelten (Veiligheid en Justitie) wil "goed kijken" naar het VVD-voorstel voor een uitreisverbod voor mensen die willen afreizen naar Syrië en Irak.

Wed 2014-11-26.22:02 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

Bijna zesduizend doden door ebola

Het aantal doden door ebola nadert de zesduizend.

Wed 2014-11-26.20:36 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Internet]

Opstelten wil moderne wetgeving dataverkeer

Minister Ivo Opstelten (Veiligheid & Justitie) heeft wel oren naar de ''alomvattende'' en eigentijdse wet die de PvdA wil op het dataverkeer. Die wet moet de privacy van de burgers op het internet beschermen.

Wed 2014-11-26.19:09 | [NU - Internet]


[Fast Company]

$230 Million Still Can't Buy A Startup Original Design?

Do these two designs look the same to you? Because they sure do to us.

You've heard it before. Two startups, with vastly different amounts of funding, each do ostensibly the same thing. In the left corner, you have HelloSign, with $3.5 million in funding, which allows you to sign documents electronically. In the right corner, you have DocuSign, with $230 million in funding, which also allows you to sign documents electronically.

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Wed 2014-11-26.14:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

"I'm Addicted To Decay": What It's Like To Be A Ruin-Porn Photographer

Urban explorer Andre Govia talks to Co.Design about the risks and rewards behind the scenes of his latest book, Abandoned Planet.

Andre Govia describes himself as "addicted to decay." The U.K.-based urban explorer's book of photography, Abandoned Planet, is an extensive tribute to that addiction, which has taken Govia and his camera to more than 22 countries over the past 15 years. Govia, who mainly makes his living as a freelance cinematographer for television, elicits a certain ethereal drama from the remains of old manor houses, decrepit prisons, hospitals, and mental institutions, and even indoor swimming complexes far past their prime.

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Wed 2014-11-26.13:00 | [Fast Company]

Mapping the world with open source ( talks with Paul Ramsey, senior strategist at the open source company Boundless. "Boundless is the “Red Hat of geospatial”, which says a bit about our business model, but doesn’t really explain our technology. GIS professionals and IT professionals (and, really, anyone with a custom mapping problem) use our tools to store their data, in a spatial SQL database (PostGIS), publish maps and data over the web (GeoServer), and view or edit data in web browsers (OpenLayers) or on the desktop (QGIS). Basically, our tools let developers build web applications that understand and can attractively visualize location. We help people take spatial data out of the GIS department and use it to improve workflows and make decisions anywhere in the organization. This is part of what we see as a move towards what we call Spatial IT, where spatial data is used to empower decision-making across an enterprise."

Wed 2014-11-26.18:45 | []

Mobile Vikings maakt voip-dienst Viking Talk voor alle klanten beschikbaar

Mobile Vikings heeft na een bètatest zijn internetbeldienst Viking Talk officieel gelanceerd voor Belgische klanten. Met de dienst is het mogelijk om goedkoop te bellen naar nationale en internationale telefoonnummers, en moet onder andere worden geconcurreerd met Skype.

Wed 2014-11-26.18:13 | []

Structuur blu-rayschijven bruikbaar om efficientie zonnecellen te verbeteren

De quasi-willekeurige nanostructuren op blu-rayschijven kunnen gebruikt worden om de efficiëntie van zonnecellen te verbeteren. Als de patronen worden toegepast op het oppervlak van zonnecellen, wordt meer licht opgevangen.

Wed 2014-11-26.18:01 | []

CryptoPHP-malware trof minstens 23.000 sites

De CryptoPHP-malware had op het moment van ontdekken vorige week meer dan 23.000 sites besmet. Dat maakt het Nederlandse beveiligingsbedrijf FoxIT bekend. In Nederland zou het om iets meer dan 1000 besmette sites gaan.

Wed 2014-11-26.16:32 | []

'Meizu brengt MX4-smartphone met Ubuntu Touch begin 2015 uit'

De Chinese smartphonefabrikant Meizu verwacht in de eerste maanden van 2015 toestellen te kunnen leveren met Ubuntu Touch als besturingssysteem. Onder meer de onlangs aangekondigde MX4 zou in die periode worden uitgebracht en het besturingssysteem van Canonical draaien.

Wed 2014-11-26.16:19 | []

ING België laat mobiele app TouchID van Apple ondersteunen

ING België heeft zijn Smart Banking-app voorzien van ondersteuning voor vingerafdrukherkenning via Apples TouchID. Klanten met een iPhone kunnen inloggen met TouchID, zonder dat ze hun wachtwoord hoeven in te voeren.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:57 | []

Paint.NET 4.0.4 build 5442 bèta

Er is een bètarelease van Paint.NET versie 4.0.4 verschenen. Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, heeft dit programma het .Net-framework nodig om zijn werk te kunnen doen. Het is ooit begonnen als een studieopdracht van de Washington State-universiteit, ter vervanging van het met Windows meegeleverde Paint, maar bevat inmiddels een hoop functionaliteit die we ook in uitgebreidere, commerciële pakketten terugzien. Versie 4.0 werkt een stuk sneller, zeker op multicore-processors, maar heeft wel minimaal Windows 7 als systeemvereiste. Versie 4.0.4 bevat onder meer diverse prestatieverbeteringen en bugfixes.

