Thu 2014-10-30


[NU - Algemeen]

Commissie oordeelt hard over corporatiestelsel

De parlementaire enquêtecommissie woningcorporaties oordeelt hard over de sector. Er is sprake van wanbestuur, bestuurscrisis of ernstig financieel mismanagement.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:30 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

'Toezicht op corporaties moet scherper en beter'

Verschillende partijen in de Tweede Kamer stellen dat het toezicht op woningcorporaties scherper en beter moet.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:30 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Instagram kampte kort met storing

Fotodienst Instagram kampte donderdag enkele minuten met een storing, waardoor de website en apps niet bereikbaar waren.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:18 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

UK smart meters arrive in 2020. Hackers have ALREADY found a flaw

Energy summit bods warned of free energy bonanza

British consumers could easily hack the controversial new smart meters the government plans to introduce, allowing them to illegally slash their energy bills, cyber-security experts have warned.…

Thu 2014-10-30.14:18 | [The Register]



Ebola Forecast: Scientists Release Updated Projections and Tracking Maps

An anonymous reader writes Scientists of the Northeastern University, in collaboration with European scientists, developed a modeling approach aimed at assessing the progression of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and its international spread under the assumption that the outbreak continues to evolve at the current pace. They also considered the impact of travel restrictions, and concluded that such restrictions may delay by only a few weeks the risk that the outbreak extends to new countries. Instead, travel bans could hamper the delivery of medical supplies and the deployment of specialized personnel to manage the epidemic. In the group's page, there's also an updated assessment of the probability of Ebola virus disease case importation in countries across the world, which was also invoked during the Congressional Ebola debate. The group also released a map with real-time tracking of conversations about Ebola on Twitter. Policy makers and first responders are the main target audience of the tool, which is able to show a series of potential warnings and events (mostly unconfirmed) related to Ebola spreading and case importation.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:46 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Making an entrance: Remote door-opening tech

Personal portal peace of mind

Breaking Fad For a lot of Reg readers, home automation is probably an internal affair – that is, if you're using technology, it's probably to control things inside the home, like heating, lighting and so on. And indeed, that also makes up the bulk of what's available when it comes to the major suppliers.…

Thu 2014-10-30.14:02 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

Tim Cook: "I Consider Being Gay Among The Greatest Gifts God Has Given Me"

"While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly acknowledged it either, until now. So let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay."

In an op-ed published Thursday in Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO Tim Cook, the most powerful man in technology, wrote the following:

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Thu 2014-10-30.13:40 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How An Ex-Inmate's Startup Is Improving Prisoners' Lives

With Pigeonly, Frederick Hutson is using technology to keep convicts connected to friends and family--and maybe turn their lives around.

Entrepreneurs often tap personal experience for startup ideas. In Frederick Hutson's case, that experience was incarceration. "I just saw so many inefficiencies when I was in prison," he says. "The way the system worked was archaic. There was obviously a problem. I knew technology had advanced far ahead on the outside, but no one has built anything to address it."

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Thu 2014-10-30.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Troy Carter's Hard-Won Tips For Handling Career Road Bumps

Renowned music manager Troy Carter shares how unexpected change can make your business--and your brand--stronger than ever.

If you ever think you're having a professional setback from which you'll never recover, consider the story of Troy Carter. After nearly seven years building the phenomenon that is Lady Gaga, he was unceremoniously fired as her manager in 2013. And that was the second time he was dumped by a successful, high-profile client.

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Thu 2014-10-30.11:06 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Just Watch It: The History Of Nike In 3 Minutes

From The Swoosh to sweatshops, see how the world's biggest sports brand stays on top.

The team behind Portland-based Nike's marketing has been coming up with innovative ads since 23-year-old graphic designer Carolyn Davidson invented The Swoosh in 1971 (she was paid $35, but don't worry, she received stock options later). Watch the video above to see the evolution of the sports brand named after a victorious goddess, from the very first "Just Do It" ad to the crowning of His Airness, Michael Jordan.

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Thu 2014-10-30.10:25 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How To Solve The Anti-Photoshopping Movement's Big Problem

Why brands are going beyond retouching to create body-positive messages.

After receiving her Art History degree from Wellesley College in the late '90s, Eunice Gomes headed to the Big Apple in search of a career that would put her creative skills to work. She landed in the fashion world, carving out a place for herself in the nascent field of digital retouching. Using newly developed Photoshop software, she edited images for brands like Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren, and photo spreads for magazines like Vanity Fair, Allure, and Glamour.

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Thu 2014-10-30.10:06 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

HP's Sprout Is A Bold Attempt to Reimagine The Desktop PC

The "immersive computer" is bursting at the seams with new ideas, from 3-D scanning to augmented reality.

When was the last time you saw a desktop PC that did something truly new?

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Wed 2014-10-29.15:33 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Try Windows 93: The Hilarious OS That Never Was

Somewhere between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 lives this very odd, very funny art project that you can try in your browser.

If you didn't live through the jump, it can be hard to describe the cultural revolution between Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Its taskbar ussured in an era of "multitasking"; its built-in web browser put the world's information at your fingertips; its "Start" menu, complete with its own ~$10 million Rolling Stones song, was pure optimism rendered in bits.

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Wed 2014-10-29.13:21 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How The NBA Fixed Its Instant Replay Problem

This season, the league launches a $15 million experiment in real-time video splicing.

Last season, NBA games were interrupted 1,800 times by this familiar scene:

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Wed 2014-10-29.13:18 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Want To Buy A Historic Fashion Label? Now's Your Chance!

The legacy of the French designer who gave us harem pants is up for grabs.

Luxurious, loose-fitting gowns by famed designer Paul Poiret have been off the market for over 80 years, but that isn't stopping a French entrepreneur who specializes in reviving defunct fashion labels from selling off rights to the Poiret brand in an unusual online auction.

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Wed 2014-10-29.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

The Architecture Of Fear: How To Design A Truly Terrifying Haunted House

We chat with the designers behind one of the scariest haunted houses in America.

Every autumn, millions of Americans flock to haunted houses, happily willing to pay $20 or $30 to get petrified out of their wits. Scaring people is no amateur game: haunted houses make up a $300 million industry in the U.S. But there are only so many ways you can startle someone effectively (check out some DIY ideas here). So how do big-name haunted houses keep scaring customers year after year?

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Wed 2014-10-29.12:30 | [Fast Company]
[Webwereld Feed]

Wanneer vallen er doden bij een cyberaanval?

Nieuwe technologieën reden voor paniek, of zijn we veilig?

Thu 2014-10-30.12:39 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Mozilla komt met WiFi-sniffer op Android

Help geolocatiedienst van Firefox OS beter te maken, via Android.

Thu 2014-10-30.11:10 | [Webwereld Feed]

BioWare brengt Dragon Age Keep in open bèta

Ontwikkelaar BioWare heeft de open bèta van Dragon Age Keep vrijgegeven. Gamers kunnen met de webdienst beslissingen uit de twee voorgaande titels herzien en zo een nieuwe, persoonlijke verhaallijn importeren in het nieuwe spel, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:45 | []

Lenovo introduceert Yoga Tablet 2 met 13"-scherm

Lenovo komt met een derde tablet in zijn Yoga Tablet 2-lijn. De nieuwe variant heeft een 13"-scherm en is een aanvulling op de Windows-tablets met 8"- en 10"-schermen die Lenovo al had gepresenteerd. De tablet gaat in november in de verkoop.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:19 | []

Spotify voegt iDeal toe en stopt met apps in desktopclient

Spotify heeft iDeal als betaalmogelijkheid toegevoegd. Tot nu toe konden klanten alleen betalen met creditcard, PayPal of een cadeaubon. Tegelijkertijd stopt Spotify met het aanbieden van apps van derden in de desktopclient.

Thu 2014-10-30.12:08 | []

Toshiba introduceert twee nieuwe multimedialaptops

Toshiba heeft twee multimedialaptops aangekondigd. De Qosmio X70 en de Satellite P70 hebben een 17,3"-scherm met full-hd-resolutie, een Core i7-quadcore en een Radeon R9 265X-videokaart, maar de Qosmio heeft een ander uiterlijk, een blu-ray-drive en meer videogeheugen.

