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World's Most Powerful Digital Camera Sees Construction Green Light

An anonymous reader writes: The Department of Energy has approved the construction of the Large Synoptic Survey Telecscope's 3.2-gigapixel digital camera, which will be the most advanced in the world. When complete the camera will weigh more than three tons and take such high resolution pictures that it would take 1,500 high-definition televisions to display one of them. According to SLAC: "Starting in 2022, LSST will take digital images of the entire visible southern sky every few nights from atop a mountain called Cerro Pachón in Chile. It will produce a wide, deep and fast survey of the night sky, cataloging by far the largest number of stars and galaxies ever observed. During a 10-year time frame, LSST will detect tens of billions of objects—the first time a telescope will observe more galaxies than there are people on Earth – and will create movies of the sky with unprecedented details. Funding for the camera comes from the DOE, while financial support for the telescope and site facilities, the data management system, and the education and public outreach infrastructure of LSST comes primarily from the National Science Foundation (NSF)."

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3 Category 4 Hurricanes Develop In the Pacific At Once For the First Time

Kristine Lofgren writes: For the first time in recorded history, three Category 4 hurricanes were seen in the Pacific Ocean at the same time. Climatologists have been warning that climate change may produce more extreme weather situations, and this may be a peek at the future to come. Eric Blake, a specialist with the National Hurricane Center summed it up with a tweet: "Historic central/eastern Pacific outbreak- 3 major hurricanes at once for the first time on record!"

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Printer drivers ate our homework, says NSW Dept of Education

Failing project passes half-billion mark

A half-billion-dollar IT rollout in the NSW Department of Education has turned into a disaster, with a department official blaming incompatibility between operating systems and printers.…

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Better crypto, white-box switch support in Linux 4.2

Penguinistas pulling a long, cold draught of code

Linux 4.2 hit the wires yesterday, marking the end of its cycle of eight release candidates.…

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Twitter test nieuwe mogelijkheden om foto's te bewerken

Twitter test een aantal nieuwe video- en fotobewerkingsmogelijkheden, waarmee het onder meer mogelijk is om stickers in foto's te plaatsen en tekst toe te voegen. 

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Hypervisors are sooo 2005. For hip containers, you need a 'Microvisor'

So says VMware as it reveals tiny hv and new cut of vSphere

VMworld 2015 VMware has created a new hypervisor and a new variant of its flagship vSphere product, both aimed at containerised computing and “cloud-native apps.”…

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Fight Air Pollution In China

An anonymous reader writes: IBM is testing a new way to help fix Beijing's air pollution problem with artificial intelligence. Like many other cities across the country, the capital is surrounded by many coal burning factories. However, the air quality on a day-to-day basis can vary because of a number of reasons like industrial activity, traffic congestion, and the weather. IBM is testing a computer system capable of learning to predict the severity of air pollution several days in advance using large quantities of data from several different models. "We have built a prototype system which is able to generate high-resolution air quality forecasts, 72 hours ahead of time," says Xiaowei Shen, director of IBM Research China. "Our researchers are currently expanding the capability of the system to provide medium- and long-term (up to 10 days ahead) as well as pollutant source tracking, 'what-if' scenario analysis, and decision support on emission reduction actions."

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'Tempel in Syrische stad Palmyra toch verwoest'

De Romeinse tempel van Bel in de Syrische stad Palmyra is toch verwoest door de terreurgroep Islamitische Staat (IS).

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Jailbreaking pirates popped in world's largest iCloud raid – 225,000 accounts hit

Cheaters, tweakers, hackers and crackers torn up by nasty Cydia bundle.

The largest Apple iCloud raid in history has seen nearly a quarter of a million accounts compromised by malware targeting app pirates.…

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Why Kim Kardashian's Instagram Post Was In Violation Of FDA Rules

There's a reason drug companies usually steer clear of social media.

