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[Fast Company]

Why Yahoo Acquired Flurry, In Plain Speak

Spoiler: China has something to do with it.

Yesterday evening, news broke that Yahoo will be acquiring mobile analytics company Flurry for an estimated $200 million to $300 million. But what does that mean? Why does that matter? And wtf is a "flurry" anyway? Allow me give you a play-by-play of the insider baseball.

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Tue 2014-07-22.18:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Banksy, Bitcoin, And The Winklevoss Twins: An Online Art World Love Story

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are backing online auction house Paddle8--and peddling Banksy, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol this week.

Somewhere Andy Warhol is smiling a crooked smile.

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Tue 2014-07-22.17:30 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

The Environmental Protection Agency Is Just Like Us, Can't Quit "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood"

Who among us can really cast the first stone?

"Changing your look and buying nice clothes can get you noticed by the media."

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Tue 2014-07-22.17:30 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Delta Cancels All Flights to Israel

Reports cite a rocket attack near Tel Aviv's airport.

Delta has canceled all flights to Israel indefinitely with reports of a rocket near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, according to the Associated Press.

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Tue 2014-07-22.17:24 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Saudi Arabia's $530 Billion Stock Market Will Open to Foreign Investors

Starting next year, foreigners can tap into the Kingdom's flush bourse.

Saudi Arabia is opening its $530 billion stock market to foreign investors for the first time in a move meant to shift its economy away from dependence on oil revenue. News of this expansion, slated for the first half of 2015, sparked a nearly 3% uptick in the Tadawul at close yesterday.

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Tue 2014-07-22.17:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Relive Your Best (Or Worst) Years Through Music With The Nostalgia Machine

Want to relive college? Visit your ninth-grade self? This site generates a playlist of the hottest jams from any year in the past 5 decades.

One of my most vivid music-related childhood memories is of watching the Thompson Twins on the 1984 season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Their performance of "Hold Me Now" (along with the Men's Synchronized Swimming sketch from the same episode, and the Padres' playoff victory) solidified that year in my mind as one of major pop-culture awakening.

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Tue 2014-07-22.16:47 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Is Seven Hours A Night The Optimal Amount Of Sleep?

New research zeroes in on the time you should spend snoozing--but take it with a dose of skepticism.

You're probably not getting enough sleep, but you might not be as far off the mark as you think.

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Tue 2014-07-22.16:39 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Talk To The Smartwatch, Cause The Phone Ain't Listening

Answer calls and translate speech with this smartwatch from SpeechTrans.


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

VS komt met informatie over vliegramp

De Verenigde Staten geven later dinsdag informatie vrij over de omstandigheden waaronder de Boeing van Malaysia Airlines is neergehaald boven Oekraïne. Dat heeft het Witte Huis bekendgemaakt.

Tue 2014-07-22.18:33 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Delta vliegt niet langer op Israël na raketinslag bij Tel Aviv

De Amerikaanse vliegmaatschappij Delta vliegt niet langer op Israël, na een raketinslag in de buurt van het vliegveld van Tel Aviv. Een Boeing 747 was dinsdag onderweg naar Tel Aviv, maar is omgekeerd en naar Parijs gevlogen.

Tue 2014-07-22.18:02 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
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Kickstarter tin-rattlers offer reboot of '80s Integrated Space Plan megagraphic

But ours is better, and it's FREE - click right here

Tue 2014-07-22.18:43 | [The Register]



Exodus Intelligence Details Zero-Day Vulnerabilities In Tails OS

New submitter I Ate A Candle (3762149) writes Tails OS, the Tor-reliant privacy-focused operating system made famous by Edward Snowden, contains a number of zero-day vulnerabilities that could be used to take control of the OS and execute code remotely. At least that's according to zero-day exploit seller Exodus Intelligence, which counts DARPA amongst its customer base. The company plans to tell the Tails team about the issues "in due time", said Aaron Portnoy, co-founder and vice president of Exodus, but it isn't giving any information on a disclosure timeline. This means users of Tails are in danger of being de-anonymised. Even version 1.1, which hit public release today (22 July 2014), is affected. Snowden famously used Tails to manage the NSA files. The OS can be held on a USB stick and leaves no trace once removed from the drive. It uses the Tor network to avoid identification of the user, but such protections may be undone by the zero-day exploits Exodus holds.

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Tue 2014-07-22.18:10 | [Slashdot]
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Fujitsu and Capgemini's giga-quid HMRC lashup given drubbing by govt auditors

Fatcats slapped for 'depressing' outsource bill

In yet another example of a sprawling government contract gone monumentally wrong – the second of the day – HMRC has splashed £7.9bn on an IT outsourcing deal that is looking very tough to justify.…

Tue 2014-07-22.18:13 | [The Register]


[The Register]

STILL no move by Brit data cops over Google's 2012 privacy slurp

Even the Italian databinieri have got their boots on now, but not the ICO

Britain's data cops are still investigating Google's sneaky privacy policy tweak from last year, even though many of its counterparts elsewhere in Europe have already taken action against the advertising giant.…

Tue 2014-07-22.17:56 | [The Register]



Netflix Reduces Physical-Disc Processing, Keeps Prices the Same

Nom du Keyboard writes: After seeing a drop in my DVD service from Netflix I got a customer service representative tonight to confirm that Netflix has ceased processing DVD returns on Saturdays nationwide. And that they did this without notifying their customers, or reducing prices to compensate for the reduced service. Given that the DVD selection still far outstrips their streaming selection, this may be news to others like myself who don't find streaming an adequate replacement for plastic discs. My experience up until recently, unlike Netflix's promise of a 1-3 day turnaround at their end which gives them lots of wiggle room to degrade service even further, had been of mailing in a DVD on day one, having them receive it and mail out my next selection on day two, and receiving it on day three. Now with them only working 5 days and many U.S. Post Office holidays, they're still getting the same money for significantly less. The Netflix shipping FAQ confirms the change, and a spokesperson said, "Saturdays have been low volume ship days for us."