Thu 2014-10-30.12:02 | []

Lenovo rondt overname Motorola af

Lenovo en Google hebben de overname van Motorola afgerond. Lenovo betaalt Google 2,3 miljard euro voor de fabrikant van smartphones als de Moto G en Nexus 6. De bedrijven kondigden de overname in januari aan.

Thu 2014-10-30.11:41 | []

LibreOffice 4.3.3

De Document Foundation heeft de derde update van versie 4.3 van LibreOffice uitgebracht. Dit opensource-officepakket is ontstaan als afsplitsing van OpenOffice en wordt geleverd met tekstverwerker Writer, spreadsheetprogramma Calc, presentatieprogramma Impress, tekenprogramma Draw, databaseprogramma Base en Formula, een applicatie om wetenschappelijke notaties mee te maken. Hoewel het om een stabiele uitgave gaat, raadt de Document Foundation zoals altijd bij een grote release voor productieomgevingen aan om nog even bij de vorige 4.2-tak te blijven. Uitgebreide informatie over de veranderingen in versie 4.3 kan op deze pagina worden gevonden, sinds 4.3.2 zijn verder nog een kleine 70 problemen verholpen.

Thu 2014-10-30.11:32 | []

BlackBerry maakt tablet en smartphone met groot scherm en toetsenbord

BlackBerry werkt aan zijn tweede tablet. Dat heeft directeur John Chen bevestigd. Bovendien is de fabrikant bezig met de ontwikkeling van een smartphone met groot scherm en fysiek toetsenbord. Vermoedelijk gaat het daarbij om een uitschuifbaar ramplankje.

Thu 2014-10-30.11:22 | []
[NU - Algemeen]

'Borstendokter' Rock G. vrijgesproken wegens gebrek aan bewijs

'Borstendokter' Rock G. is donderdag vrijgesproken door de rechter in Den Haag wegens gebrek aan bewijs.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:24 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

OM eist twintig jaar en tbs tegen Ada S. voor gifmoord

Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) heeft donderdag twintig jaar gevangenisstraf en tbs geëist tegen Ada S. voor het met gif doden van haar echtgenoot. Voor de verdenking van de dood van een voormalige echtgenoot van S. ziet het OM te weinig bewijs.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:22 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Massagraf met 150 soennieten in Irak ontdekt

In het westen van Irak is een massagraf met de lichamen van 150 leden van een soennitische stam ontdekt. De stam is een tegenstander van de eveneens soennitische jihadisten van Islamitische Staat (IS). 

Thu 2014-10-30.13:59 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Kernpunten enquêtecommissie woningcorporatie

De commissie vat in het donderdag gepubliceerde eindrapport Ver van Huis een aantal kernpunten samen: heldere grenzen stellen, toezicht verbeteren, geld meer beteugelen en gedrag te veranderen.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:54 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Spotify updatet iPad-app met nieuw design

Spotify heeft zijn iPad-app voorzien van het nieuwe donkere design, dat al reeds beschikbaar is via de apps voor Android en iPhone en de desktopsoftware.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:50 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Sales down at UK's oldest tech distie: Northamber losses widen in fiscal '14

But chairman Phillips is rosy about future

The prognosis for Northamber’s future is brighter, according to its colourful chairman, despite widening losses and revenues remaining in free fall for fiscal ’14 ended June.…

Thu 2014-10-30.13:45 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Samsung's flagging phone fortunes hit profits hard

Net earnings nearly halve in the third quarter compared to last year

Samsung has promised to shake up its smartphone line-up to try to win back some of the ground it has lost in the sector, after it revealed that its third-quarter operating profit was the lowest in more than three years.…

Thu 2014-10-30.13:33 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Distie titan TD Azlan to cut ties with Huawei

'Can't shift the gear', say channel whispers

TD Azlan is quietly and gradually cutting ties with Huawei Enterprise, according to multiple sources close to the matter.…

Thu 2014-10-30.11:25 | [The Register]



MIT Professor Advocates Ending Asteroid Redirect Mission To Fund Asteroid Survey

MarkWhittington writes Professor Richard Binzel published a commentary in the journal Nature that called for two things. He proposed that NASA cancel the Asteroid Redirect Mission currently planned for the early 2020s. Instead, he would like the asteroid survey mandated by the George E. Brown, Jr. Near-Earth Object Survey Act of 2005, part of the 2005 NASA Authorization Act, funded at $200 million a year. Currently NASA funds the survey at $20 million a year, considered inadequate to complete the identification of 90 percent of hazardous near-Earth objects 140 meters or greater by 2020 as mandated by the law.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:05 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Treinverkeer Breda stilgelegd na korte grote brand

Het treinverkeer van en naar Breda is donderdagmiddag stilgelegd, vanwege een korte grote brand bij het station. Het treinverkeer komt waarschijnlijk rond 15.00 uur weer op gang.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:18 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Wet herverkiezing Burkinese president Blaise Compaoré ingetrokken

De regering van het West-Afrikaanse land Burkina Faso heeft het voorstel dat de herverkiezing van president Blaise Compaoré mogelijk moest maken, donderdag ingetrokken.

Thu 2014-10-30.14:28 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Keep up with the fast-moving world of flash array storage

How to pick the right kind

An all-flash networked array can do wonders in speeding up data accesses by applications running in connected servers.…

Thu 2014-10-30.13:14 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Apple CEO Tim Cook tells world+dog: 'I’m proud to be gay'

It is 'among the greatest gifts God has given me'

Tim Cook has come out as gay and vowed to spend the rest of his life helping to "pave the sunlit path toward" equality and justice.…

Thu 2014-10-30.12:56 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Rechters maken zich zorgen over kwaliteit rechtspraak

Nederlandse rechters maken zich zorgen over de kwaliteit van de rechtspraak in Nederland. ''De aandacht voor de kwaliteit is naar de achtergrond gedrongen", concludeert hun koepelorganisatie de Raad voor de Rechtspraak.

Thu 2014-10-30.12:49 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

UK consumers particularly prone to piss-poor patching

Java a hot spot – new report

UK consumer patching practices have worsened still further over the last three months, increasing the threat of malware problems, according to a new study by IT security provider Secunia.…

Thu 2014-10-30.12:38 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Microsoft fitness bands on wrists at last: All YOUR HEALTH DATA are BELONG TO US

Wearable will deliver 'actionable insights for healthier living'

Microsoft has joined the wearables market with “band”, a fitness-monitor-slash-smartwatch, which is accompanied by a suite of online services dubbed “Microsoft Health”.…

Thu 2014-10-30.08:58 | [The Register]


[The Register]

All change at the top of HP's enterprise biz

Same strategy, but can the newbies make it work?

A change at the top of HP’s enterprise distie team across both European and UK ops may well help solve the disconnect that occurred when a regionally drafted strategy was executed locally.…

Thu 2014-10-30.12:19 | [The Register]


[The Register]

SkyHawk array swoops down, 136TB claws extended

Skyera offering more capacity, less power usage

All-flash array startup and packing density expert Skyera has got itself a new version of its skyHawk array, encompassing a threefold increase in capacity.…

Thu 2014-10-30.11:58 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Nederlands bedrijf hard op weg om ebolavaccin te leveren

Het Nederlandse farmaceutische bedrijf Crucell is in een vergevorderd stadium met de ontwikkeling voor een ebolavaccin.

Thu 2014-10-30.12:37 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Lenovo rondt overname Motorola af

Motorola is geen onderdeel van Google meer. De overname door Lenovo is officieel afgerond.

Thu 2014-10-30.11:34 | [NU - Internet]


[NU - Algemeen]

Natuurmonumenten opent natuurbegraafplaats in Brabant

Natuurmonumenten opent volgend najaar de eerste eigen natuurbegraafplaats in Huis ter Heide in Brabant. 