Kim Kardashian may be a marketing genius who has built one of the world's most successful celebrity brands—but when the FDA came knocking at her door, she knew to listen.

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Google Teams Up With Sanofi To Develop Diabetes Tech

French biotech giant Sanofi is teaming up with Google Life Sciences to develop new products for diabetics monitoring and treatment.

Google is making another move into the profitable sphere of diabetes management: Its Life Sciences arm—which will soon fall under Google's new parent company, Alphabet—is announcing a partnership with Sanofi, a French pharmaceutical company, to build new treatment products for diabetes. The two firms will collaborate on product development and new methods for monitoring the condition.

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Today in Tabs: Sunglasses & Advil

Last month was mad real.

Last month was mad real.
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MIT Researchers Devise A More Fair System To Decide Who Gets Screwed By Flight Delays

Your flight is still getting delayed, you might just be a little less angry about it.

When there's a sprinkling of snow and your flight is hours delayed, it can be incredibly frustrating to watch other flights from another airline take off on time as if it were a sunny day in June.

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A Revolution Of Outcomes: How Pay-For-Success Contracts Are Changing Public Services

Should governments solicit private capital to fund social projects?

Across the country, and around the world, governments have been experimenting with a radical new way of delivering social services. They've begun "paying for success."

Pay-for-success (PFS) refers to when governments collaborate with outside investors who put up money for particular interventions that save money in the long run, such as therapies to help homeless mothers get back on their feet or programs to stop parolees from landing back in jail. The contracts, agreed between officials and "impact" funders and delivered by third-party nonprofits, pay returns if the interventions meet pre-agreed targets—for example, a reduction in the rate of recidivism by a certain amount. In theory, PFS represents a win-win for everyone: governments get to spend less money, while investors make a profit and have the satisfaction of facilitating new types of programs.

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A Non-Millennial's Guide to MTV's Newest Star, Todrick

Former American Idol contender and current YouTube phenom Todrick Hall teamed up with MTV to give viewers a glimpse of his creative process.

Disruption isn't something that Silicon Valley startups can lay sole claim to anymore. Todrick Hall, YouTube star and former American Idol contestant (Season 9, 2010) is aiming to disrupt reality television.

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How Under Armour Uses A Scrappy Outsider Will To Get What It Wants

Senior vice-president of global brand marketing Adrienne Lofton on how the brand's marketing strategy has evolved through explosive growth.

When Under Armour reported its second quarter earnings in July, the company had a 29% boost in revenues over the same period last year. It marked the 23rd consecutive quarter of at least 20% net revenue growth, and led to a 7.3% jump in the company's stock price. During his conference call with analysts, CEO Kevin Plank saved some significant praise for three specific people.

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5 More Time Management Mistakes You May Be Making

It's easy to spend time mindlessly, but making smarter choices can lead to a better life.

We'd all like to use our time better, which is why I enjoyed reading Lisa Evans's recent post on The Top 5 Time Management Mistakes You're Making. She pointed out several woes that I know I am guilty of, from underestimating the amount of time tasks will take to not managing distractions.

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Eric Hanson: Aquameta Layer 0: meta - Writable System Catalog for PostgreSQL

Aquameta Layer 0:  meta - Writable System Catalog for PostgreSQL

In the introduction, we talked about Aquameta's first principle, datafication. We weild the broadsword of datafication as we charge the many-headed hydra that is unnecessary programming complexity. In this writeup, we describe our first, and in some ways most-challenging foe, datafication of the database itself.

Layer zero of Aquameta is called meta, a writable system catalog for PostgreSQL. It exposes PostgreSQL administration commands through data manipulation commands, enabling schema creation, table creation, column renaming, role dropping, and much more via INSERTs UPDATEs and DELETEs. In other words, it makes the DDL accessible via the DML.

Meta unifies "normal" data with schema, database configuration, everything that is PostgreSQL, into a coherent and synthesized information model. Everything is accessible as data. This adds the needed paths to make PostgreSQL truly homoiconic, which breaks down the wall between schema and data, and opens the doors for all manner of meta-programming.