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Tue 2014-07-22.17:29 | [Slashdot]

MIT' Combines Carbon Foam and Graphite Flakes For Efficient Solar Steam Generati

rtoz (2530056) writes Researchers at MIT have developed a new spongelike material structure which can use 85% of incoming solar energy for converting water into steam. This spongelike structure has a layer of graphite flakes and an underlying carbon foam. This structure has many small pores. It can float on the water, and it will act as an insulator for preventing heat from escaping to the underlying liquid. As sunlight hits the structure, it creates a hotspot in the graphite layer, generating a pressure gradient that draws water up through the carbon foam. As water seeps into the graphite layer, the heat concentrated in the graphite turns the water into steam. This structure works much like a sponge. It is a significant improvement over recent approaches to solar-powered steam generation. And, this setup loses very little heat in the process, and can produce steam at relatively low solar intensity. If scaled up, this setup will not require complex, costly systems to highly concentrate sunlight.

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Tue 2014-07-22.15:26 | [Slashdot]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Vereniging Martijn naar Europese rechter vanwege verbod

Pedofielenvereniging Martijn stapt naar de Europese rechter om het verbod van de club ongedaan te maken.

Tue 2014-07-22.17:49 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
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RISE of the Jesus Phone MOUNTAIN: 80 MILLION 'Air' iPhone 6s ordered

Bigger, harder bulges in fanboi trousers are coming

Apple has asked its Chinese suppliers to build a vast mountain of 70 to 80 million new iPhone 6s, which are expected to come in two different sizes and hit the shops later this year.…

Tue 2014-07-22.12:44 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Begrotingsconflict Aruba laait weer op

Minister Ronald Plasterk (Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties) en premier Eman van Aruba blijven het oneens over de begroting van het Caribische eiland. Nederland moet gewoon zijn handtekening onder de begroting zetten, vindt Eman.

Tue 2014-07-22.17:43 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

HIDDEN packet sniffer spy tech in MILLIONS of iPhones, iPads – expert

Don't panic though – Apple's backdoor is not wide open to all, guru tells us

Updated An analysis of Apple's iOS operating system by a security expert has revealed various tools in the software that could be used for surveillance if one were so inclined.…

Mon 2014-07-21.22:24 | [The Register]



NVIDIA Launches Tegra K1-Based SHIELD Tablet, Wireless Controller

MojoKid (1002251) writes NVIDIA just officially announced the SHIELD Tablet (powered by their Tegra K1 SoC) and SHIELD wireless controller. As the SHIELD branding implies, the new SHIELD tablet and wireless controller builds upon the previously-released, Android-based SHIELD portable to bring a gaming-oriented tablet to consumers. The SHIELD Tablet and wireless controller are somewhat of mashup of the SHIELD portable and the Tegra Note 7, but featuring updated technology and better build materials. You could think of the SHIELD Tablet and wireless controller as an upgraded SHIELD portable gaming device, with the screen de-coupled from the controller. The device features NVIDIA's Tegra K1 SoC, paired to 2GB of RAM and an 8", full-HD IPS display, with a native resolution of 1920x1200. There are also a pair of 5MP cameras on the SHIELD Tablet (front and rear), 802.11a/b/g/n 2x2 MIMO WiFi configuration, GPS, a 9-axis motion sensor, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. In addition to the WiFi-only version (which features 16GB of internal storage), NVIDIA has a 32GB version coming with LTE connectivity as well. NVIDIA will begin taking pre-orders for the SHIELD Tablet and wireless controller immediately.

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Tue 2014-07-22.16:47 | [Slashdot]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

EU versnelt sancties tegen Russen na vliegramp

De Europese Unie heeft besloten nieuwe sancties tegen Rusland te versnellen na de vliegtuigcrash in het buurland Oekraïne.

Tue 2014-07-22.17:55 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Joko Widodo wint presidentsverkiezingen Indonesië

Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo heeft dinsdag de Indonesische presidentsverkiezingen gewonnen. Dat maakte de Indonesische kiescommissie bekend.

Tue 2014-07-22.18:05 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Israël houdt Hamas verantwoordelijk voor mislukt bestand

De internationale gemeenschap moet Hamas verantwoordelijk houden voor het afwijzen van meerdere wapenstilstanden en het voortzetten van zijn aanvallen tegen Israëlische burgers.

Tue 2014-07-22.16:33 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Report: American tech firms charge Britons a thumping nationality tax

Without representation, too. Time for a Boston (Lincs) Macbook Party?

The nationality tax levied on Brits by our American cousins that design and sell technology has been laid bare once again in a mini study, and it makes for a molar-grinding read … for people living on this side of the pond anyway.…

Tue 2014-07-22.16:41 | [The Register]



AirMagnet Wi-Fi Security Tool Takes Aim At Drones

alphadogg (971356) writes "In its quest to help enterprises seek out and neutralize all threats to their Wi-Fi networks, AirMagnet is now looking to the skies. In a free software update to its AirMagnet Enterprise product last week, the Wi-Fi security division of Fluke Networks added code specifically crafted to detect the Parrot AR Drone, a popular unmanned aerial vehicle that costs a few hundred dollars and can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Drones themselves don't pose any special threat to Wi-Fi networks, and AirMagnet isn't issuing air pistols to its customers to shoot them down. The reason the craft are dangerous is that they can be modified to act as rogue access points and sent into range of a victim's wireless network, potentially breaking into a network to steal data."