Wed 2014-11-26.12:00 | []

Deen moet hoge boete betalen voor maken spyware-app

De Deense eigenaar van het bedrijf achter StealthGenie, een app waarmee gebruikers andere smartphonegebruikers kunnen bespioneren, is veroordeeld tot een boete van 500.000 dollar. Dat is omgerekend ruim 400.000 euro.

Wed 2014-11-26.09:01 | []

Synology brengt DS215j op de markt

Synology heeft de DS215j op de markt gebracht, een dualbay-nas die voornamelijk bedoeld is voor thuis- en persoonlijk gebruik. De gemiddelde schrijfsnelheid van het apparaat zou met 87MB/s bijna twintig procent hoger liggen ten opzichte van zijn voorganger.

Tue 2014-11-25.14:58 | []
[NU - Algemeen]

Honderden vluchten VS geannuleerd door slechte weer

Het vliegverkeer in het noordoosten van de Verenigde Staten kampt met vertragingen en annuleringen door een winterse storm. Woensdag gaan zo'n 40 miljoen Amerikanen op reis vanwege de feestdagen.

Wed 2014-11-26.19:21 | [NU - Algemeen]
[Schneier on Security]

FBI Agents Pose as Repairmen to Bypass Warrant Process

This is a creepy story. The FBI wanted access to a hotel guest's room without a warrant. So agents broke his Internet connection, and then posed as Internet technicians to gain access to his hotel room without a warrant.

From the motion to suppress:

The next time you call for assistance because the internet service in your home is not working, the "technician" who comes to your door may actually be an undercover government agent. He will have secretly disconnected the service, knowing that you will naturally call for help and -- when he shows up at your door, impersonating a technician -- let him in. He will walk through each room of your house, claiming to diagnose the problem. Actually, he will be videotaping everything (and everyone) inside. He will have no reason to suspect you have broken the law, much less probable cause to obtain a search warrant. But that makes no difference, because by letting him in, you will have "consented" to an intrusive search of your home.

Basically, the agents snooped around the hotel room, and gathered evidence that they submitted to a magistrate to get a warrant. Of course, they never told the judge that they had engineered the whole outage and planted the fake technicians.

More coverage of the case here.

This feels like an important case to me. We constantly allow repair technicians into our homes to fix this or that technological thingy. If we can't be sure they are not government agents in disguise, then we've lost quite a lot of our freedom and liberty.

Wed 2014-11-26.13:50 | [Schneier on Security]
[Schneier on Security]

Friday Squid Blogging: Cephalopod Cognition

Tales of cephalopod behavior, including octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses.

Cephalopod Cognition, published by Cambridge University Press, is currently available in hardcover, and the paperback edition will be available next week.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered.

Fri 2014-11-21.23:09 | [Schneier on Security]


[NU - Algemeen]

Opstelten laat veiligheidszorgen gemeenten links liggen

Minister Ivo Opstelten (Veiligheid en Justitie) trekt zich niets aan van de noodkreet van de Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG), die hem dinsdag opriep niet verder te bezuinigen op de lokale handhaving.

Wed 2014-11-26.18:58 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Net neutrality: EU's three-headed beast now at war with itself

Political bodies nowhere near a final decision

Europe’s telecoms ministers are miles from an agreement with the European Parliament on net neutrality, as differences between the EU's governmental bodies become more apparent.…

Wed 2014-11-26.18:03 | [The Register]



Security advisories for Wednesday

Debian has updated wireshark (multiple vulnerabilities).

Mageia has updated clamav (two vulnerabilities) and perl-Plack (information disclosure).

Mandriva has updated libvncserver (multiple vulnerabilities) and phpmyadmin (multiple vulnerabilities).

openSUSE has updated rubygem-sprockets-2_1 (directory traversal), rubygem-sprockets-2_2 (directory traversal), and wireshark (multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated RHOSE (two vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated squid3 (14.10, 14.04: denial of service).

Wed 2014-11-26.17:50 | []
[NU - Algemeen]

Italië arresteert grote groep valsmunters

De Italiaanse politie heeft woensdagochtend meer dan vijftig mensen gearresteerd die bij de grootste valsmunters van Europa behoren. 

Wed 2014-11-26.17:47 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Wasn't it all supposed to be so different by now, Meg?

HP says fiscal '15 will be flat. Fiscal '16? Not prepared to say

Showering partners with love, making changes to the exec line-up, upping R&D and other tweaks made by CEO Meg Whitman were supposed to get HP's business firing on all cylinders, but after year three of the turnaround plan, they've yet to do so.…

Wed 2014-11-26.17:34 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Samsung makes investors happy with $1bn share buyback

Aiming to secure stock price stability after recent falls

Samsung has announced a plan to buy back $2bn worth of its shares, after investors pressured the firm for higher returns.…

Wed 2014-11-26.16:59 | [The Register]
[The Register]

What's MISSING on Amazon Fire Phone... and why it WON'T set the world alight

You fought hard and you saved and earned. But all of it's going to burn...