PostgreSQL already has two system catalogs, INFORMATION_SCHEMA and pg_catalog. Meta is different because:

  • It's writable, and changes to the data take effect in the database
  • It has friendly names for relations and columns
  • It's normalized, the views are sensibly laid out in parallel with PostgreSQL's architecture
  • It has a type system of meta-identifiers for primary keys

Here's a simple example of how to use it. Instead of doing:

aquameta=# create schema test_schema;  

You can do:

aquameta=# insert into meta.schema (name) values ('test_schema');  
INSERT 0 1  

These two commands perform identical operations under the hood; meta just makes them accessibe through a different interface.

Here is an ER diagram of meta's schema:

Aquameta Layer 0:  meta - Writable System Catalog for PostgreSQL

aquameta=# set search_path=meta  
aquameta=# \d  
 Schema |         Name         | Type | Owner
 meta   | cast                 | view | eric
 meta   | column               | view | eric
 meta   | connection           | view | eric
 meta   | constraint_check     | view | eric
 meta   | constraint_unique    | view | eric
 meta   | extension            | view | eric
 meta   | foreign_column       | view | eric
 meta   | foreign_data_wrapper | view | eric
 meta   | foreign_key          | view | eric
 meta   | foreign_server       | view | eric
 meta   | foreign_table        | view | eric
 meta   | function             | view | eric
 meta   | operator             | view | eric
 meta   | relation             | view | eric
 meta   | role                 | view | eric
 meta   | schema               | view | eric
 meta   | sequence             | view | eric
 meta   | table                | view | eric
 meta   | trigger              | view | eric
 meta   | type                 | view | eric
 meta   | view                 | view | eric
(21 rows)

Each relation in meta is a VIEW that queries INFORMATION_SCHEMA, pg_catalog, or wherever else we had to dig to get the data. These views support INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements via TRIGGERs that translate the operation into a native PostgreSQL command.

We have a good start on PostgreSQL feature coverage. You can do most common operations through meta instead. We don't have 100% feature coverage yet, but that is the goal.

On the surface, these views expose a clean, consistent, writable interface for PostgreSQL administration via data manipulation.


Here are a few examples of how you might use meta:

/* drop all the schemas in the database.  Highly destructive! */
delete from meta.schema;  
/* create a table with no columns called `foo` in the `public` schema */
insert into meta.table (name, schema_name) values ('foo', 'public');  
/* rename all columns named `id` to `foo` */
update meta.column set name='foo' where name='id';  
/* list all columns in the beehive schema */
select r.name, c.name, c.type_name  
    from meta.column c
    join meta.relation r on c.relation_id = r.id 
    join meta.schema s on r.schema_id = s.id
    where s.name = 'beehive'
    order by r.name, c.position;
    relation_name     |            name             |      type_name
 brands               | name                        | pg_catalog.text
 brands_brand         | id                          | pg_catalog.int4
 brands_brand         | name                        | pg_catalog.text
 brands_brand         | show_on_website             | pg_catalog.bool
 brands_brandcategory | id                          | pg_catalog.int4
 brands_brandcategory | name                        | pg_catalog.text
 brands_brandcategory | brand_id                    | pg_catalog.int4
 brands_brandgroup    | id                          | pg_catalog.int4
 brands_brandgroup    | brand_id                    | pg_catalog.int4
 brands_brandgroup    | name                        | pg_catalog.text
 (462 rows)
/* list of all the relations in the `beehive` schema */
select name, type from meta.relation where schema_name='beehive';  
                  name                  |    type    
 vendor_paymentterm                     | BASE TABLE
 product_margin                         | BASE TABLE
 favorites                              | BASE TABLE
 countries_usstate                      | BASE TABLE
 product_cost                           | VIEW
 warehouse_pieces_piecebreakdown        | BASE TABLE
(144 rows)