Thu 2014-10-30.14:03 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Big Retail: We don't hate Apple, we hate the credit card companies

Group opens up (slightly) about Apple Pay rival CurrentC

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) went on a PR offensive on Wednesday to explain what happened in the hacking attack that saw its testers' emails exposed, why its member retailers banned Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and what makes its CurrentC mobile payment system so great.…

Thu 2014-10-30.03:58 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Big Retail's Apple Pay killer CurrentC HACKED, tester info nicked

Listen for the chuckling from Cupertino

CurrentC, the mobile payments system being pushed by some of the biggest retailers in the US, has been hacked – before the system is even fully up and running.…

Wed 2014-10-29.20:13 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

Eredivisiegoals gratis te zien in nieuwe app KPN

KPN brengt een app uit waarin eredivisiegoals van maximaal twee teams gratis te zien zijn.

Thu 2014-10-30.11:03 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

This time it's SO REAL: Overcoming the open-source orgasm myth with TODO

If the web giants need it to work, hey, maybe it'll work

What can the world learn from Google, Twitter and Facebook - apart from how to make millions through ads flinging? How to run a successful open-source project.…

Thu 2014-10-30.10:58 | [The Register]


[Webwereld Feed]

Alle ongepatchte Drupal-sites moeten offline

Drupal-organisatie waarschuwt voor gevaarlijke backdoors.

Thu 2014-10-30.09:43 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Planet PostgreSQL]

Simon Riggs: Where lies the truth?

Ben Bradlee, the former editor of the Washington Post died recently. A famous speech of his from 1997 contains some words that mean something for me. It starts like this

"Newspapers don't tell the truth under many different, and occasionally innocent, scenarios. Mostly when they don't know the truth. Or when they quote someone who does not know the truth.

And more and more, when they quote someone who is spinning the truth, shaping it to some preconceived version of a story that is supposed to be somehow better than the truth, omitting details that could be embarrassing.

And finally, when they quote someone who is flat out lying...."

and summarises with

"Where lies the truth? That's the question that pulled us into this business, as it propelled Diogenes through the streets of Athens looking for an honest man. The more aggressive our serach for the truth, the more people are offended by the press. The more complicated are the issues and the more sophisticated are the ways to disguise the truth, the more aggressive our search for the truth must be, and the more offensive we are sure to become to some. So be it."

before ending

"I take great strength from that now, knowing that in my experience the truth does emerge. It takes forever sometimes, but it does emerge. And that any relaxation by the press will be extremely costly to democracy."

Who would have that that his words apply so well to PostgreSQL and especially to the cost of data integrity? Yes, referential integrity does require additional performance to make it work right, but how else can we be sure that we are passing valid data around? Surely the purpose of a database needs to be primarily a home for the truth, verified to be so by cross checks and constraints.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:28 | [Planet PostgreSQL]

Labor Department To Destroy H-1B Records

Presto Vivace writes H-1B records that are critical to research and take up a small amount of storage are set for deletion. "In a notice posted last week, the U.S. Department of Labor said that records used for labor certification, whether in paper or electronic, 'are temporary records and subject to destruction' after five years, under a new policy. There was no explanation for the change, and it is perplexing to researchers. The records under threat are called Labor Condition Applications (LCA), which identify the H-1B employer, worksite, the prevailing wage, and the wage paid to the worker. The cost of storage can't be an issue for the government's $80 billion IT budget: A full year's worth of LCA data is less than 1GB."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:26 | [Slashdot]

Snagit 12.2.2

TechSmith heeft een update voor versie 12.2 van Snagit uitgebracht. Met dit programma, dat voor zowel Windows als OS X beschikbaar is, kunnen plaatjes, tekst, bewegende beelden en webpagina's worden afgevangen en bewerkt. Zo kunnen er effecten als perspectief, spotlight en magnify op worden losgelaten. Verder kunnen ter verduidelijking teksten, pijlen en cirkels worden aangebracht. De screenshots kunnen als afbeeldingen worden opgeslagen of direct in diverse programma's zoals Word en PowerPoint worden geïmporteerd. In versie 12 is onder andere de mogelijkheid toegevoegd om stukken uit video's te knippen, is er integratie met Google Drive en zijn diverse verbeteringen aan de SnagitEditor doorgevoerd. Ondersteuning voor Windows XP en Vista is echter komen te vervallen. In versie 12.2.2 zijn enkele problemen verholpen en geeft het programma nu tips tijdens het gebruik.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:27 | []

foobar2000 1.3.5

Versie 1.3.5 van foobar2000 is verschenen. Deze populaire, lichte muziekspeler kan onder andere overweg met mp3, aac, ogg vorbis, flac, wav en wma, en beschikt over ondersteuning voor Replay Gain. Verder kan de speler verschillende formaten converteren en heeft het programma uitgebreide mogelijkheden om de tags aan te passen. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om de functionaliteit met behulp van plug-ins uit te breiden. De changelog voor versie 1.3.5 ziet er als volgt uit:

Thu 2014-10-30.10:24 | []

Samsung verliest marktaandeel aan kleinere fabrikanten op smartphonemarkt

Kleinere fabrikanten snoepen langzaam maar zeker marktaandeel af van marktleider Samsung. Terwijl Apple vrij stabiel bleef met een marktaandeel rond 12 procent, daalde het aandeel van Samsung van 32,5 procent naar 23,8 procent.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:05 | []

Drupal waarschuwt voor misbruik ernstig beveiligingslek

Een kwetsbaarheid voor sql-injectie die eerder deze maand in Drupal werd gevonden, wordt actief misbruikt. Het contentmanagementsysteem waarschuwt beheerders van een Drupal-installatie dat ze zijn geïnfecteerd als ze het lek nog niet hebben gepatcht.

Thu 2014-10-30.09:38 | []

LG komt met 5,3"-smartphonescherm met flinterdunne randen

LG heeft een lcd-paneel voor smartphones aangekondigd met een schermrand van 0,7mm, dunner dan de dikte van een creditcard. Volgens de fabrikant gaat het om de dunste schermrand tot nu toe. De resolutie van het 5,3"-paneel is 1920x1080 pixels.

Thu 2014-10-30.09:27 | []

YouTube rolt ondersteuning voor video met 60fps uit - update

Iedere YouTube-uploader kan beelden met snellere framerates zoals 60fps toevoegen aan de site. De videosite heeft die mogelijkheid nu voor iedereen beschikbaar gemaakt. De optie moet vooral de weergave van gamebeelden verbeteren.

Thu 2014-10-30.08:42 | []

Samsung verdient fors minder geld met telefoons

De winst uit Samsungs mobiele tak daalde in het afgelopen kwartaal met 74 procent. Het bedrijf heeft vooral in China last van concurrenten als Xiaomi. Ook de winst van Samsung als geheel daalde flink in het afgelopen kwartaal: met 49 procent.

Thu 2014-10-30.08:19 | []

HitmanPro 3.7.9 build 232

SurfRight heeft een update van HitmanPro versie 3.7.9 uitgebracht. Met HitmanPro kunnen virussen, spyware, Trojaanse paarden, rootkits en andere vormen van malware worden verwijderd. Door op een slimme manier te scannen en gebruik te maken van cloudcomputing, voert de software een complete scan in vaak niet meer dan enkele minuten uit. Om besmettingen te verwijderen moet het programma worden geactiveerd. De eerste keer kan een gratis sleutel worden aangevraagd, maar na dertig dagen moet een nieuwe sleutel worden gekocht. In deze release zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Wed 2014-10-29.14:16 | []
[NU - Algemeen]

Spanningen in Jeruzalem na aanslag op joodse activist

De spanningen in het Israëlische Jeruzalem zijn donderdag hoog opgelopen na een aanslag op een joodse activist in de stad.

Thu 2014-10-30.12:48 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

'Verschillen tussen hoog- en laagopgeleiden leiden tot ongemak'

Hoogopgeleide en laagopgeleide mensen leven in verschillende werelden. De tegenstelling tussen beide groepen kan leiden tot gevoelens van ongemak.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:47 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Chat-app Line ziet omzet verdubbelen

De Japanse chat-app Line heeft in het derde kwartaal 20,9 miljard yen (152 miljoen euro) aan omzet gedraaid.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:41 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Naked and afraid: that's how Telstra's Wi-Fi security makes you feel

All it takes is 1 angry teen with Wireshark and root access

Sit down, open up the laptop, join the advertised SSID, and go online.…

Wed 2014-10-29.22:16 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Vaak dwangverpleging bij thuiszorg dementerende ouderen

Dementerende ouderen die thuis zorg krijgen worden vaak onder dwang verpleegd. Vier op de tien thuiswonende dementerenden zeggen dat ze te maken hebben met een vorm van vrijheidsbeperking.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:16 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Ombudsman oordeelt hard over ex-staatssecretaris Frans Weekers

De Nationale ombudsman velt een snoeihard oordeel over oud-staatssecretaris van Financiën Frans Weekers. Die heeft bij zijn aanpak van de Bulgarenfraude een jaar geleden veel verkeerd gedaan.