Review Having a headline piece of consumer tech crash and burn in the US market is every company's nightmare – and that's exactly what happened to Amazon’s Fire Phone, whose price has just PLUNGED from $449 to $199 Stateside.…

Wed 2014-11-26.12:03 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Arctic Sunrise van Greenpeace mag weg uit Spanje

Het schip Arctic Sunrise van Greenpeace mag na ruim een week weer weg uit Spanje. De autoriteiten hebben daarvoor woensdagmiddag toestemming gegeven, zo meldt een woordvoerder van Greenpeace.

Wed 2014-11-26.16:59 | [NU - Algemeen]



Canada's Ebola Vaccine Nets Millions For Tiny US Biotech Firm

Anita Hunt (lissnup) writes: Iowa-based NewLink Genetics has secured a US$50million deal with pharmaceutical giant Merck for the experimental Ebola vaccine developed by Canadian government scientists. NewLink bought the exclusive commercial licensing rights to Canada's VSV-EBOV in 2010 with a milestone payment of just US$205,000. This is an interesting new twist in a story we've discussed previously, and which continues to draw media attention.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:40 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Rusland volgens NAVO klaar voor invasie Oekraïne

Rusland heeft nog altijd voldoende militairen gestationeerd bij de grens met Oekraïne voor een grootschalige inval. 

Wed 2014-11-26.16:43 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Tumblr is snelst groeiende sociale medium

Tumblr heeft Instagram van de troon gestoten als snelst groeiende sociale medium. Tumblr zag het aantal actieve gebruikers de afgelopen zes maanden met 120 procent groeien.

Wed 2014-11-26.17:58 | [NU - Internet]
[NU - Internet]

Europese toezichthouders willen strenger 'vergeetrecht'

Een groep Europese privacywaakhonden wil dat het 'vergeetrecht' strenger wordt gehandhaafd. Ook op de internationale site van Google moeten resultaten worden verwijderd.

Wed 2014-11-26.20:15 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

UK boffins: We'll have an EMBIGGENED QUANTUM COMPUTER working in 5 YEARS

Oxford boffins toil away on Q20:20 machine

Oxford boffins have vowed to have the largest quantum computer ever made up and running within five years and help Blighty regain its place at the top of the tech world.…

Wed 2014-11-26.16:26 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Belgische friet op weg naar werelderfgoed

De traditionele Belgische friet is een stap dichter bij erkenning als werelderfgoed. De drie taalgemeenschappen van België dienen bij de VN-organisatie Unesco een aanvraag in voor internationale erkenning van de frietkraamcultuur.

Wed 2014-11-26.19:06 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Musicians sue over 'zero pay' copyright fix

Everyone else in Europe compensates us - why can't you?

Musicians and composers have launched a High Court legal challenge to a change the government has made to UK copyright law. British bureaucrats insisted on introducing a long-overdue private copying exception without compensation - the only European state to do so.…

Wed 2014-11-26.15:58 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

Visualizing The Political Battle Over Ferguson On Twitter

Statistician Emma Pierson visualizes the way conservatives and liberals interacted—or didn't—in the aftermath of the Ferguson decision.

The Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown sparked widespread protests, looting, and fire in the streets, as well as outpourings of grief and conflict on social media platforms like Twitter.

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Wed 2014-11-26.15:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How To Break It To Your Parents That You're Ditching Med School To Become A Startup Guy

Step 1: Have parents that really, really love you. Step 2: Come prepared.

As far back as he can remember, Nikhil Kundra was going to become a doctor. Both his parents were physicians in Florida, and medicine wasn't just in his future, it was his future.

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Wed 2014-11-26.14:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Everything You Can Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Fried stuffing bites? Turkey ramen? Let our exclusive infographic guide you through getting creative with your excess holiday foodstuffs.

Lily Tidhar for Fast Company

The aftermath of any decent Thanksgiving meal is replete with more than enough uneaten food for a second (or third, or fourth) meal. This year, get a little more innovative with your Thanksgiving leftovers than open-faced turkey sandwiches. Snap yourself out of your post-feast foodie haze and check out some of the more ambitious culinary projects you could be undertaking with that half-eaten poultry leg and the huge bowl of mashed potatoes in the fridge. A big bowl of turkey ramen, maybe? Some potato gnocchi? Fried stuffing bites? Pie fries? Your Turkey Day weekend will never be the same. —Shaunacy Ferro

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Wed 2014-11-26.13:30 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Ideo Perfectly Predicted The Future Of Google In 2003

The design firm predicted Google Glass, Android TV, and Material Design. Nice one, Nostradamus.