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Tue 2014-07-22.16:07 | [Slashdot]
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Hacker claims breach of Wall Street Journal and Vice websites, punts 'user data' for sale

Also supposedly hit a gadgets site called 'CNET'

A hacker known for attacking news websites has claimed successful hacks against both the Wall Street Journal and Vice.…

Tue 2014-07-22.16:14 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

This Is What Virtually Every Woman You Admire Thinks About Working Mothers

What happens when you gather just about every influential woman together to talk about working family issues? This.

At the White House Summit on Working Families this past June, the first ever national summit of its kind, a number of influential women, and some pretty important men, too, got together to talk about how working families can succeed today.

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Tue 2014-07-22.11:22 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How To Re-Discover Your Motivation

Changing the way you think and adding a few key habits can help you get back the motivation that you lost somewhere along the way.

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to motivate their employees.

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Tue 2014-07-22.11:12 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

The Million-Dollar Play To Make The Internet More Meaningful

Meet the creators of the Meaningful Content Fund, who would like you to click on this (important story), not that (cat video).

What is the meaning of the Internet? Is it a moving narrative about a boy whose brain could unlock the mystery of autism or is it a gif of a litter of kittens riding a Roomba, falling off one by one?

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Tue 2014-07-22.11:10 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Hillary Clinton Says Social Media Can Help Conflicting Nations "Find Our Humanity"

Predictably, she kept mum on whether she would run.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton swung by Twitter's headquarters Monday night. She avoided questions of whether she would run, but praised social media for its ability to help conflicting nations and organizations communicate, referring specifically to Hamas and Israel.

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Tue 2014-07-22.03:20 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Oculus Rift-Powered Nature Documentaries Are Here, Complete With David Attenborough

What's possible when you shoot a film in virtual reality?


[The Register]

Home Office threw £347m in the bin on failed asylum processing IT project

Shiny new bin ready for new £208m programme

The Home Office frittered away hundreds of millions of taxpayer pounds on a botched tech project designed to manage immigration and asylum applications, a National Audit Office report has revealed.…

Tue 2014-07-22.15:16 | [The Register]



For Now, UK Online Pirates Will Get 4 Warnings -- And That's It

New submitter Tmackiller writes with an excerpt from VG247.com: The British government has decriminalised online video game, music and movie piracy, scrapping fuller punishment plans after branding them unworkable. Starting in 2015, persistent file-sharers will be sent four warning letters explaining their actions are illegal, but if the notes are ignored no further action will be taken. The scheme, named the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP), is the result of years of talks between ISPs, British politicians and the movie and music industries. The UK's biggest providers – BT, TalkTalk, Virgin and Sky – have all signed up to VCAP, and smaller ISPs are expected to follow suit. VCAP replaces planned anti-piracy measures that included cutting users' internet connections and creating a database of file-sharers. Geoff Taylor, chief executive of music trade body the BPI, said VCAP was about "persuading the persuadable, such as parents who do not know what is going on with their net connection." He added: "VCAP is not about denying access to the internet. It's about changing attitudes and raising awareness so people can make the right choice." Officials will still work to close and stem funding to file-sharing sites, but the news appears to mean that the British authorities have abandoned legal enforcement of online media piracy. Figures recently published by Ofcom said that nearly a quarter of all UK downloads were of pirated content." Tmackiller wants to know "Will this result in more private lawsuits against file sharers by the companies involved?"

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Tue 2014-07-22.14:47 | [Slashdot]

A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting

New submitter bnortman (922608) was the first to write in with word of "a new research paper discussing a new form of user fingerprinting and tracking for the web using the HTML 5 <canvas> ." globaljustin adds more from an article at Pro Publica: Canvas fingerprinting works by instructing the visitor's Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because each computer draws the image slightly differently, the images can be used to assign each user's device a number that uniquely identifies it. ... The researchers found canvas fingerprinting computer code ... on 5 percent of the top 100,000 websites. Most of the code was on websites that use the AddThis social media sharing tools. Other fingerprinters include the German digital marketer Ligatus and the Canadian dating site Plentyoffish. ... Rich Harris, chief executive of AddThis, said that the company began testing canvas fingerprinting earlier this year as a possible way to replace cookies ...

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Tue 2014-07-22.14:06 | [Slashdot]


[The Register]

EMC boss Tucci’s last battle: Stopping a forced VMware selloff

Elliott Management sinks its teeth into retiring godhead

Analysis With Joe Tucci, EMC head honcho, set to retire on February next year, the very last thing he wanted was an attack by one of the biggest, baddest activist investors of all: Paul Singer’s Elliott Management.…

Tue 2014-07-22.14:42 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Lawyers STIFLE Black Hat boffins who RIPPED VEIL from DARK WEB

Unmasking hidden users - too hot for Carnegie Mellon

Boring Carnegie-Mellon University lawyers have scuppered one of the most hotly anticipated talks at the Black Hat conference - which would have explained just how to reveal hidden services and user IP addresses, all with less than $3000 of kit.…

Tue 2014-07-22.03:32 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

OM vecht veroordeling voor doodslag Van der Stap niet aan

Het Openbaar Ministerie gaat de veroordeling van Ron P. tot 4,5 jaar cel voor doodslag op de Rijswijkse studente Anneke van der Stap niet aanvechten bij de Hoge Raad.

Tue 2014-07-22.13:55 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

'2014 kan warmste jaar ooit gemeten worden'

Het jaar 2014 is hard op weg om het warmste jaar te worden, sinds het begin van de weermetingen in 1901. Sinds januari is het elke maand warmer dan normaal voor de tijd van het jaar.