Anatomy of a meta View

Let's take a look at one of these views in detail, meta.column:

aquameta=# \d meta.column  
                       View "meta.column"
    Column     |                Type                | Modifiers
 id            | meta.column_id                     |
 relation_id   | meta.relation_id                   |
 schema_name   | information_schema.sql_identifier  |
 relation_name | information_schema.sql_identifier  |
 name          | information_schema.sql_identifier  |
 position      | information_schema.cardinal_number |
 type_name     | text                               |
 type_id       | meta.type_id                       |
 nullable      | boolean                            |
 default       | information_schema.character_data  |
 primary_key   | boolean                            |
    meta_column_delete_trigger INSTEAD OF DELETE ON meta."column" FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE meta.column_delete()
    meta_column_insert_trigger INSTEAD OF INSERT ON meta."column" FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE meta.column_insert()
    meta_column_update_trigger INSTEAD OF UPDATE ON meta."column" FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE meta.column_update()
  • The id field is a kind of "soft" primary key. It's of a special type, meta.column_id, which is one of the "meta-identifiers" in the system that uniquely identifies a column with a single value. More about meta-identifiers later.
  • The relation_id field is another meta-identifier, a kind of "soft foreign key" to the meta.relation view, which contains a row for the table or view that this column is a member of.
  • Then comes the human identifiers, schema_name, relation_name and name. These are what they sound like. When INSERTing into this view, you need to specify either the human identifiers, or the meta-identifiers above.
  • The position field tells where this column is in relation to the other columns. It is not currently updatable, as PostgreSQL does not support column reordering.
  • The type_name and type_id fields reference the data type of this column. type_id is another meta-relation, this one foreign-keying to the meta.type relation. You can UPDATE the type field either by updating type_name or type_id, and if PostgreSQL can cast from the original datatype to the new one, it will update the column's type. Otherwise the UPDATE will fail without changing anything.
  • The nullable field is a boolean that determines whether the column is nullable. It behaves as you would expect.
  • The default field contains the column's default value, represented as text. You can update this as well.
  • The primary_key boolean determins whether or not this key is a primary key. Aquameta assumes a single primary key on all tables.
  • Finally, the TRIGGERs listed handle INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE, passing off the operation to the functions meta.column_delete(), meta.column_insert() and meta.column_update().

All together, this view is a general purpose column administration interface. The rest of the meta views behave similarly.

The meta-identifier TYPE System

Besides just the views, meta also contains a system of meta-identifiers, a collection of PostgreSQL compositie types that encapsulate the unique identifier for a PostgreSQL component as a single value. You can think of them as the primary keys of the meta views.

PostgreSQL EntityPostgreSQL identifier(s)meta-identifier
relationschema_name, namerelation_id
functionschema_name, namefunction_id
typeschema_name, nametype_id
operatorschema_name, nameoperator_id
sequenceschema_name, namesequence_id
functionschema_name, namefunction_id
triggerschema_name, relation_name, nametrigger_id
foreign_keyschema_name, relation_name, nameforeign_key_id
columnschema_name, relation_name, namecolumn_id
constraintschema_name, relation_name, nameconstraint_id
rowschema_name, relation_name, column_name, name, pk_name, pk_valuerow_id
fieldschema_name, relation_name, column_name, pk_name, pk_valuefield_id

When querying against the meta relations, instead of using the human names as identifiers, you can also use the meta-identifiers:

/* select the beehive.customers_customer.name column */
select * from meta.column where id=meta.column_id('beehive','customers_customer','name');  

Meta-identifiers can be cast to other, less-specific identifiers. For example, to get the schema_id that a column_id contains, you can do:

select meta.column_id('beehive','customers_customer','name')::meta.schema_id;  

You can also use the meta-identifiers to do meta-programming in your own tables. For example, if you want to make a table that references a PostgreSQL view, it would look like this:

create table column_widget (  
    id serial primary key,
    name text,
    column_id meta.column_id