Thu 2014-10-30.13:24 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]


Readers: Could you build a complete data environment off eBay?

Storagebod On the way to "Powering the Cloud" with Greg Ferro and Chris Evans, we got to discussing Greg’s book White Box Networking and whether there could be a whole series of books discussing White Box storage, virtualisation, servers etc and how to build a complete White Box environment.…

Thu 2014-10-30.10:30 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Franse militair gedood tijdens gevechten in Mali

Een Franse militair is woensdag in Noord-Mali om het leven gekomen tijdens een fel gevecht met moslimmilitanten in de buurt van de grens met Algerije.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:03 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Treinverkeer Zeeland kort stil na botsing trein tegen betonblok

Het gehele treinverkeer in de provincie Zeeland lag woensdagavond kort stil omdat een trein tegen een betonblok is gereden.

Thu 2014-10-30.10:01 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

China set to be buried under mountain of surplus robots, warns biz chap

Can't stop the damn things reproducing. Unlike humans

China has been warned of an approaching robot bubble fuelled by Beijing's desire to massively overdevelop the internal automation market.…

Thu 2014-10-30.09:57 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Steeds minder vrouwen overlijden tijdens zwangerschap of bevalling

In Nederland sterven tegenwoordig per jaar gemiddeld iets minder dan tien vrouwen tijdens de zwangerschap of bevalling. In 1950 waren dit er nog 241.

Thu 2014-10-30.09:45 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Humanity now making about 41 mobes EACH SECOND

327 MEEELLION mobes shipped in Q3, say very tired analysts

The world is now manufacturing just under 42 mobile phones a second thanks to an uptick in global production, IDC's presumably-very-tired handset-counters say.…

Thu 2014-10-30.09:32 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Amazon's hybrid cloud: EC2 wrangled by Microsoft's control freak

Plug-in for System Centre gives Windows Server control of Bezos' bit barns

Hybrid clouds are the new black: world+dog has decided that some workloads just won't ever ascend into the elastosphere, but that running a private and public cloud from separate control freaks is a dumb idea.…

Thu 2014-10-30.08:32 | [The Register]



The Most Highly Cited Scientific Papers of All Time

bmahersciwriter writes Citation is the common way that scientists nod to the important and foundational work that preceded their own and the number of times a particular paper is cited is often used as a rough measure of its impact. So what are the most highly cited papers in the past century plus of scientific research? Is it the determination of DNA's structure? The identification of rapid expansion in the Universe? No. The top 100 most cited papers are actually a motley crew of methods, data resources and software tools that through usability, practicality and a little bit of luck have propelled them to the top of an enormous corpus of scientific literature.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.08:04 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Internet]

Chinese zoekmachine Baidu maakt meer winst

De Chinese zoekgigant Baidu heeft zijn winst in het derde kwartaal met 27 procent zien stijgen. 

Thu 2014-10-30.07:52 | [NU - Internet]



Samsung SSD 840 EVO Performance Restoration Software 1.0

Zoals beloofd heeft Samsung nog voor het eind van de maand een dos-versie van het tooltje uitgebracht die de prestatieproblemen met de ssd's uit de 840 EVO-series moet verhelpen. Hierdoor kunnen nu ook computers die OS X of Linux draaien worden bijgewerkt. Er zijn twee opties. Ten eerste is er een iso-bestand die naar een cd kan worden gebrand. Daarnaast is er een zip-bestand waarvan de inhoud op een zelfstartende usb-stick moeten worden geplaatst. Het programma werkt eerst de firmware bij, voor de sata-modellen naar EXT0CB6Q en voor de msata-modellen naar EXT42B6Q, en vervolgens wordt de ssd gescand en gekalibreerd.

Thu 2014-10-30.07:37 | []

Apple QuickTime 7.7.6

Apple heeft kort geleden een nieuwe versie van zijn mediaspeler QuickTime uitgebracht. QuickTime is voor Windows en OS X beschikbaar, en kan worden gebruikt om afbeeldingen te bekijken, muziek te beluisteren en filmbestanden af te spelen. Versie 7.7.6 is alleen voor Windows uitgegeven en lost enkele beveiligingsproblemen op.

Thu 2014-10-30.07:36 | []

Nintendo werkt aan apparaatje om slaap bij te houden via radiogolven

Gameconsolemaker Nintendo werkt aan een apparaatje, waarmee gebruikers via radiogolven hun slaap bij kunnen houden. Het zou Nintendo's eerste stap zijn voor zijn Quality of Life-platform, waarmee Nintendo een stap wil zetten buiten gaming.

Thu 2014-10-30.06:35 | []

Microsoft presenteert 'smartwatch' Band

Microsoft heeft zijn 'smartwatch' Band gepresenteerd. Het apparaatje is een crossover tussen een smartwatch en een fitnessarmband en werkt met Windows Phone, iOS en Android. Het apparaat is per direct beschikbaar in drie maten.

Thu 2014-10-30.06:22 | []

MSI GS70: gamelaptop met snelle Maxwell-gpu

Van MSI leenden we een knalrode GS70-gamelaptop uit de Stealth Pro-serie en we keken onder meer of Nvidia op de laptop net zo veel indruk wekt als de desktopvariant deed.

Thu 2014-10-30.06:00 | []

Nederlands internetplatform om dingen te lenen gaat uitbreiden naar VS

Het Nederlandse Peerby, een onlineplatform om producten te delen met buren, wil uitbreiden naar vijftig Amerikaanse steden. Het bedrijf heeft 1,7 miljoen euro binnengehaald om de uitbreiding te realiseren.

Wed 2014-10-29.22:27 | []
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

Steel City, Oct 29

As Dragoneye floats over the rooftops of Steel City's China Town, he sees an older man beckoning him from the ground. The amiable old fellow hands a kid named Jasper Thompson to return to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. Assuming little Jasper is lost, Dragoneye accepts, picks up Jasper and floats back into the sky.

Instead of giving Dragoneye directions, Jasper begins to explain how his parents were murdered, which is brutally. This is off-putting but somehow Dragoneye cannot stop listening, which is how the wolf manages to get into a position where it can leap up and latch onto Dragoneye's leg.

The good news is, Hexenwolf didn't manage to actually hurt Dragoneye; Dragoneye's defenses are very good. The bad news is, now Dragoneye has a psychopathic boy in his arms and a wolf clamped onto his leg. And things are going to get worse.

While Jasper starts attaching jumper cables to Dragoneye, Dragoneye drops Jasper (who manages to hold onto Dragoneye on his own) and hits the speed dial for the Sentries. Dragoneye explains the situation to 99 Per Cent despite the notable distraction of improvised electrified nipple clamps and being gnawed on by Hexenwolf, then hangs up his phone to concentrate on his immediate problems.

These particular bad guys can commit exposition during an assault and they do, making it clear someone wants Dragoneye dead.

Bad luck for Dragoneye: Volt and Canadian Lass are both busy so it's just 99 Per Cent and Huitzil to the rescue.

Hexenwolf turns into bear, hoping the extra weight will haul Dragoneye out of the sky. No luck and his attempt to just claw Dragoneye is equally unsuccessful. Since the bear hasn't managed to connect and Jasper has, Dragoneye concentrates on Jasper. Neither Dragoneye nor Jasper seems to have any trouble connecting with the other. The problem is, if Dragoneye and Jasper knock each other out, Dragoneye will be easy meat for Hexenwolf.