Tue 2014-07-22.15:41 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

NO TIME to read Facebook? Delegate the task to your FUTURE SELF

God forbid you should miss a single lump of digital gumble

Apparently some Facebook users complain that there's never enough time to see all the stuff that gets stuck up on the site. Now Facebook has announced the cure for all that.…

Tue 2014-07-22.04:27 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Motorist 'thought car had caught fire' as Adele track came on stereo

'FIRE' caption on dashboard prompts dunderheaded hard shoulder halt

A panicked motorway driver abandoned his car after the word “Fire” scrolled across his dashboard – but it wasn't a warning system kicking in: it was the name of the Adele song he was listening to.…

Tue 2014-07-22.14:12 | [The Register]
[The Register]

It's FONDLEMANIA: Mobile devices outstrip PCs on China's internet

Chinese folk let fingers do the browsing

Mobile devices have edged out PCs when it comes to Chinese online browsing, an official government agency in the People's Republic said on Monday.…

Mon 2014-07-21.17:41 | [The Register]


[The Register]

ARM: We've signed 41 new deals and we are IN to the Internet Of Stuff

Profits up but royalties down in the Silicon Fen

ARM Holdings has dodged the impact of slowing device sales with 41 customers signing new deals to license its chip technology.…

Tue 2014-07-22.13:43 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Eerste slachtoffers woensdag in Nederland verwacht

De eerste lichamen van slachtoffers van de ramp met vlucht MH17 komen naar verwachting in de loop van woensdag terug naar Nederland.

Tue 2014-07-22.16:29 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Israël zoekt toch naar vermiste militair

Israël weet toch niet waar een militair, de 21-jarige sergeant Oron Shaul, is. Hij zat in een pantserwagen die zondag onder vuur werd genomen. Zes inzittenden kwamen om, maar Shaul is nog niet gevonden.

Tue 2014-07-22.16:13 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

ITC: Seagate and LSI can infringe Realtek patents because Realtek isn't in the US

Land of the (get off scot) free, when it's a foreign owner

Seagate and LSI are off the hook for infringing Taiwanese firm Realtek’s semiconductor patents after the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled that Realtek can't enforce its rights without a local presence.…

Tue 2014-07-22.13:14 | [The Register]


[Webwereld Feed]

iPhone 6 nu al belachelijk gemaakt (video)

Juist het feit dat er nog zo weinig bekend is over de nieuwste iPhone, zet Samsung aan tot het maken van een anti-reclame.

Tue 2014-07-22.11:57 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Cisco geeft developernetwerk alweer (!) nieuw gezicht

Van het 'Cisco Developer Network Program' naar het 'Cisco Developer Network' naar 'DevNet'.

Tue 2014-07-22.10:36 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Nieuwe ransomware leert van fouten Cryptolocker

Malware-server verstopt zich in Tor en zorgt voor een geniepige versleuteling.

Tue 2014-07-22.10:22 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Meeste appontwikkelaars leven onder 'armoedegrens'

Mobiele apps leveren nauwelijks wat op. Meer dan de helft van de zelfstandige mobiele ontwikkelaars kan nauwelijks overleven.

Tue 2014-07-22.10:01 | [Webwereld Feed]

Inkscape 0.48.5

De vijfde update van Inkscape versie 0.48 is uitgebracht. Inkscape is een opensource- en cross-platformprogramma voor het bewerken van vectorafbeeldingen. Het vertoont overeenkomsten met programma's als Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand en Xara X, maar het grote verschil is dat Inkscape met Scalable Vector Graphics werkt, een door het W3C ontwikkelde open standaard. De implementatie van SVG is overigens incompleet. SVG-fonts kunnen nu wel in Inkscape worden ontworpen, maar kunnen nog niet worden ingezet om tekst op het canvas te renderen. Hieronder is een overzicht te vinden van de belangrijkste veranderingen die sinds versie 0.48.2 zijn doorgevoerd.

Tue 2014-07-22.11:45 | [http://tweakers.net/]

WordPress 4.0 bèta 2

De tweede bètarelease van WordPress versie 4.0 is uitgekomen. Met dit programma, dat onder een gpl-licentie beschikbaar wordt gesteld, is het mogelijk om een weblog op te zetten en bij te houden. WordPress is eenvoudig in te stellen en kan binnen vijf minuten draaien als er al een server met php en MySQL beschikbaar is. Er zijn mogelijkheden om de functionaliteit van WordPress, naast bloggen, verder uit te breiden en het uiterlijk met plug-ins en themes aan te passen. Versie 4.0 bevat onder meer de mogelijkheid om een preview van een url te tonen en de inhoud van de mediabibliotheek kan nu ook in een grid view worden getoond. De complete release notes kunnen hieronder worden gevonden.

Tue 2014-07-22.11:43 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Yahoo koopt advertentiebedrijf Flurry

Yahoo heeft het advertentiebedrijf Flurry overgenomen. Volgens geruchten zou Yahoo circa 200 miljoen dollar, ongeveer 147 miljoen euro, voor de acquisitie hebben betaald. Yahoo wil met de overname van Flurry zijn positie op de markt voor mobiele advertenties versterken.

Tue 2014-07-22.11:38 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Chinees team wint 3,7 miljoen euro in Dota 2-toernooi

Newbee, een Chinees team dat deelnam aan The International, heeft het Dota 2-toernooi gewonnen. De vijf spelers mogen de hoofdprijs van 5 miljoen dollar, ofwel 3,7 miljoen euro, verdelen. Voor de overige teams is nog eens 5 miljoen dollar aan prijzengeld beschikbaar.

Tue 2014-07-22.11:06 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Windows Tweaker 5.1

Windows Tweaker is een opensource programma waarmee een groot aantal systeeminstellingen kunnen worden aangepast. De download is klein, maar het heeft versie 4.5 van het .NET Framework nodig om zijn werk te kunnen doen. Het werkt dan ook alleen op Windows Vista of hoger. Op dit moment is Windows Tweaker alleen in het Engels, Duits en Russisch te gebruiken, maar meer vertalingen worden binnenkort toegevoegd. Begin deze maand is versie 5.0 uitgekomen, waarin het het programma geheel is herschreven, en nu is de eerste update uitgebracht.