An all-data interface to PostgreSQL has a lot of benefits:

  • Consistency: Operations have a high degree of simplicity and consistency, namely that they all take the form of an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE instead of PostgreSQL's extensive DDL grammar.
  • Programming Simplicity: From a developer's perspective, writing, say, a PostgreSQL administration GUI against meta instead of the DDL means that the app is "just another CRUD app".
  • Batch Operations: Since UPDATEs and DELETEs can affect multiple rows with a single query, you can easily do batch operations with a single statement, like deleting all roles that match a WHERE clause, or renaming columns en masse.
  • Meta-Programming: Developers can make "normal" tables that foreign-key to one of meta's views, for example a reporting app that has a foreign key to the VIEWs behind the reports.

But really, we don't think we've fully wrapped our head around everything you can do with meta. We're excited to see how people use it.


Meta is the foundational layer for the rest of Aquameta. It allows us to build a programming environment where under the hood, programming is always some form of data manipulation.

In the next chapter, we'll cover Aquameta Layer 1, bundle, a data version control system.

Sat 2015-08-29.06:54 | [Planet PostgreSQL]
[Planet PostgreSQL]

Eric Hanson: Introducing Aquameta

I'm happy to announce Aquameta, a web application development platform built entirely in PostgreSQL.

Why We Must Rethink Our Stack

1. Software Development Complexity Bottlenecks Human Progress

The complexity and inaccessibility of software development is inhibiting businesses, education and social progress.

In businesses, especially large ones, software has become the digital nervous system that allows them to operate at scale. But because only programmers can change the software, experimentation and evolution of business practices has actually become slower and more expensive. Most employees are powerless to make even simple software changes, and yet developers often don't have the domain expertise required to write good software for someone else's job.

Education is feeling it too. The demand for programmers is quickly outpacing supply, and for students, learning computer science is becoming more and more of an essential skill. Educators are well aware of this problem, but the complexity of programming makes it very challenging to teach.

Then there is social progress generally. End users have so many great ideas for software systems that could help us all collaborate with each other in deeper, richer ways. But to create them they either need the money or the skill to bring it into reality. Software complexity is a huge bottleneck for social innovation. Not every idea has a business model behind it, and there must be so many good ideas that could exist if programming was eaiser.

We believe that it is a social imperative, arguably one of the greatest demands of our time, to make software development more accessible to everyone.

2. Today's Web Is Better At Making Money Than Fun

Two-decades of profit-driven evolution have lead to the web we have today. But this outcome wasn't inevitable, and we can still change it. We have learned a lot since the inception of the web, and when we look at it knowing what we know now, we see some ways things could be a lot cooler. Here are a few.

Conflation of Data and Presentation

Today's web is made of "pages", which conflate the data layer with the presentation layer. When we want an article or video, rather than being able to download just that content, we have to download the entire "page" that the content is on, often times containing ads, cross-promotions, etc. A more advanced architecture would give the user the power to control what we downloaded selectively.

Trending Towards Centralization

The Internet was designed as a peer-to-peer network, where every computer could communicate directly with every other computer. Yet the way we use the web today is primarily through centralized silos of information. All our computers talk to a really big computer, say Facebook, who mediates the interaction. If I want to share a photo with my mom, there is no architectural reason why any central party needs to be the mediator.

But it's about more than just privacy or exploitation of the commons. Centralized systems are BORING. The early days of the web were honestly more exciting, more raw, more wild-wild-west. We need to get back to that vibe.

Complexity of Systems Invention

Once upon a time there were no end-user tools for contributing to the web. "Users" just wrote HTML by hand. We've come a long way since then with GUI editors, blogging platforms, social networks etc, but still today there is a wall between the technical haves and have-nots, and that's that it is very difficult for a "mere mortal" to build a data-driven web application. In the web we invision, building data-driven web apps is something accessible by everyone.