Dragoneye is still conscious when 99 Per Cent and Huitzil arrive. On the assumption that the great big bear is a much more serious issue than the rather harmless looking kid, Huitzil attacks from out of the sun and not only knocks Hexenwolf off Dragoneye's leg but out cold entirely. Sadly, Dragoneye is distracted - semiconscious, really - thanks to all the electricity pouring through him from Jasper's jumper cables and is in no way properly appreciative of what just happened.

Jasper's mind is no match for 99 Per Cent's brain-crushy-thingie but as Jasper tumbles to the ground, 99 Per Cent hears chanting and sees drops of blood appear from nowhere to land on Hexenwolf. Who wakes up.

For those keeping score, this is the second time Huitzil one-shotted Hexenwolf and the second time a team-mate then woke him back up. It's like Hexenwolf gets worfed frequently.

Dragoneye, who usually can heal others but not himself, suddenly realizes how to focus whatever the basis of his magic is on himself (gamespeak: he stunts regeneration from healing) while moving away from Jasper.

Huitzil takes the time to look around and sees what looks like an evil nun, a bear, a horrified old couple who are probably innocent bystanders, a remarkably calm [1] black woman with ereader, a floating skull, and a well-dressed devil (or possible a demon). Huitzil recognizes the bear but they commits the sin of profiling by assuming the evil nun, the floating skull and the devil (or possibly demon) are all definitely baddies and the calm woman probably is one too and shares what they noticed with everyone else, thus averting the usual "Huitzil forgets to share mission critical information" thing.

Since most of the other side cannot fly, Huitzil tells Dragoneye to go high while Huitzil plays distraction. This works except for the part where Huitzil misses the nun and also nobody is distracted.

The Skull turns out to be a mage of some kind and hits Huitzil with "the curse of Icarus", which demonstrates to Huitzil just why it might be worth paying down the "accessable" part of the wings design. On the way to the pavement, Huiztil aims for the nun. No luck, although it was close.

It turns out the bookish lady has the power to throw people into stories and she can do this on whole groups of people at once. 99 Per Cent and Dragoneye vanish in a sparkle of narrativium but Huitzil manages to resist the effect (I don't remember how because I cannot recall what that attack targets), which means 99 Per Cent and Dragoneye are off to Castle Dracula while Huitzil has an evil nun, a bear, a horrified old couple who are probably innocent bystanders and who are also a lot farther way than they were a couple of seconds ago, a remarkably calm black woman with ereader, a floating skull, and a well-dressed devil (or possible a demon) all to themselves.

"Welcome to Castle Dra-" and then the Balkan-looking man rolls to one side as 99 Per Cent's telekinetic hammer pulverizes the paving stones Dracula had been standing on. Dragoneye breathes flame at the vampire, who suddenly decides he needs to be somewhere else, transforms into a bat and flutters off. The flames have no effect on Dracula and Dragoneye wonders if this is all an illusion.

Harker Westenra shows up but in the Sentry's tradition of never cooperating with the bad guy's plan, 99 Per Cent just chases him off. As the harried looking lawyer vanishes, wolves howl.

Huitzil begins with a traditional foot hooked in other-person's-belt-so-the-short-person-can-get-enough-height, knee-to-the-face for the nun, who collapses on the spot. The well-dressed lady does ... something to try to keep the nun conscious but it doesn't work (it was luck power stuff and involved dueling dice rolls). What it does do is convince Huitzil that they have not just committed an egregious assault on an innocent nun who just happens to look kind of sinister. Yay!

Although the ease with which the nun fell over is kind of worrying. And maybe the woman with the ereader is just a good Samaritan. But the nun looks really shifty and since Huitzil is pretty sure the nun is the party cleric, they give the nun another boot to the head, just to keep them down.

The Skull says something about "the Curse of Thor". Huitzil isn't sure what that it but they are sure it smarts quite a lot. The Skull is way the heck up out of reach so while Hexenwolf swings and misses, Huitzil either commits another egregious assault on a good Samaritan or whittles the other side down some more with a flurry of knees and elbows to the black woman, who turns out to take a punch as well as the nun did. Or the shapeshifter, so at least there's reason to think the other side just brought along a lot of people with glass jaws.

99 Per Cent begins demolish Castle Dracula on the reasoning that probably the bad guys' plan didn't involve her ripping their real estate to pieces. Never do what the bad guys want! Shoot the hostage if you have to!

Dragoneye can tell the castle itself is magic, although the area around it is not. He begins stripping the magic from the castle. As wet, crunchy, solicitery sounds indicate that Harker found the wolves, Dragoneye realizes he and 99 Per Cent are trapped in a story. Dragoneye also manages to deduce that Dracula's wives are probably somewhere about and by somewhere about I mean latched onto him like demonic lampreys.

99 Per Cent covers Dragoneye with a force dome to buy him time to recover from being gnawed on. Dracula, being Wrong Genre Savvy, tries to take control of 99 Per Cent's mind, which is about as effective as tossing marshmallows at the USS Enterprise.

The Skull suggests that everyone who is still awake simply attack Huitzil all at once and to make that easier, he casts the "Igneous Curse", which turns Huitzil into stone. Not all the way, though, and Huitzil is confident the effects cannot stand up to their regeneration. They still have enough mobility to spin out of the way of the Devil or possibly Demon's flame breath.

While Dracula's wives can dole out a fair amount of damage and they do manage to crack the force dome, they're just minions and they go splut as soon as 99 Per Cent brings their telekinetic tomahawk to bear (although I think one got aerosoled by Dragoneye's dragonroar).

Huitzil tries to bury a stony foot in the devil's groin but sadly fails at their exploration of cross-dimensional comparative anatomy. The Skull tries to finish turning Huitzil to stone and asks why, since they weren't the target and Dragoneye is gone, Huitzil refuses to let the Skull and his friends leave. Huitzil spins out of the way of more devil flame and points out that A: they aren't doing anything to keep Team Magical Sparkle Creampuff from running away, and B: Huitzil is pretty sure that Huitzil is able to take on the Skull and all his pals all by themselves and offers to provide proof of this. The effect of theboast is somewhat undermined when Hexenwolf manages to slice Huitzil's side wide open but only a little.

As their flesh flows back into an unblemished whole, Huitzil openly mocks the entire group of baddies for relying on the Skull. The Skull is the only one who presents a real challenge; the others are just bystanders and bleeders. Then since Hexenwolf made the mistake of not exploiting his greater mobility and is next to Huitzil [2], Huitzil pops him one nicely between the eyes with a stone fist.

The Skulls suggests Plan B: rather than keep providing Huitzil with punching bags, just leave. The devil grabs the librariany woman, Hexenworf grabs the nun, some old guy in a teddy bear costume who somehow managed to stay out of sight until now runs off with Jasper and while Huitzil does give chase, being partly made of stone really slows them down.

Once the baddies are out of sight, Huitzil reverts to flesh. There is no condition their regeneration cannot overcome! Or perhaps the Skull just revoked his curse but that does not occur to Huitzil.

Back in storyland, 99 Per Cent and Dragoneye methodically find and destroy all of Dracula's coffins. The vampire himself is forced by the rising sun to retreat to his sarcophagus, easy meat for the two supers. As soon as the stake goes in, the pair appears in China Town.

All this leaves the question "who wants Dragoneye dead?" Happily, 99 Per Cent's parents are well connected and they can provide an answer to that: the Sons of Salem, an Anti-Magic hate group. It's kind of odd that they'd hire one group of mainly magic using types to go after a sorcerer but perhaps they hoped one way or another the magic-user herd would be thinned.

(Another way to look at it is the population of mages would be selected for stronger members, maybe not 100% good from the point of view of the SoS)

The specific name that comes up in connection with the Sons of Salem is "Assurance Mather". A quick call to the Confederacy of Justice gets more information: Mather is an immortal and a real pain in the ass. He is also apparently not in any way familiar with modern methods of obfuscating either his identity or his home address.

[The GM forgot last time's cliffhanger so next time we find out what happened]

1: Presumably these sort of superhuman fights are happening often enough *some* people have become jaded.