Tue 2014-07-22.10:23 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Startup Delayer 3.0 build 360

R2 Studios heeft een nieuwe versie van Startup Delayer uitgebracht. Dit programma kan het startproces van Windows zo aanpassen dat de gebruiker sneller toegang tot de desktop krijgt. Een van de redenen dat Windows traag start, is dat er veel programma's en processen tegelijk worden gestart. Een deel daarvan kan best wat later worden aangezet, zoals e-mailprogramma's en snelstarters voor bijvoorbeeld OpenOffice en Adobe Reader. Met Startup Delayer is het mogelijk om de volgorde van de te starten programma's aan te geven en er een wachttijd aan toe te kennen. Op die manier kan sneller toegang tot de desktop worden verkregen, terwijl minder belangrijke programma's op de achtergrond iets later alsnog worden geladen. De changelog voor deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

Tue 2014-07-22.10:22 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Netflix komt in september naar België

Netflix zal in september zijn deuren openen in België, evenals in Duitsland, Frankrijk, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland en Luxemburg. Verder maakte het bedrijf bekend dat het inmiddels meer dan 50 miljoen abonnees heeft.

Tue 2014-07-22.10:12 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Websites gebruiken canvastekening voor trackingdoeleinden - update

Onderzoekers van de KU Leuven en Princeton University hebben een nieuwe manier van tracking op websites gevonden waarbij gebruikgemaakt wordt van canvastekeningen. Tal van websites gebruiken dit 'cookiealternatief'. waaronder 32 websites met een .nl-domein.

Tue 2014-07-22.09:46 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Belg zet eerste vermoedelijke screenshots Windows 9 online

Een Belgische ontwikkelaar heeft twee screenshots online gezet van wat de opvolger van Windows 8.1 moet worden. De schermafbeeldingen tonen het nieuwe startmenu met live tiles en de Windows Store. Goed geïnformeerde sites geloven dat de screenshots echt zijn.

Tue 2014-07-22.07:52 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Beveiligingsonderzoeker legt backdoors bloot in iOS 7 - update

Beveiligingsonderzoeker Jonathan Zdziarski claimt een aantal backdoors in iOS 7 te hebben gevonden. De achterdeurtjes kunnen gebruikt worden om de versleuteling van het OS te omzeilen. Apple ontkent de claims.

Mon 2014-07-21.17:12 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Kinderen niet schuldig aan ongeluk dug-out Twijzel

De kinderen die op de dug-out in Twijzel zaten die in mei instortte, valt niets te verwijten. Dat meldt het Openbaar Ministerie dinsdag na onderzoek. Of iemand anders schuldig is aan het ongeluk, wordt nog onderzocht.

Tue 2014-07-22.11:22 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Bewijs voor neerschieten MH17 steeds sterker

De bewijzen dat een raket de vliegramp in Oekraïne heeft veroorzaakt stapelen zich op. Vlucht MH17 van Malaysia Airlinse stortte donderdag neer boven grondgebied dat onder controle is van de pro-Russische separatisten.

Tue 2014-07-22.14:03 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]


[The Register]

Experts gathered round corpse of PC market: It's ALIVE! Alive, we tell you

Give it another blast with the XP defibrillator! Clear! >BZZZT<

The XP replacement bonanza reviving the PC market isn't yet over, with estimates suggesting that one in five biz machines out in the wilds is still running the thirteen year-old OS, an HP exec has told The Channel.…

Tue 2014-07-22.12:29 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Lawyer reviewing terror laws and special powers: Definition of 'terrorism' is too broad

Can sweep up hate crims, bloggers, journos

The definition of terrorism in current UK law is too broad and should be narrowed to avoid "catching" journalists, bloggers and hate criminals, a top lawyer said today.…

Tue 2014-07-22.11:53 | [The Register]


[The Register]

THUD! WD plonks down SIX TERABYTE 'consumer NAS' fatboy

Now that's a LOT of porn or pirated movies. Or, you know, other consumer stuff

In a move that will get well-heeled Drobo owners salivating WD has announced a 6TB Red drive costing just $299, setting the industry a new high water mark in the areal density stakes.…

Tue 2014-07-22.11:30 | [The Register]



Print Isn't Dead: How Linux Voice Crowdfunded a New Magazine

M-Saunders (706738) writes The death of print has been predicted for years, and many magazines and publishers have taken a big hit with the rise of eBooks and tablets. But not everyone has given up. Four geeks quit their job at an old Linux magazine to start Linux Voice, an independent GNU/Linux print and digital mag with a different publishing model: giving profits and content back to the community. Six months after a successful crowdfunding campaign, the magazine is going well, so here is the full story.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-07-22.10:54 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

SAP: It was our Big Data software wot won it for Germany

Vorsprung durch grossendatatechnik, as we like to say in Germany

When England played in Ecuador and Honduras for “warm weather training” in June ahead of the World Cup, they’d already lost the tournament – they just didn’t know it.…

Tue 2014-07-22.10:56 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Timmermans sluit geen enkele sanctie tegen Rusland uit

Minister Frans Timmermans laat weten dat voor Nederland alle opties open liggen, ook economische sancties.

Tue 2014-07-22.14:48 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Plucky Rockall podule man back on (proper) dry land

Bold, barmy Brit adventurer Nick Hancock escapes North Atlantic islet

Brit adventurer Nick Hancock left the North Atlantic islet of Rockall on Saturday, following a marathon 43 days atop the granite outcrop which saw him claim both the solo and group occupation records.…

Tue 2014-07-22.10:27 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Aantal asielverzoeken in Nederland hoogste sinds 2001

Het aantal asielverzoeken is in het eerste halfjaar van 2014 sterk toegenomen. In deze periode kwamen ruim 12.000 asielzoekers naar Nederland, het hoogste aantal sinds 2001.