We need to rethink programming and the web, to fix some of the architectural short-comings and open up a new space full of new possibilities, and new problems to solve.


At the foundation of Aquameta's reimagining of programming and the web are two central ideas, datafication and visualization.

1. Datafication

The complexity of our stack is pretty daunting when you list it all out. Some of this complexity is unavoidable, computer science is just fairly complex; but there is another swath of knowledge and skills that has little to do with computer science and a lot more to do with just the diversity of our programing tools. Consider /etc, for example.

This diversity and complexity isn't a "problem". In fact, one could argue that it is an essential ingredient of the primordial soup from which so much innovation has emerged. However, when you take a step back and look at it, it seems pretty unnecessary, and it does make it harder for beginners to learn.

Our first step towards making programming easier is to use the database to model the development stack itself.

Typical Web Stack
HTML, CSS, Javascript
Client-side framework
Web Framework
Event Queue
Programming Language
Version Control System
Operating System
HTML, CSS, Javascript
Client-side framework
Web Framework
Event Queue
Programming Language
Version Control System
Operating System

In Aquameta, the entire stack is accessible as data, so diverse tools can share a common information model. It puts the database at the foundation of the developer experience. We use PostgreSQL as a kind of "infokernel".

It turns out PostgreSQL is really good at this. Between foreign data wrappers and the various procedural languages, there isn't much that PostgreSQL can't make look like data.

A datafied stack makes a common interface to all these different tools, which eliminates a ton of complexity.

2. Visualization

Visual interfaces are a lot easier for beginners to use, and writing visual interfaces against a datafied stack is ridiculously easy and fun. As web programmers, we have a ton of experience writing interfaces to databases, so when the whole dev stack is data, we can apply that skill towards experimenting with user interfaces that users can quickly understand.

If Aquameta is a success, we'll see an explosion of different visual programming tools, and a vast diversity of competing approaches to making programming easier.

The Architecture

Aquameta has eight core layers, each of which is a PostgreSQL schema:

  • meta - a writable system catalog for PostgreSQL
  • bundle - a snapshotted version control system for data
  • filesystem - models the filesystem as relational data, and in reverse, makes PostgreSQL visible as a filesystem
  • event - a pub/sub data change event system built atop PostgreSQL's NOTIFY system
  • www - a HTTP request handler that authenticates against the PostgreSQL user system and serves up arbitrary text/binary resource in the database, files from the file system, a REST interface to the database, and websocket events
  • p2p - Mechanisms for doing transmitting data between one end-user annd another across NATs
  • widget - modular web user interface components
  • semantics - a space to decorate the schema with "meaning", human identifiers, crud widgets, etc.

Project Status

Aquameta is the result of several years of work by Eric Hanson and the folks at Aquameta Labs. It's currently pre-alpha. We haven't even done what we would call a 0.1 release. We're releasing it primarily for architecture nerds to get some feedback and contributions.

Our plan is to publish a writeup of each module in the coming weeks, starting with meta and moving up. We'd love to hear what you think, and patches are welcome.


Sat 2015-08-29.01:12 | [Planet PostgreSQL]

Netflix Is Becoming Just Another TV Channel

An anonymous reader writes: Netflix revealed in a blog post that it will not renew its contract with Epix, meaning you won't be able to watch movies like The Hunger Games and World War Z through the service anymore. With the increase in cord-cutters and more original content, Netflix is positioning itself to be like any other TV channel (one that owns its own distribution model) and is betting that customers won't miss the Epix content. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos says, "While many of these movies are popular, they are also widely available on cable and other subscription platforms at the same time as they are on Netflix and subject to the same drawn out licensing periods."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.23:25 | [Slashdot]

KPN: uitbreiding bevoegheden geheime diensten is te grote inbreuk op grondwet

Na Tele2 heeft ook KPN zich gekeerd tegen delen van de aanpassing aan de wet die de bevoegheden van inlichtingendiensten regelt. Volgens KPN is een deel van de wet zelfs een te grote inbreuk op een grondwettelijk recht.