2: Characters with a lot of movement and one particular advantage can move, hit and move, which is awesome when Huitzil and Izzy do it and bloody annoying when the other side does.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Thu 2014-10-30.04:25 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[NU - Algemeen]

'Bouwplannen Israël gevaar voor Palestijnse staat'

Israëls plannen voor de bouw van duizend woningen in Oost-Jeruzalem bedreigen de levensvatbaarheid van de toekomstige Palestijnse staat. 

Thu 2014-10-30.09:47 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

NASA: Spacecraft crash site FOUND ON MOON RIM

'What fun!' exlaims NASA boffin who found the LADEE

NASA boffins are chuffed as ninepence this week to announce that they have discovered unmistakable signs of a crashed spacecraft far away from the Apollo landing sites on the far side of the Moon.…

Thu 2014-10-30.07:52 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Remember Internet2? It's now a software-defined metacloud

Boffins can slice network into their own private connections for research and fun

America's Internet2 research network is embracing the cloud, launching an SDN implementation designed to let academics create their own private clouds.…

Thu 2014-10-30.06:29 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

PvdA en VVD willen openbare lijst falende artsen en bestuurders

Klachten, berispingen of schorsingen van falende artsen en medische missers bij zorginstellingen zouden op een centraal punt gebundeld moeten worden en toegankelijk moeten zijn voor (toekomstige) patiënten.

Thu 2014-10-30.06:56 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Carders offer malware with the human touch to defeat fraud detection

Huge credit card heists mean crims want to cash out - fast

A new cybercrime tool promises to use credit card numbers in a more human way that is less likely to attract the attention of fraud-detection systems, and therefore be more lucrative for those who seek to profit from events like the Target breach.…

Thu 2014-10-30.06:02 | [The Register]



Secret Policy Allows GCHQ Bulk Access To NSA Data

hazeii writes Though legal proceedings following the Snowden revelations, Liberty UK have succeeded in forcing GCHQ to reveal secret internal policies allowing Britain's intelligence services to receive unlimited bulk intelligence from the NSA and other foreign agencies and to keep this data on a massive searchable databases, all without a warrant. Apparently, British intelligence agencies can "trawl through foreign intelligence material without meaningful restrictions", and can keep copies of both content and metadata for up to two years. There is also mention of data obtained "through US corporate partnerships". According to Liberty, this raises serious doubts about oversight of the UK Intelligence and Security Committee and their reassurances that in every case where GCHQ sought information from the US, a warrant for interception signed by a minister was in place. Eric King, Deputy Director of Privacy international, said: "We now know that data from any call, internet search, or website you visited over the past two years could be stored in GCHQ's database and analyzed at will, all without a warrant to collect it in the first place. It is outrageous that the Government thinks mass surveillance, justified by secret 'arrangements' that allow for vast and unrestrained receipt and analysis of foreign intelligence material is lawful. This is completely unacceptable, and makes clear how little transparency and accountability exists within the British intelligence community."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.05:32 | [Slashdot]


[The Register]

Mozilla releases geolocating WiFi sniffer for Android

As if the civilians who never change access point passwords will ever opt out of this one

Mozilla has released a new app, Stumbler, that “collects GPS data for our location service” by detecting WiFi access points and mobile phone cells towers, then “uses these wireless network locations to provide geolocation services for Firefox OS devices and other open source projects.”…

Thu 2014-10-30.05:28 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Twitter, IBM, in deal to create brainy Big Blue Bird

#Enterprise #BigData #Analytics #BuzzwordFest

IBM and Twitter have assembled their buzzwords, ranked them into a regiment, and jointly set them loose to march upon a waiting world, by announcing that the avian network will feed data galore to Big Blue's cloudy enterprise big data analytics offerings.…

Thu 2014-10-30.04:58 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

'Geen hoop op overlevenden ramp Sri Lanka'

Er is geen hoop meer op overlevenden na de aardverschuiving in Sri Lanka woensdag.

Thu 2014-10-30.08:17 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Drupalocalypse! Devs say it's best to assume your CMS is owned

SQLi hole was hit hard, fast, and before most admins even knew it needed patching

Drupal websites that had not patched seven hours after the disclosure on a 'highly critical' SQL injection (SQLi) hole disclosed 15 October are hosed, the content management tool's developers say.…

Thu 2014-10-30.04:27 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Has the United Nations taken over the Internet yet?

Impress at your next dinner party with this primer on what's happening at the ITU gabfest

For the past five days, and the next nine, dozens of government representatives are in Busan, Korea discussing changes to the international telecommunications regime.…

Thu 2014-10-30.03:27 | [The Register]



Technology Group Promises Scientists Their Own Clouds

jyosim writes On Tuesday, Internet2 announced that it will let researchers create and connect to their own private data clouds on the high-speed network (mainly used by colleges), within which they will be able to conduct research across disciplines and experiment on the nature of the Internet. The private cloud is thanks to a $10-million grant from the NSF. "They will have complete visibility into [the clouds] so they can really treat this as a scientific instrument and not a black box," the project's lead investigator told The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.03:00 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

NATO declares WAR on Google Glass, mounts attack alongside MPAA

Yes, the National Association of Theater Owners is quite upset

Moviegoers will soon be asked to stash their Google Glass before taking in a flick, much like they're asked to pocket their mobile phones today.…

Thu 2014-10-30.03:06 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Microsoft opens Office 365 to devs with APIs, SDKs

Put a REST into your calendar

Microsoft is putting its Office 365 crown jewels on display, opening up APIs to the environment to attract third-party developers to the platform.…

Thu 2014-10-30.02:32 | [The Register]



[$] Weekly Edition for October 30, 2014

The Weekly Edition for October 30, 2014 is available.

Thu 2014-10-30.01:53 | []

Google Announces Project Ara Developer Conference, Shows Off First Prototype

An anonymous reader writes Google today announced it will be hosting the second iteration of its Project Ara Module Developers Conference for its modular device project early next year. The first event will be in Mountain View on January 14, 2015, with satellite locations at Google offices in New York City, Buenos Aires, and London. The same agenda will be repeated in Singapore on January 21, 2015, with satellite locations at Google offices in Bangalore, Tokyo, Taipei, and Shanghai. The company also released a video showing off the first prototype from Project Ara. Until now, all we've seen so far are industrial design models. This one actually boots up.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.01:58 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Australia's media regulator to oversee new data retention regime

Bill pitched as essential anti-terror and crime measure

Australia's government has tabled its data retention Bill and outlined a willingness to assist carriers and internet service providers (ISPs) pay for their retention rigs.…

Thu 2014-10-30.02:04 | [The Register]


[The Register]

The NO-NAME vuln: wget mess patched without a fancy brand

Directory overwrite bug threatens all *nix boxen

Sysadmins: another venerable and nearly-ubiquitous *nix tool, wget, needs patching because of a bug first reported by HD Moore.…

Thu 2014-10-30.01:39 | [The Register]



Imagining the Future History of Climate Change writes "The NYT reports that Naomi Oreskes, a historian of science at Harvard University, is attracting wide notice these days for a work of science fiction called "The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From the Future," that takes the point of view of a historian in 2393 explaining how "the Great Collapse of 2093" occurred. "Without spoiling the story," Oreskes said in an interview, "I can tell you that a lot of what happens — floods, droughts, mass migrations, the end of humanity in Africa and Australia — is the result of inaction to very clear warnings" about climate change caused by humans." Dramatizing the science in ways traditional nonfiction cannot, the book reasserts the importance of scientists and the work they do and reveals the self-serving interests of the so called "carbon combustion complex" that have turned the practice of science into political fodder. Oreskes argues that scientists failed us, and in a very particular way: They failed us by being too conservative. Scientists today know full well that the "95 percent confidence limit" is merely a convention, not a law of the universe. Nonetheless, this convention, the historian suggests, leads scientists to be far too cautious, far too easily disrupted by the doubt-mongering of denialists, and far too unwilling to shout from the rooftops what they all knew was happening. "Western scientists built an intellectual culture based on the premise that it was worse to fool oneself into believing in something that did not exist than not to believe in something that did." Why target scientists in particular in this book? Simply because a distant future historian would target scientists too, says Oreskes. "If you think about historians who write about the collapse of the Roman Empire, or the collapse of the Mayans or the Incans, it's always about trying to understand all of the factors that contributed," Oreskes says. "So we felt that we had to say something about scientists.""