Tue 2014-07-22.13:57 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Veiligheidsraad veroordeelt neerhalen vliegtuig

De Veiligheidsraad van de Verenigde Naties (VN) heeft maandag ingestemd met een resolutie die het neerhalen van het toestel in Oekraïne veroordeelt.

Tue 2014-07-22.09:59 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Dell and Unitrends both bulk up their backup

Extra options should you suffer a ROBO apocalypse

There’s feverish development in the SME backup market as Dell and Unitrends follow NAKIVO in fortifying their product offerings.…

Tue 2014-07-22.09:58 | [The Register]


[Webwereld Feed]

Tor-onderzoekers mond gesnoerd

Black Hat-demo over deanonimiseren Tor-gebruikers geschrapt na juridische druk.

Tue 2014-07-22.09:05 | [Webwereld Feed]

Xiaomi presenteert Mi 4-smartphone

De Chinese fabrikant Xiaomi heeft op een eigen evenement zijn Mi 4-smartphone gepresenteerd. Het toestel heeft een 5"-scherm met een resolutie van 1920x1080 pixels, net als zijn voorganger Mi 3. Hij draait op een Qualcomm Snapdragon 801-soc.

Tue 2014-07-22.09:28 | [http://tweakers.net/]

KPN stelt release op privacy gerichte Android-toestel BlackPhone uit

De Nederlandse provider KPN stelt de release van het op privacy gerichte Android-toestel BlackPhone uit. De provider wil meer tijd om te kijken of de smartphone zijn belofte van meer privacy kan waarmaken in testen. KPN verwacht de release nu eind dit jaar.

Tue 2014-07-22.08:56 | [http://tweakers.net/]

WSJ: Apple brengt waarschijnlijk geen 4"-iPhone 6 uit

Apple brengt waarschijnlijk geen nieuwe versie van een iPhone met 4"-scherm uit. Dat is op te maken uit een artikel van The Wall Street Journal, die zegt dat Apple tot aan het einde van het jaar alleen iPhone 6-modellen heeft besteld met 4,7"- en 5,5"-schermen.

Tue 2014-07-22.08:31 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Doom - achter gesloten deuren getoond in Dallas

Wie de moeite nam om naar de QuakeCon 2014 af te reizen, kon daar de eerste bewegende beelden zien van Doom, de nieuwe game van id Software. De makers lieten de game op een groot scherm zien.

Tue 2014-07-22.08:00 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

The ads in the July 1979 Analog

I have no idea how long this will take.

I am not sure if it's legal for me to photograph these so welcome the wonderful world of art as described by a words guy. All the ads are in black and white, the art is rarely better than "my brother-in-law can draw" and while I was sure Del Rel did full page ads showing all the books they planned to publish that month, only individual titles are advertised here.

Inside cover: a Metagaming ad for Invasion of the Air Eaters ($2.95) and Holy War ($2.50). The first is an aliens versus humans game and the second is about a war between a god and former believers. Metagaming specialized in neat, cheap games but they were too dependent on designer Steve Jackson and they went !mooB when he left.

I expect that the art was not a major element in these games' budgets.

Inside front page: an ad for SPI's Strategy & Tactics, a wargaming magazine that came with a free game in each issue (the sort of thing that can strain a company's resources) and an offer of a free copy of their interstellar wargame Star Force. Poor decisions doomed SPI to the Hell of Being Strip-mined by TSR a few years down the road but S&T survives to this day.

Page 19: A full page ad from Del Rey for the late James P. Hogan's Two Faces of Tomorrow, in which space people struggle to develop an AI that is both smart enough to be useful, possessed of common sense and unlikely to want to render the humans for their body fat. Features an O'Neil-style colony and an example of what happens when the spin decoupler on something the size of a city locks up.

Page 21: a small ad for Analog subscriptions. Rates are:

1 year: $10.00
2 years: $18.00
3 years: $25.00

Canadians have to add $2/yr and everyone else pays a flat rate of $13.00/yr.

(Multiply by ~227.7% for 2014 prices)

Page 25: A full page ad from Harper & Row for Pathways to the Gods by Tony Morrison, which is about the Andes Lines. Never read it, no opinion.

Page 31: A full page ad from Dell for Virginia Kidd's Millennial Woman, which I not longer remember well enough to commment on except I think it's an all-women anthology of SF, Steven G. Spruill's The Psychopath Plague, which I never read, and Greg Bear's Hegira, which as I recall isn't much like his later work.

Page 51: A full page ad for Vonda McIntyre's Dream Snake. An SFBC selection, it comes with glowing recommendations from Frank Herbert, Ursula Le Guin and Joanna Russ. I remember it fondly.

Page 73: a full page ad for GDW, featuring their boardgames Imperium (Earth versus the old but decadent Vilani Empire), Snapshot (small scale combat on starships; pirate boardings and the like), and Belter (about asteroid mining), as well as the role playing game Traveller, where it was not only possible but comparatively common to die during character generation.

Page 119: a half-page ad from Xeroc University Microfilms offering this issue on microfilm. Apparently there are at least two Zeeb Roads in Ann Arbor and one of them is North.

Libraries still have microfilms, right? I don't have to explain what they were?

Page 139: a 3/4(?) page ad for Analog's dramatic presentation of Asimov's Nightfall, as preserved on a 33 1/3 LP. Comes with a dialogue between Ben Bova, author and former editor of Analog, and Isaac Asimov, writer and monumental sexist asshole. Doesn't say who the actual actors were but it does say it was a new production so this isn't a repacked episode of X Minus One or anything.

Page 153: a full page ad from Signet (Part of NAL) for RM Meluch's Sovereign, which the ad says is in the tradition of Le Guin. It seems to me while Analog didn't publish women in great numbers once Bova was gone, they seem to have run a lot of ads mentioning women.