Mon 2015-08-31.22:53 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[NU - Algemeen]

Zorgen om reorganisatie bij rechtbanken

Er is bezorgd gereageerd op de bezuinigingsmaatregelen bij de rechtbanken, die maandag werden gepresenteerd.

Mon 2015-08-31.23:39 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Angolese tieners mogen in Nederland blijven

De 13-jarige Gláucio en de 18-jarige Márcia mogen toch met hun moeder in Nederland blijven.

Mon 2015-08-31.19:47 | [NU - Algemeen]
[Schneier on Security]

Using Samsung's Internet-Enabled Refrigerator for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

This is interesting research::

Whilst the fridge implements SSL, it FAILS to validate SSL certificates, thereby enabling man-in-the-middle attacks against most connections. This includes those made to Google's servers to download Gmail calendar information for the on-screen display.

So, MITM the victim's fridge from next door, or on the road outside and you can potentially steal their Google credentials.

The notable exception to the rule above is when the terminal connects to the update server -- we were able to isolate the URL https://www.samsungotn.net which is the same used by TVs, etc. We generated a set of certificates with the exact same contents as those on the real website (fake server cert + fake CA signing cert) in the hope that the validation was weak but it failed.

The terminal must have a copy of the CA and is making sure that the server's cert is signed against that one. We can't hack this without access to the file system where we could replace the CA it is validating against. Long story short we couldn't intercept communications between the fridge terminal and the update server.

When I think about the security implications of the Internet of things, this is one of my primary worries. As we connect things to each other, vulnerabilities on one of them affect the security of another. And because so many of the things we connect to the Internet will be poorly designed, and low cost, there will be lots of vulnerabilities in them. Expect a lot more of this kind of thing as we move forward.

Mon 2015-08-31.20:56 | [Schneier on Security]
[The Register]

What sounds like a silly yoga-fitness-dance craze, and lost $325m in value in 8 years? Zimbra

Bought for a relative snip by Synacor

Email and collaboration biz Zimbra has lost 93 per cent of its value in eight years, and has been bought by Synacor for just seven per cent of the price Yahoo! paid for the company in 2007.…

Mon 2015-08-31.23:36 | [The Register]
[The Register]

T-Mobile US CEO calls his subscribers thieves, gripes about 'unlimited' limited tethering

U ok hun?

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere launched a tirade Sunday over subscribers who make heavy use of tethering on his network.…

Mon 2015-08-31.23:16 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Google's Chrome to gag noisy tabs until you click on them

Taking the 'auto' out of auto-play media

Soon, Google's Chrome browser will only play media when a tab is in the foreground, even if it is set to play automatically.…

Mon 2015-08-31.22:59 | [The Register]



The Long Reach of Windows 95

jfruh writes: I'm a Mac guy — have been ever since the '80s. When Windows 95 was released 20 years ago, I was among those who sneered that "Windows 95 is Macintosh 87." But now, as I type these words on a shiny new iMac, I can admit that my UI — and indeed the computing landscape in general — owes a lot to Windows 95, the most influential operating system that ever got no respect. ITWorld reports: "... even though many techies tend to dismiss UI innovation as eye candy, the fact is that the changes made in Windows 95 were incredibly successful in making the the system more accessible to users -- so successful, in fact, that a surprising number of them have endured and even spread to other operating systems. We still live in the world Windows 95 made. When I asked people on Twitter their thoughts about what aspects of Windows 95 have persisted, I think Aaron Webb said it best: 'All of it? Put a 15 year old in front of 3.1 and they would be lost. In front of Windows 95 they would be able to do any task quickly.'"