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.01:24 | [Slashdot]



CERN Looking For Help Filling In the Gaps In Photo Archive

rHBa writes According to the BBC scientists at the European nuclear research center CERN have uncovered an archive of images from its first 50 years and are asking for help in deciphering what is going on in them. Dr Sue Black, who was a key figure in the campaign to save Bletchley Park, said "we believe that much of this information could be crowd-sourced from the CERN community."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Thu 2014-10-30.00:41 | [Slashdot]



"Ambulance Drone" Prototype Unveiled In Holland

schwit1 writes with news about a flying defibrillator designed by a Dutch student. A Dutch-based student on Tuesday unveiled a prototype of an "ambulance drone", a flying defibrillator able to reach heart attack victims within precious life-saving minutes. Developed by Belgian engineering graduate Alec Momont, it can fly at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour (60 miles per hour). "Around 800,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest in the European Union every year and only 8.0 percent survive, the main reason for this is the relatively long response time of emergency services of around 10 minutes, while brain death and fatalities occur with four to six minutes,"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.23:58 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

No nudity, please, we're GAMING: Twitch asks players to cover up

New rules apply equally to both sexes, as they should

Twitch, the streaming site where users show off their gaming prowess to the public, has altered its terms and conditions to ban users from being cheeky by playing in the buff.…

Wed 2014-10-29.23:56 | [The Register]

Wed 2014-10-29


[NU - Internet]

Google brengt Chrome-extensie voor bookmarks uit

Google heeft een officiële Chrome-extensie voor het beheren van bookmarks uitgebracht.

Wed 2014-10-29.23:43 | [NU - Internet]
[NU - Internet]

Youtube ondersteunt afspelen met 60 frames per seconde

Youtube ondersteunt het afspelen van video's met 60 frames per seconde, waardoor video's met een hogere resolutie scherper en soepeler ogen.

Wed 2014-10-29.23:31 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Verizon bankrolls tech news site, bans tech's biggest stories

No agenda here. Just don't ever mention Net neutrality or spying, ok?

Updated Telecoms giant and proud defender of the third estate, Verizon, has entered the media market on its own, bankrolling a new tech news site, SugarString. There is a small catch, however.…

Wed 2014-10-29.02:37 | [The Register]



Security Companies Team Up, Take Down Chinese Hacking Group

daten writes A coalition of security companies has hit a sophisticated hacking group in China with a heavy blow. The effort is detailed in a report released today by Novetta. The coalition, which calls itself Operation SMN, detected and cleaned up malicious code on 43,000 computers worldwide that were targeted by Axiom, an incredibly sophisticated organization that has been stealing intellectual property for more than six years. The group united as part of Microsoft's Coordinated Malware Eradication (CME) campaign against Hikit (a.k.a. Hikiti), the custom malware often used by Axiom to burrow into organizations, exfiltrate data, and evade detection, sometimes for years.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.23:13 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Hate the BlackBerry Z10 and Passport? How about this dusty old flashback instead?

BlackBerry Classic aims to rekindle the flames

The barren husk of BlackBerry is looking to recapture a stake in the smartphone market by going back to its roots as a maker of business communication devices.…

Wed 2014-10-29.23:17 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Turnbull: Coding skills 'will be almost as important as literacy and numeracy'

Comms Minister thinks digital technologies is baked into maths curriculum

Australia's Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has come out in favour of teaching kids of all ages to code.…

Wed 2014-10-29.23:15 | [The Register]



Check Out the Source Code For the Xerox Alto

jfruh writes The Xerox Alto is a computer legend: it was never sold to the public, but its window-based OS was the inspiration for both the original Mac operating system and Windows. Now you can check out its source code, along with code for CP/M, a similarly old school (though not graphical) operating system.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.22:50 | [Slashdot]



HP Unveils Industrial 3D Printer 10X Faster, 50% Cheaper Than Current Systems

Lucas123 writes HP today announced an 3D industrial printer that it said will be half the cost of current additive manufacturing systems while also 10 times faster, enabling production parts to be built. The company also announced Sprout, a new immersive computing platform that combines a 23-in touch screen monitor and horizontal capacitive touch mat with a scanner, depth sensor, hi-res camera, and projector in a single desktop device. HP's Multi Jet Fusion printer will be offered to beta customers early next year and is expected to be generally available in 2016. The machine uses a print bar with 30,000 nozzles spraying 350 million drops a second of thermoplastic or other materials onto a print platform. The Multi Jet Fusion printer uses fused deposition modeling, an additive manufacturing technology first invented in 1990. the printer works by first laying down a layer of powder material across a build area. Then a fusing agent is selectively applied with the page-wide print bar. Then the same print bar applies a detailing agent at the parts edge to give high definition. The material is then exposed to an energy source that fuses it.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.22:30 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Rechtse Israëlische activist neergeschoten

Een prominente rechtse Israëlische activist is woensdagavond neergeschoten in Jeruzalem.

Thu 2014-10-30.09:34 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Australian E-Health records breached twice in the last year

Sick system saw patients peep into two records

Australia's Office of the Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released its Annual report of the Information Commissioner’s activities in relation to eHealth 2013–14, complete with a report on two data breaches in the systems used to store personally controlled electronic health records (PCEHRs).…

Wed 2014-10-29.22:45 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

Nederlandse app Peerby haalt investering van 1,7 miljoen euro op

Peerby, een Nederlandse app waarmee gebruikers gemakkelijk spullen kunnen lenen van mensen in de buurt, heeft een investering van 1,7 miljoen euro binnengehaald.

Wed 2014-10-29.22:25 | [NU - Internet]



Power and Free Broadband To the People

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes Slashdot member and open source developer Ben Kallos @KallosEsq — who is now a NYC Councilman — is pushing to make it a precondition to Comcast's merging with Time Warner that it agree to provide free broadband to all public housing residents in the City (and by free I mean free as in beer). Kallos, along with NY's Public Advocate, Letitia James, is leading a group of state and local politicians calling on Comcast to help bridge the digital divide in NY.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.21:48 | [Slashdot]


[Fast Company]

New Twitter App Detects Suicidal Tweets, Sends Alerts To Followers

If someone you follow is tweeting messages of distress or suicidal thoughts, Samaritan Radar will email you.

Samaritans, a U.K.-based suicide prevention charity, has released Samaritans Radar, a new web app that will monitor a user's Twitter feed and alert them if someone they follow seems to be in need.

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Wed 2014-10-29.20:49 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

CurrentC Notifies Users That It Suffered An Email Breach

"Within the last 36 hours, we learned that unauthorized third parties obtained the e-mail addresses of some of you."

CurrentC, the mobile payment format retailers like Rite Aid, CVS, and Walmart are contractually obligated to use in lieu of Apple Pay, hit another stumble today. MacRumors reports that the consortium of businesses behind the payment platform, the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), experienced an email breach at some point in the last 36 hours, per a notice sent out to people who have signed up for the pilot program. (CurrentC isn't set to hit stores until 2015.)

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Wed 2014-10-29.20:20 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

IBM, Twitter: The New Business Intelligence Best Buddies

IBM is turning tweets into business intelligence, thanks to a massive new agreement with Twitter.

Business intelligence is a massive, massive industry where organizations pay tens of millions of dollars to turn raw data about them and their competitors into actionable insights. Now IBM and Twitter are getting in on the game, and launching a portfolio of data analysis tools aimed toward retail, consumer products, transportation, banking, and other industries.

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Wed 2014-10-29.20:01 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

SodaStream Will Close Its West Bank Factory In 2015

But the company insists it is not bowing to pressure from activists.

SodaStream will shutter its West Bank facility and move the manufacturing of its home-carbonation machines to a new factory in Israel's southern Negev region in 2015.

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Wed 2014-10-29.19:46 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Google Moves Into Fitness Market With New Fit App

Google Fit works much like Samsung's and Apple's health apps.

This week Google joined Samsung and Apple in the fitness app club with the release of Google Fit.