Page 159: A full page ad from TSR Hobbies, Inc, "The Game Wizards", for a game called 4th Dimension. I don't know it, myself. TSR dominated the roleplaying field for years until a series of demented decisions brought the company down in the mid-'90s. A highly derived version of their primary product, Dungeons and Dragons, is still published but this game was consigned to the mists of time.

Page 165: Ana-Log, a full page list of upcoming cons. Listed are Clarion Writers' Workshop, Westercon 32, Riva-Con, Archon III, and Seacon 79, the World Science Fiction Convention held in Brighton of that year.

Inside back cover, a full page ad for Claustrophobia, the "combozine of Space Industrialization, Life Extension and Libertarianism." Freedom, Immortality and the Stars! At a 60% cost savings. Including in Claustrophobia are L5 News (newsletter of the L5 Society), Frontlines (Libertarian news and such), Foundation Report (a monthly report from the Foundation Institute, engineering consultants for private space flight), Individual Liberty (Monthly newsletter from the Society for Individual Liberty), Long Life Magazine (what it says on the tin), Perimeters (a news watch of some sort).

I have heard of the L5 News but the rest are outside my experience.

Back cover, a full page ad from the Science Fiction Book Club. For just one dime, you could buy membership in the club and four introductory books as well with an obligation to buy four more books over the next year. Since you had to remember to send the little cards into to keep them from sending you books, once you were a member it was hard not to buy the four necessary books and more besides.

On offer were: Arthur C. Clarke's Fountains of Paradise (almost the final one with anything like a plot; Forstchen's Pillar to the Sky (2014) is similar but reads like someone at NASA asked for a 1970s novel, only sucky), an omnibus of Roger Zelazny's Amber novels as they existed in 1979 (I plead Zelazny amnesia) , Poul Anderson's The Avatar (perhaps his worst novel), Spider and Jeanne Robinson's Stardance (dancers versus aliens with added Jew-baiting that I missed at the time), Kaye and Godwin's The Masters of Solitude (I plead amnesia but I remember liking it), Jack Williamson's Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods (pulpy humans versus post-humans? Maybe?), Isaac Asimov's The Hugo Winners, Vol 1 & II (what it says on the tin, good value for the money), Asimov's The Foundation Trilogy (the fall and rise of civilization thousands of years in the future. It has not aged well), Brian Aldiss's Galactic Empires (an anthology of space operas, which I remember fondly), Bob Shaw's Medusa's Children (amnesia; is the one with the space bubble of water and the teleporter?), Tanith Lee's The Electirc Forest (didn't read, will assume it is good), Virginia Kidd's Millennial Women (see above), Anne McCaffrey's The Dragonriders of Pern (never read the novel) and Asimov's The Hugo Winners III (which covers 1971 to 1975).

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Tue 2014-07-22.06:45 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[The Register]

Yahoo! Japan! launches! service! for! the! dead!

If you're reading this email, I am no longer alive

Yahoo! Japan has launched a service called “Endings” designed to help you after you die.…

Tue 2014-07-22.09:33 | [The Register]



Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

An anonymous reader writes The Economist reports, "'UNDER capitalism', ran the old Soviet-era joke, 'man exploits man. Under communism it is just the opposite.' In fact new research suggests that the Soviet system inspired not just sarcasm but cheating too: in East Germany, at least, communism appears to have inculcated moral laxity. Lars Hornuf of the University of Munich and Dan Ariely, Ximena García-Rada and Heather Mann of Duke University ran an experiment last year to test Germans' willingness to lie for personal gain. Some 250 Berliners were randomly selected to take part in a game where they could win up to €6 ($8). ... The authors found that, on average, those who had East German roots cheated twice as much as those who had grown up in West Germany under capitalism. They also looked at how much time people had spent in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The longer the participants had been exposed to socialism, the greater the likelihood that they would claim improbable numbers ... when it comes to ethics, a capitalist upbringing appears to trump a socialist one."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-07-22.09:01 | [Slashdot]


[nu.nl - Internet]

Zwangere vrouw opgepakt na selfie met gestolen jurk op Facebook

Een Amerikaanse vrouw is opgepakt nadat ze een foto van zichzelf met een gestolen jurk op Facebook had gezet.

Tue 2014-07-22.08:18 | [nu.nl - Internet]
[The Register]

Cisco relaunches Developer Network

If at first you don't succeed, call it a DevNet

Cisco has picked up a lipstick-gloss in one hand and a pig in the other, by re-launching its developer program to have another shot at attracting third party coders to its platforms.…

Tue 2014-07-22.08:32 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Internet]

Netflix wil talkshows anders aanpakken dan tv-zenders

Netflix wil naast eigen series ook eigen talkshows gaan maken en belooft dat heel anders aan te pakken dan de Amerikaanse tv-zenders doen.

Tue 2014-07-22.07:57 | [nu.nl - Internet]
[The Register]

WTF is ... Virtual Customer Premises Equipment?

It might just be a global conspiracy to lobotomise YOUR home router

As software-defined networking takes off, it's become the basis of a parallel development: network function virtualisation.…

Tue 2014-07-22.08:03 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Microsoft's MCSE and MCSD will become HARDER to win

Redmond decides it won't replace Masters certifications, so lesser certs get more rigour

Microsoft has decided it won't replace the Masters-level certifications it once described as the "pinnacle" of a Redmond-centric IT pro's education.…

Tue 2014-07-22.07:28 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Cyber scum pump ransomware at victims from spambot-stuffed websites

Command and control of mal-spam barrage done via Tor

Miscreants have brewed up a strain of ransomware which functions like the recently dead CryptoLocker - and this one communicates using the Tor browsing anonymization network.…

Tue 2014-07-22.07:01 | [The Register]


[Webwereld Feed]

ADV: Publieke cloud zonder vendor-lockin

CloudVPS Compute is open en privacybewuste Europese clouddienst, gebaseerd op OpenStack, waarmee eenvoudig grote servernetwerken aangemaakt en beheerd kunnen worden.