Back in 2003, six years after the Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google, and a year before it first became publicly traded, Wired magazine asked four designers, including the likes of Shepherd Fairey, how they would redesign

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Tue 2014-11-25.15:36 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

In These Post-Apocalyptic-Looking Hong Kong Neighborhoods, Trees Sprout From Rooftops

In Wild Concrete, a photographer shows how trees can find a way of life, even in some of the most crowded urban jungles in the world.

Even in the most densely populated neighborhoods in Hong Kong, where buildings are crammed into every available square foot, nature manages to survive. In a photo series called Wild Concrete, Hong Kong-based photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagreze documents trees growing improbably out of concrete slabs and from barren rooftops.

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Tue 2014-11-25.15:35 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Your New Steve Jobs Is... Michael Fassbender

The X-Men star is reportedly on board to play the late Apple cofounder.

Universal picked up the pieces of Aaron Sorkin's much-ballyhooed Steve Jobs biopic after Sony Pictures dropped it last week. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, it looks like it found its star: The dude who played Magneto.

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Tue 2014-11-25.15:23 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

What's A Movember Mustache Worth In Your City?

Who would have thought the price of a mustache varies greatly by city?

Movember. It's the time of year when men can try growing that awkward mustache they've always dreamed about; all without fear of repercussion. Why? It's to raise money and awareness for men's health—to battle prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental illness. In 2013, the cause had a banner year, raising $550 million and funding over 800 programs around the world.

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Tue 2014-11-25.15:20 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Uber's New Power Failure

Uber built a model network, but failed to match that excellence in values.

There are lot a reasons Uber has touched a nerve with so many people recently.

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Wed 2014-11-26.11:24 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

6 Questions You Should Ask About A Company's Culture Before You Accept The Job

Want to know what really goes on within a company, before you take a position? Ask these questions in the interview.

After hours spent meticulously fine-tuning your cover letter and résumé, you've finally scored an elusive interview with the employer of your dreams.

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Tue 2014-11-25.11:53 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

McDonald's Has Released An App To Protect Your French Fries

Who would have thought that McDonald's would release the most important app of the 21st century?

"Don't mess with my food," he said to us, rising from the table, after carefully arranging his burger and fries* on his way to the bathroom.

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Tue 2014-11-25.18:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

San Francisco's Homeless Problem As Viewed Through Human Poop

A giant poop cloud over the streets of San Francisco exposes the city's persistent inequality.

San Francisco's homeless population, at the city's last count, numbered more than 7,000 individuals, including youth. There are many ways to benchmark San Francisco's response to its chronic homelessness problem—like the amount of money the city spends each year or the number of supportive housing units built. But there's also another litmus test for the kind of impact all these efforts have: How many people are still forced to shit on the street?

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Tue 2014-11-25.18:45 | [Fast Company]
[Webwereld Feed]

ICT-leveranciers zuigen privédata leerlingen uit scholen

Vrijelijk graaien in de persoonsgegevens van uw kind.

Wed 2014-11-26.14:56 | [Webwereld Feed]

How Intel and Micron May Finally Kill the Hard Disk Drive

itwbennett writes: For too long, it looked like SSD capacity would always lag well behind hard disk drives, which were pushing into the 6TB and 8TB territory while SSDs were primarily 256GB to 512GB. That seems to be ending. In September, Samsung announced a 3.2TB SSD drive. And during an investor webcast last week, Intel announced it will begin offering 3D NAND drives in the second half of next year as part of its joint flash venture with Micron. Meanwhile, hard drive technology has hit the wall in many ways. They can't really spin the drives faster than 7,200 RPM without increasing heat and the rate of failure. All hard drives have now is the capacity argument; speed is all gone. Oh, and price. We'll have to wait and see on that.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-11-25.22:01 | [Slashdot]

A Toolbox That Helps Keep You From Losing Tools (Video)

Dan Mcculley, the interviewee in this video, works for Intel and claims they have "about 140" projects going on inside their fabs and factories, of which the Smart Toolbox is but one, and it's one some technicians came up with because Intel workers lose something like $35,000 worth of tools every year. This project is based on the same Galileo boards Intel has used to support some high-altitude balloon launches -- except this is an extremely simple, practical application. Open source? You bet! And Dan says the sensors and other parts are all off-the-shelf items anyone can buy. (Alternate Video Link)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-11-25.21:15 | [Slashdot]

Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

storagedude writes: With LTO media sales down by 50% in the last six years, is the end near for tape? With such a large installed base, it may not be imminent, but the time is coming when vendors will find it increasingly difficult to justify continued investment in tape technology, writes Henry Newman at Enterprise Storage Forum. "If multiple vendors invest in a technology, it has a good chance of winning over the long haul," writes Newman, a long-time proponent of tape technology. "If multiple vendors have a technology they're not investing in, it will eventually lose over time. Of course, over time market requirements can change. It is these interactions that I fear that are playing out in the tape market."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.02:24 | [Slashdot]