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Wed 2014-10-29.17:46 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

The Guardian Rolls Out A Redesign, With Input From Thousands Of Readers

The Guardian's new design joins the rest of us here in 2014. It's about time.

It seems like all the major magazines and newspapers are redesigning their websites lately. First it was The New York Times, then the New Yorker. Now the Guardian is getting in on the action with a bigger, bolder, more reader-friendly design--informed, in part, by Guardian readers themselves.

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Wed 2014-10-29.17:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

This Cheap Paper Test Can Tell You If You Have Ebola In Just 30 Minutes

A pocket-sized paper test for Ebola quickly turns from yellow to purple if someone has the disease--and no lab or refrigeration is required.

Within about 30 minutes, and without ever going to a lab, a new paper tool can tell if someone has Ebola. The current test goes much slower and requires a lab and electricity. Using a new synthetic biology technique, researchers have eliminated all those concerns and made the pocket-sized test, which can be shipped anywhere in the world and stored without refrigeration. It's both cheaper and much faster than any current Ebola tests.

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Wed 2014-10-29.13:23 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Why Artist Olafur Eliasson Hauled 100-Tons Of Glacial Ice To Denmark Only To Watch It Melt

His latest sculpture only lasted four days, and that was kind of the point.

One hundred tons of glacial ice is currently melting in front of Copenhagen's city hall. The 12 huge chunks of ancient ice--fished out of a fjord in Greenland by divers and then carefully shipped in refrigerated containers to Denmark--were brought in by artist Olafur Eliasson and geologist Minik Rosing as a physical reminder of climate change.

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Wed 2014-10-29.13:12 | [Fast Company]

Google Play Movies-app toont filminfo op tweede scherm met Chromecast

Google geeft zijn Play Movies-app voor Android een update die ervoor zorgt dat smartphones en tablets extra informatie over de films tonen die een gebruiker van de Chromecast op zijn grote scherm kijkt. Onder andere kan de app muziek herkennen in films.

Wed 2014-10-29.20:41 | []

HP presenteert nieuwe techniek voor 3d-printen

HP heeft zijn HP Multi Jet Fusion-technologie onthuld, waarmee het bedrijf de markt voor 3d-printers wil betreden. Volgens het concern kunnen systemen met de technologie tien keer zo snel, en tien keer zo accuraat printen als huidige 3d-printers. De printers komen echter pas in 2016.

Wed 2014-10-29.20:10 | []
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

Blame TV Tropes

I have to wonder if perhaps the behavior of the protagonist in Underwood's Before He Cheats is misguided [1]. Although given that the music video lifts imagery from King's CARRIE, I guess the BF and everyone within a mile of him got off easy.

1: It does not help that I heard "I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights," as "I took a Louisville slugger to both her thighs". Although, hmmm, the protagonist of the song does not lash out at people, just objects.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Wed 2014-10-29.19:32 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[NU - Algemeen]

Zeeburgertunnel kort dicht vanwege autobrand

De Zeeburgertunnel op de A10 bij Amsterdam is woensdagavond in beide richtingen kort gesloten, omdat een auto in brand was gevlogen. 

Wed 2014-10-29.21:36 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Internet]

Reddit komt met eigen crowdfundingplatform

Reddit heeft zijn eigen crowdfundingplatform Redditmade geïntroduceerd, waar Reddit-gebruikers crowdfundingprojecten kunnen opstarten.

Wed 2014-10-29.21:23 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

More Microsoft staffers shown the door in Round 3 of job cuts

Nadella creeps close to 18,000-layoff target

Microsoft sent another 3,000 staffers packing on Wednesday, after the third round of layoffs in CEO Satya Nadella's multi-phase restructuring program.…

Wed 2014-10-29.21:27 | [The Register]



A "highly critical public service announcement" from Drupal

The Drupal project has put out an advisory that if you haven't already patched the recent SQL injection vulnerability, it's probably too late. "Automated attacks began compromising Drupal 7 websites that were not patched or updated to Drupal 7.32 within hours of the announcement of SA-CORE-2014-005 - Drupal core - SQL injection. You should proceed under the assumption that every Drupal 7 website was compromised unless updated or patched before Oct 15th, 11pm UTC, that is 7 hours after the announcement."

Wed 2014-10-29.21:03 | []

Remote Vision Through a Virtual Reality Headset (Video)

Add some material-handling devices and you'd have software-controlled Waldos, first described by Robert A. Heinlein in the 1942 short story titled Waldo. So while the idea of a pair of artificial eyes you control by moving your head (while looking at the area around the artificial eyes, even if it's in orbit), sounds like futuristic fun, especially if you use an Oculus Virtual Reality device instead of an LED screen, it not only hasn't caught up with science fiction, but is a fair ways behind science fact. Still, the idea of being able to control a vision system deep under the sea or in orbit around Saturn is certainly interesting in and of itself. (Alternate Video Link)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.21:04 | [Slashdot]



Is the Outrage Over the FBI's Seattle Times Tactics a Knee-Jerk Reaction?

reifman writes The Internet's been abuzz the past 48 hours about reports the FBI distributed malware via a fake Seattle Times news website. What the agency actually did is more of an example of smart, precise law enforcement tactics. Is the outrage online an indictment of Twitter's tendency towards uninformed, knee-jerk reactions? In this age of unwarranted, unconstitutional blanket data collection by the NSA, the FBI's tactics from 2007 seem refreshing for their precision.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.20:23 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Bad dog: Redmond's new IE tool KILLS POODLE with one shot

Azure and Office 365 to end SSL 3.0 support, too

Microsoft has issued new guidance on the POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) SSL vulnerability, including a one-click utility that can automatically disable SSL 3.0 in Internet Explorer.…

Wed 2014-10-29.20:41 | [The Register]



Stan Lee Media and Disney Battle For Ownership of Marvel Characters

An anonymous reader writes "Stan Lee Media and The Walt Disney Co. have taken their arguments to the U.S. Court of Appeals over who owns the rights (and profits) to Marvel characters. Though Disney bought Marvel in 2009, Stan Lee Media (no longer associated with Stan Lee, himself) still claims copyright of the characters."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.19:59 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

'Nederland had na MH17 moeten praten met rebellen'

Oekraïne had het prima gevonden als Nederland in de eerste dagen na de MH17-ramp met rebellen had onderhandeld over de toegang tot het rampgebied. 

Wed 2014-10-29.23:02 | [NU - Algemeen]



YouTube Considering an Ad-Free, Subscription-Based Version

Walking The Walk writes YouTube is looking at creating a paid-subscription model that would allow users to skip the ads on their videos. (A more condensed summary from CBC.) No firm date has been announced, and it sounds like tentative steps right now, but YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki did mention that ad-enabled music videos would still be offered.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.19:39 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Internet]

Ontwikkelaar moet rekenmachine-widget verwijderen van Apple

De ontwikkelaar van PCalc, een rekenmachine-app, moet de meegeleverde iOS 8-widget verwijderen van Apple.

Wed 2014-10-29.19:37 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

FCC boss clears way for internet TV and dismantling of cable bundles

Wheeler says web services no different from broadcast channels

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has outlined a plan which could lead to a change in the way Americans pay for television and internet services.…

Wed 2014-10-29.19:38 | [The Register]



Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

tranquilidad writes "As previously discussed on Slashdot, CurrentC is a consortium of merchants attempting to create a "more secure" payment system. Some controversy surrounds CurrentC's requirements regarding the personal information required, their purchase-tracking intentions and retail stores blocking NFC in apparent support of CurrentC. Now news breaks that CurrentC has already been breached. CurrentC has issued the standard response, "We take the security of our users' information extremely seriously."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Wed 2014-10-29.18:51 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Aangepaste dienstregeling NS duurt gehele dag bij extreem weer

De komende winter blijft bij extreem weer de aangepaste dienstregeling van NS de hele dag van kracht.

Wed 2014-10-29.21:05 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Banksy denies Banksy impostor's claim to – which isn't owned by Banksy

Street artist defends someone else's right to use his name

Street artist Banksy is renowned for satirizing society through the unexpected, and a battle over his namesake dot-com domain seems to have provided him with another opportunity.…

Wed 2014-10-29.19:02 | [The Register]


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