Tue 2014-07-22.08:00 | [Webwereld Feed]

MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Lasrick (2629253) writes In a controversial article last week, MIT physicist Ted Postol again questioned whether Israel's vaunted Iron Dome rocket defense system actually works. This week, he comes back with evidence in the form of diagrams, photos of Iron Dome intercepts and contrails, and evidence on the ground to show that Iron Dome in fact is effective only about 5% of the time. Postol believes the real reason there are so few Israeli casualties is that Hamas rockets have very small warheads (only 10 to 20 pounds), and also Israel's outstanding civil defense system, which includes a vast system of shelters and an incredibly sophisticated rocket attack warning system (delivered through smart phones, among other ways).

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-07-22.06:05 | [Slashdot]


[The Register]

Twitter hints at messaging moves

WhatsApp with this plan? Facebook's $19b cash dangle, perhaps?

Twitter has issued a couple of big, meaty, hints that it wants in on instant messaging.…

Tue 2014-07-22.05:58 | [The Register]
[The Register]

iiNet says metadata retention means a great big tax on everything

ISP suggests proposed down under data dump would be ultimate hacker honeypot

Australian internet service provider (ISP) iiNet has delivered a stinging rebuttal to its home nation's plans to introduce far-reaching data retention laws.…

Tue 2014-07-22.03:15 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Cisco's first 8 Tbps MONSTER router goes live at Telstra

The A380 of IP now flying packets between Sydney and Melbourne

Ten months after the hype first hit the interwebs, Cisco has started pumping electrons through the first live install of its NCS 6008 giant router, at Australian carrier Telstra.…

Mon 2014-07-21.07:32 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Carlos: Slim your working week to just three days of toil

'Midas World' vision suggests you retire later, watch more tellie and buy more stuff

The world's second-richest man, Carlos Slim, has called for a radical overhaul of the world's working arrangements, suggesting a combination of three-day weeks, longer hours, and later retirement.…

Tue 2014-07-22.05:34 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Boffins fill a dome with 480 cameras for 3D motion capture

'Panoptic studio' doesn't need no stinkin' sensors

Video Move over Gollum: Carnegie-Mellon boffins are working on 3D motion capture that works without tracking sensors, and can pull together images from hundreds of sensors.…

Tue 2014-07-22.05:02 | [The Register]



No RIF'd Employees Need Apply For Microsoft External Staff Jobs For 6 Months

theodp (442580) writes So, what does Microsoft do for an encore after laying off 18,000 employees with a hilariously bad memo? Issue another bad memo — Changes to Microsoft Network and Building Access for External Staff — "to introduce a new policy [retroactive to July 1] that will better protect our Microsoft IP and confidential information." How so? "The policy change affects [only] US-based external staff (including Agency Temporaries, Vendors and Business Guests)," Microsoft adds, "and limits their access to Microsoft buildings and the Microsoft corporate network to a period of 18 months, with a required six-month break before access may be granted again." Suppose Microsoft feels that's where the NSA went wrong with Edward Snowden? And if any soon-to-be-terminated Microsoft employees hope to latch on to a job with a Microsoft external vendor to keep their income flowing, they best think again. "Any Microsoft employee who separated from Microsoft on or after July 1, 2014," the kick-em-while-they're-down memo explains, "will be required to take a minimum 6-month break from access between the day the employee separates from Microsoft and the date when the former employee may begin an assignment as an External Staff performing services for Microsoft." Likely not just to prevent leaks, but also to prevent any contractors from being reclassified as employees.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-07-22.04:02 | [Slashdot]

The Loophole Obscuring Facebook and Google's Transparency Reports

Jason Koebler writes The number of law enforcement requests coming from Canada for information from companies like Facebook and Google are often inaccurate thanks to a little-known loophole that lumps them in with U.S. numbers. For example, law enforcement and government agencies in Canada made 366 requests for Facebook user data in 2013, according to the social network's transparency reports. But that's not the total number. An additional 16 requests are missing, counted instead with U.S. requests thanks to a law that lets Canadian agencies make requests with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2014-07-22.00:24 | [Slashdot]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Texas stuurt duizend militairen naar grens met Mexico

De Texaanse gouverneur Rick Perry gaat troepen sturen naar de grens met Mexico. Door de toestroom van enorme aantallen minderjarige vluchtelingen, staat de bewaking van de grens onder druk.

Tue 2014-07-22.06:29 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Samsung looks to up Tizen market share ... by upgrading Galaxy Gear

Android-powered smartwatches get Tizen makeover in US

Owners of the original, Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the US will soon have the option to switch their devices to the Tizen operating system, a change which might, counterintuitively perhaps, actually be a good idea.…

Tue 2014-07-22.03:58 | [The Register]


[nu.nl - Algemeen]

'Vluchtelingen Oekraïne aan lot overgelaten'

De tienduizenden Oekraïners die op de vlucht zijn geslagen voor het geweld in hun land, worden door de autoriteiten grotendeels aan hun lot overgelaten. Dat meldde mensenrechtenorganisatie Human Rights Watch (HRW) maandag.

Tue 2014-07-22.03:46 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]
[nu.nl - Algemeen]

Lijk eigenaar rampschip Sewol gevonden

In Zuid-Korea is het lijk gevonden van de eigenaar van het rampschip Sewol dat in april verging. Dat maakte de Zuid-Koreaanse politie dinsdag bekend op een persconferentie.

Tue 2014-07-22.08:26 | [nu.nl - Algemeen]


[Fast Company]

How Sports Data Analytics Is Upsetting The Game All Over Again

New predictive analytics are making Moneyball look obsolete.


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