LHC's 'Heart' Starts Pumping Protons Before Restart

astroengine writes: While on its long road to restart, yet another milestone was reached at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) over the weekend. Protons were generated by the LHC's source and blasted through a "daisy-chain" of smaller accelerators before being intentionally smashed into a metaphorical brick wall. The particle beam didn't reach the LHC's famous 17-mile (27-kilometer) accelerator ring — they were stopped just short — but the event was used to begin calibration efforts of the massive experiment's detectors before the whole system is powered back up again early next year. "These initial tests are a milestone for the whole accelerator chain," said the LHC's chief engineer, Reyes Alemany Fernandez. "Not only was this the first time the injection lines have seen beams in over a year, it was also our first opportunity to test the LHC's operation system. We successfully commissioned the LHC's injection and ejection magnets, all without beam in the machine itself."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.14:58 | [Slashdot]

The People Who Are Branding Vulnerabilities

antdude points out a story at ZDNet about how the naming of security vulnerabilities and exploits has evolved into branding and awareness campaigns. Heartbleed set the trend early this year, having a distinct name and logo to represent a serious security problem. It seemed to work; the underlying bug got massive exposure, even in the mainstream media. This raises a new set of issues — should the response to the disclosure of a vulnerability be dependent on how catchy its name is? No, but it probably will be. Heartbleed charmed the public, and in a way, it was designed to do so. By comparison Shellshock, POODLE (aka clumsy "Poodlebleed"), Sandworm, the secretively named Rootpipe, Winshock, and other vulns seem like proverbial "red headed stepchildren" — despite the fact that each of these vulns are critical issues, some are worse than Heartbleed, and all of which needed fast responses. The next "big bug" after Heartbleed was Shellshock — real name CVE-2014-6271. Shellshock didn't have a company's pocketbook or marketing team behind it. So, despite the fact that many said Shellshock was worse than Heartbleed (rated high on severity but low on complexity, making it easy for attackers), creating a celebrity out of Shellshock faced an uphill climb.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.01:42 | [Slashdot]

Sony To Offer Partial Refunds For PS Vita

mpicpp sends this report from the Houston Chronicle: "Hundreds of thousands of people who bought the handheld gaming console PlayStation Vita are in line for a partial refund from Sony because of questionable claims in its advertising. The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday it had reached a settlement with Sony Computer Entertainment America, the U.S.-based arm of the PlayStation business, over advertising claims that the government contended were misleading. As part of the proposed settlement, Sony will provide refunds to those who bought the PS Vita console before June 1, 2012. They'll be eligible for either a $25 cash or credit refund — or a $50 merchandise voucher from Sony. ... Among the claims challenged by the FTC: That the pocket-sized console would revolutionize gaming mobility by allowing consumers to play their PlayStation 3 games via "remote play" on the console anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, [and] that people could engage in "cross-platform" play by starting a game on a PlayStation 3, pausing it, and continuing the game with the PS Vita from where they left off. Not really true, the FTC said.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.14:15 | [Slashdot]

NASA To Deploy Four Spacecraft To Study Magnetic Reconnection

Zothecula writes: NASA has released a video depicting the initial deployment of an undertaking designed to study a phenomenon known as magnetic reconnection. "Reconnection happens when magnetic field lines explosively realign and release massive bursts of energy, while hurling particles out at nearly the speed of light in all directions. Magnetic reconnection powers eruptions on the sun and – closer to home – it triggers the flow of material and energy from interplanetary space into near-Earth space." The launch of the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission will see four identical spacecraft deployed from a single Atlas V rocket, set to lift off from cape Canaveral, Florida, no earlier than March next year.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-11-25.20:37 | [Slashdot]

The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God

rossgneumann writes: Terry Davis, a schizophrenic programmer, has spent 10 years building an operating system to talk to God. He's done this work because God told him to. According to the TempleOS charter, it is "God's official temple. Just like Solomon's temple, this is a community focal point where offerings are made and God's oracle is consulted." [The TempleOS V2.17 welcome screen] greets the user with a riot of 16-color, scrolling, blinking text; depending on your frame of reference, it might recall DESQview, the Commodore 64, or a host of early DOS-based graphical user interfaces. In style if not in specifics, it evokes a particular era, a time when the then-new concept of "personal computing" necessarily meant programming and tinkering and breaking things.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-11-25.19:54 | [Slashdot]

Firefox Will Soon Offer One-Click Buttons For Your Search Engines

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla today unveiled some of the new search features coming to Firefox. The company says the new additions are "coming soon to a Firefox near you" but didn't give a more specific timeline. The news comes less than a week after Mozilla struck a deal with Yahoo to replace Google as the default search engine in its browser for U.S. users. At the time, the company said a new search experience was coming in December, so we're betting the search revamp will come with the release of Firefox 34, which is currently in beta. In the future release, when you type a search term into the Firefox search box, you will get a list of reorganized search suggestions from the default search provider. Better yet, a new array of buttons below these suggestions will let you pick which search engine you want to send the query to.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.00:54 | [Slashdot]

Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

An anonymous reader writes: I live in a relatively large college town that's within easy driving distance of several major metropolitan centers. In many ways, the infrastructure around here is top-notch. The major exception is the electrical grid. Lightning storm? Power outage. Heavy winds? Power outage. Lots of rain? Power outage. Some areas around town are immune to this — like around the hospital, for obvious reasons. But others seem to lose power at the drop of hat. Why is this? If it were a tiny village or in the middle of nowhere, it would make sense to me. What problems do the utility companies face that they can't keep service steady? Do you deal with a lot of outages where you live? I'm not sure if it's just an investment issue or a technological one. It hasn't gotten better in the decade I've lived here, and I can imagine it will only get worse as the infrastructure ages.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.11:15 | [Slashdot]

NSF Commits $16M To Build Cloud-Based and Data-Intensive Supercomputers

aarondubrow writes: As supercomputing becomes central to the work and progress of researchers in all fields, new kinds of computing resources and more inclusive modes of interaction are required. The National Science Foundation announced $16M in awards to support two new supercomputing acquisitions for the open science community. The systems — "Bridges" at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and "Jetstream," co-located at the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute and The University of Texas at Austin's Texas Advanced Computing Center — respond to the needs of the scientific computing community for more high-end, large-scale computing resources while helping to create a more inclusive computing environment for science and engineering. Reader 1sockchuck adds this article about why funding for the development of supercomputers is more important than ever: America's high-performance computing (HPC) community faces funding challenges and growing competition from China and other countries. At last week's SC14 conference, leading researchers focused on outlining the societal benefits of their work, and how it touches the daily lives of Americans. "When we talk at these conferences, we tend to talk to ourselves," said Wilf Pinfold, director of research and advanced technology development at Intel Federal. "We don't do a good job communicating the importance of what we do to a broader community." Why the focus on messaging? Funding for American supercomputing has been driven by the U.S. government, which is in a transition with implications for HPC funding. As ComputerWorld notes, climate change skeptic Ted Cruz is rumored to be in line to chair a Senate committee that oversees NASA and the NSF.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.08:16 | [Slashdot]

How the World's First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap

anavictoriasaavedra sends this quote from Wired: "Eccentric billionaires are tough to impress, so their minions must always think big when handed vague assignments. Ross Perot's staffers did just that in 2006, when their boss declared that he wanted to decorate his Plano, Texas, headquarters with relics from computing history. Aware that a few measly Apple I's and Altair 880's wouldn't be enough to satisfy a former presidential candidate, Perot's people decided to acquire a more singular prize: a big chunk of ENIAC, the "Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer." The ENIAC was a 27-ton, 1,800-square-foot bundle of vacuum tubes and diodes that was arguably the world's first true computer. The hardware that Perot's team diligently unearthed and lovingly refurbished is now accessible to the general public for the first time, back at the same Army base where it almost rotted into oblivion.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.00:14 | [Slashdot]

New Snowden Docs Show GCHQ Paid Telcos For Cable Taps

Advocatus Diaboli sends word of a new release of documents made available by Edward Snowden. The documents show British intelligence agency GCHQ had a deep partnership with telecommunications company Cable & Wireless (acquired later by Vodafone). The company allowed GCHQ to tap submarine cables around the world, and was paid millions of British pounds as compensation. The relationship was so extensive that a GCHQ employee was assigned to work full time at Cable & Wireless (referred to by the code name “Gerontic” in NSA documents) to manage cable-tap projects in February of 2009. By July of 2009, Cable & Wireless provided access to 29 out of the 63 cables on the list, accounting for nearly 70 percent of the data capacity available to surveillance programs. ... As of July of 2009, relationships with three telecom companies provided access to 592 10-gigabit-per-second pipes on the cables collectively and 69 10-gbps “egress” pipes through which data could be pulled back. The July 2009 documents included a shopping list for additional cable access—GCHQ sought to more than triple its reach, upping access to 1,693 10-gigabit connections and increasing egress capacity to 390. The documents revealed a much shorter list of "cables we do not currently have good access [to]."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.06:21 | [Slashdot]

Samsung Shows 'Eye Mouse' For People With Disabilities

Samsung today announced a project among a group of its engineers to build an input device that allows people with limited mobility to operate a computer through eye movement alone. The EYECAN+ is a rectangular box that needs to be situated roughly 60-70cm away from a user's face. Once calibrated, it will superimpose a multifunction UI and track a user's eye movements to move the cursor where they want. Samsung says they won't be commercializing this device, but they'll soon be making the design open source for any company or organization who wants to start building them.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-11-25.23:31 | [Slashdot]

ISS's 3-D Printer Creates Its First Object In Space

An anonymous reader writes: NASA reports that the 3-D printer now installed on the International Space Station has finally finished its first creation. After it was installed on November 17th and calibrated over the next week, ground control sent it instructions yesterday to build a faceplate for the extruder's own casing. The process was mostly a success. "[Astronaut Butch Wilmore] Wilmore removed the part from the printer and inspected it. Part adhesion on the tray was stronger than anticipated, which could mean layer bonding is different in microgravity, a question the team will investigate as future parts are printed. Wilmore installed a new print tray, and the ground team sent a command to fine-tune the printer alignment and printed a third calibration coupon. When Wilmore removes the calibration coupon, the ground team will be able to command the printer to make a second object. The ground team makes precise adjustments before every print, and the results from this first print are contributing to a better understanding about the parameters to use when 3-D printing on the space station."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-11-26.04:20 | [Slashdot]

About 40% of World Population Online, 90% of Offliners In Developing Countries

New submitter lx76 writes: The International Telecommunications Union does research on telecommunications in society worldwide, from cellphones to internet use. Since 2009, on a yearly basis, they've released their research findings in a report called the Measuring Information Society Report. This year's report is over 200 pages long, illustrated with abundant graphs and tables (PDF). It's not a light read. But one of the interesting numbers is an index showing the divide in global connectivity. From the report: "Over the past year, the world witnessed continued growth in the uptake of ICT [Information and Communication Technology] and, by end 2014, almost 3 billion people will be using the Internet, up from 2.7 billion at end 2013..... Despite this encouraging progress, there are important digital divides that need to be addressed: 4.3 billion people are still not online, and 90 per cent of them live in the developing world." The report continues, "As this report finds, ICT performance is better in countries with higher shares of the population living in urban areas, where access to ICT infrastructure, usage and skills is more favorable. Yet it is precisely in poor and rural areas where ICTs can make a particularly significant impact." Projects like Google's Project Loon have their work cut out for them."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-11-25.22:45 | [Slashdot]

WSUS Offline Update 9.5

Versie 9.5 van WSUS Offline Update is uitgekomen. Dit programma maakt het mogelijk om Windows-computers die geen of een trage internetverbinding hebben, toch van de laatste updates van Microsoft te voorzien. Door simpelweg een of meer besturingssystemen, officepakketten en talen aan te vinken, worden alle beschikbare updates van de ftp-server van Microsoft gedownload. Als de updates binnen zijn, wordt er naar keuze een iso-bestand per taal of per besturingssysteem van gemaakt. Via een cd of dvd kunnen andere computers vervolgens snel en eenvoudig worden bijgewerkt. In versie 9.5 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Wed 2014-11-26.15:26 | []

Vier op tien Nederlanders hebben mobiel abonnement bij 'goedkope' provider

Ongeveer vier op de tien Nederlanders met een mobiel abonnement hebben dat afgesloten bij een 'goedkope' provider. Dat heeft Telecompaper berekend op basis van eigen onderzoek. De providers met eigen netwerken blijven veruit de grootste.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:04 | []

HWiNFO32/64 4.48 build 2380

Realix heeft versie 4.48 van HWiNFO32 en HWiNFO64 uitgebracht. Dit programma geeft een overzicht van de hardware in een Windows-pc. Ook kunnen de processor, het geheugen en de harddisk aan enkele eenvoudige prestatietests worden onderworpen. Daarnaast kunnen de waardes van de diverse sensors op het moederbord, de videokaart en de harde schijf worden uitgelezen. Het programma maakt statusrapporten die in tekst-, csv- of xml-formaat kunnen worden gegenereerd. De changelog voor deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

Wed 2014-11-26.14:35 | []

Tweakers zoekt stagiair voor de nieuwsredactie

Op de redactie in Amsterdam komt plek voor een stagiair die als nieuwsjager de kneepjes van het journalistieke vak wil leren. Volg je de studie journalistiek of een aanverwante opleiding? Meld je dan aan en wellicht kom je op een van de leukste stageplekken van Nederland te werken.

Wed 2014-11-26.14:31 | []

Europarlementariërs: zwak netneutraliteit en einde roamingkosten niet af

Een groep van 131 Europarlementariërs roept de Europese Raad op de netneutraliteitsdefinities niet af te zwakken en de afschaffing van roamingkosten niet uit te stellen. De groep staat erop dat de roamingkosten per 15 december 2015 verdwijnen.

Wed 2014-11-26.14:13 | []

Nederlandse start-up verzamelt 250.000 euro voor fotoalbum-app

De Nederlandse start-up Bundle heeft voor zijn gelijknamige fotoalbum-app 250.000 euro aan startkapitaal verzameld. De applicatie zou op basis van zelfontwikkelde algoritmes foto's ordenen en zo overzichtelijke bundels maken.

Wed 2014-11-26.13:56 | []

Ziggo schrapt Xbox-app en ziet geen brood in Windows-applicatie

Ziggo heeft besloten om een twee jaar geleden aangekondigde applicatie voor de Xbox 360 niet uit te brengen. Ook heeft het kabelbedrijf vooralsnog geen voornemens om de Ziggo TV App ook op Windows te laten draaien en lijkt de komst van een Windows Phone-app onzeker.

Wed 2014-11-26.13:46 | []

Belgische veiligheidsdiensten tapten in 2013 vaker gegevens af

Belgische inlichtingendiensten hebben in 2013 vaker gegevens afgetapt dan in de jaren ervoor; de stijging bedroeg zo'n 13 procent. Dat blijkt uit de tapstatistieken die openbaar zijn gemaakt door het bestuursorgaan dat de veiligheidsdiensten controleert.

Wed 2014-11-26.13:25 | []

phpBB 3.1.2

Versie 3.1.2 van phpBB is uitgebracht. Met dit programma is het mogelijk om een webforum te maken. PhpBB wordt onder de gpl-licentie beschikbaar gesteld en maakt gebruik van php en een databaseprogramma om berichten op te slaan. Naast MySQL worden ook PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server en SQLite als databasesoftware ondersteund. Versie 3.1.0 bevat een groot aantal veranderingen voor zowel gebruikers en admins als ontwikkelaars. In deze update zijn verder nog diverse bugfixes en een oplossing voor twee beveiligingsproblemen.

Wed 2014-11-26.12:57 | []
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

Translation Wednesday: Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga

Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga

Because it cannot all be zap guns and despair.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:43 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[NU - Algemeen]

Twee doden na schietpartij in Duits bejaardentehuis

Een ruzie in een complex van aanleunwoningen voor senioren in het Duitse Hamm is woensdag volledig uit de hand gelopen. Twee mensen verloren het leven, drie mensen raakten gewond.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:39 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

De-linked a website, Google? Don't bother telling webmaster – EU

...but do ensure you remove it from as well

Europe’s data protection watchdogs say there’s no need for Google to notify webmasters when it de-lists a page under the so-called "right to be forgotten" ruling.…

Wed 2014-11-26.15:36 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Kamer wil uitleg Dekker over privacy scholieren

De Tweede Kamer wil opheldering van staatssecretaris Sander Dekker van Onderwijs over basisscholen die privégegevens van scholieren hebben doorgegeven aan uitgevers van lesmateriaal.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:46 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

'Drie Egyptische agenten gedood in Sinaï'

In de Sinaïwoestijn zijn drie Egyptische politieagenten gedood door militanten.

Wed 2014-11-26.15:13 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Deel A15 enkele uren dicht door grote brand in Hardinxveld

Bij een glasbedrijf in Hardinxveld woedde woensdagochtend een zeer grote brand. De naastgelegen snelweg A15 was enkele uren dicht tussen Gorinchem en Sliedrecht, maar is inmiddels weer vrijgegeven. 

Wed 2014-11-26.14:58 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Apple’s $700 BEEELLION market cap makes it more valuable than Switzerland

Cuckoo clocks and cheese no match for iThings

Apple has achieved a record-breaking market capitalisation of $700bn - making it more valuable than Switzerland.…

Wed 2014-11-26.15:02 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Fat upstart Nimble embiggens revenues by 77% in ONE quarter

Even their losses are levelling off. You listening, NetApp?

Nimble Storage is providing an object lesson in how to grow a startup after IPO, posting a 77 per cent jump in quarterly revenues – with revenue growth outstripping the loss increase rate.…

Wed 2014-11-26.14:38 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Megaupload overlord Kim Dotcom: The US HAS RADICALISED ME!

Now my lawyers have bailed 'cos I'm 'OFFICIALLY' BROKE

Vid Megaupload founder, wannabe politician and wanted man Kim Dotcom has spent all of his money trying to avoid extradition to the US to face online piracy charges.…

Wed 2014-11-26.13:44 | [The Register]


[The Register]

ASA raps 'F*CK YOU GOOGLE' vlogger + chums over VIDEO LICKFEST

Paid tongue action nipped by adland watchdog

The Advertising Standards Authority has rapped the knuckles of video bloggers for making it unclear when they’re actually recommending something and when they’ve been paid to hawk it to unsuspecting YouTubers.…

Wed 2014-11-26.14:20 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

'Facebook betwist juridische bevoegdheid van aanklagers'

Facebook trekt de juridische bevoegdheid van de 25.000 aanklagers in twijfel. De duizenden Facebookgebruikers startten eerder dit jaar een gezamenlijke rechtszaak tegen het sociale medium.

Wed 2014-11-26.14:09 | [NU - Internet]
[NU - Internet]

Minder snelle omzetkrimp bij Nederlandse providers

Telecomaanbieders zagen hun omzet uit mobiele diensten in het derde kwartaal minder sterk achteruithollen dan in de voorgaande kwartalen. 

Wed 2014-11-26.14:34 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Look out: That data protection watchdog can bite

Regulation set to get tougher

Despite all the furores, calamities and Snowden-related shenanigans of recent years, the UK’s privacy watchdog remains something of a pussycat, and a lean one at that.…

Wed 2014-11-26.14:08 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

'VVD-Kamerlid Verheijen ziet forse schadeclaim tegemoet'

De Limburgse ondernemer Wout Heijmans eist een schadevergoeding van anderhalf miljoen euro van VVD-Kamerlid Mark Verheijen.

Wed 2014-11-26.13:41 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

OM eist in hoger beroep 25 jaar cel en tbs tegen Patrick S.

Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) eist in hoger beroep geen levenslang meer tegen Patrick S., maar 25 jaar gevangenisstraf en tbs met dwangverpleging. 

Wed 2014-11-26.16:46 | [NU - Algemeen]


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