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Mon 2015-08-31.22:42 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Agenten tegen hoofd geschopt bij verkeerscontrole

Twee politieagenten zijn maandagavond in Zoetermeer tegen het hoofd geschopt. Dat gebeurde bij een verkeerscontrole aan de P.C. Boutenshove

Mon 2015-08-31.22:34 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Now India probes Google, threatens $1bn fine over 'biased' search

Ad giant accused of rigging results to squeeze out rivals

Google has confirmed to The Register it is being probed in India over allegations that it unfairly promotes its own services over rivals in web search results.…

Mon 2015-08-31.22:51 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Opnieuw explosie op industriegebied China

Bij een chemisch complex op een industriegebied in de Chinese stad Dongying is maandagavond vlak voor middernacht lokale tijd een grote explosie geweest. 

Mon 2015-08-31.22:13 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Rusland geeft techbedrijven meer tijd om aan nieuwe datawet te voldoen

Rusland heeft grote techbedrijven waaronder Facebook, Google en Twitter, meer tijd gegeven om aan een nieuwe, strenge datawet te voldoen.

Mon 2015-08-31.22:35 | [NU - Internet]


[NU - Algemeen]

Unieke orkaan aan land in Kaapverdië

Voor het eerst sinds 1892 heeft een orkaan de eilanden van Kaapverdië bereikt. Orkaan Fred zorgt op de eilanden in de Atlantische Oceaan ten westen van Afrika voor windstoten tot 140 kilometer per uur. 

Mon 2015-08-31.22:11 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Hedvig, Druva, IBM, Catalogic, Nutanix, Arcserve bang storage drums at VMware's rave

What's the noise from SF?

VMworld 2015 There's been a whirlwind of supplier announcements in the run-up to VMworld, which takes place between August 29 and September 3 in San Francisco.…

Mon 2015-08-31.22:09 | [The Register]
[The Register]

NCA arrests six Lizard Squad users after gaming firms, retailers targeted

Officers also visiting 50 addresses for a quiet word

The National Crime Agency has arrested six users of a Lizard Squad DDoS attack tool, which had been used against a national newspaper, a school, gaming companies, and a number of online retailers.…

Fri 2015-08-28.15:58 | [The Register]


[The Register]

VMware unleashes vCAOS on the world

VMware's vCloud Air Object Storage with either Google or EMC ViPR

VMworld 2015 VMware is launching a cloud object storage service based on either the public Google cloud, or EMC ViPR for a private cloud alternative.…

Mon 2015-08-31.20:47 | [The Register]



The Most Important Obscure Languages?

Nerval's Lobster writes: If you're a programmer, you're knowledgeable about "big" languages such as Java and C++. But what about those little-known languages you only hear about occasionally? Which ones have an impact on the world that belies their obscurity? Erlang (used in high-performance, parallel systems) springs immediately to mind, as does R, which is relied upon my mathematicians and analysts to crunch all sorts of data. But surely there are a handful of others, used only by a subset of people, that nonetheless inform large and important platforms that lots of people rely upon... without realizing what they owe to a language that few have ever heard of.

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Mon 2015-08-31.21:17 | [Slashdot]


[NU - Internet]

'Google annuleerde geheim Google Maps-project'

Een geheim Google Maps-project genaamd Google Here was eerder dit jaar klaar voor lancering, maar is door ceo Larry Page geannuleerd. 

Mon 2015-08-31.21:34 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

VMware's got just one more thing you need to build a software-defined data center

EVO SDDC takes Virtzilla's best bits to build hybrid clouds

VMworld 2015 For the last couple of years, VMware has been talking up the software-defined data center and saying it can deliver it with vSphere and flagship products like VSAN, NSX, and vRealize.…

Mon 2015-08-31.21:04 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Muted HAMR blow from Seagate: 4TB whizzbang drive coming 2016

Well, it's a start, at least

Analysis Seagate R&D bigwig Jan-Ulrich Thiele says the first Seagate prototype drives built with heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) will arrive in late 2016 and have just 4TB capacity.…

Mon 2015-08-31.20:57 | [The Register]



Book Review: Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways To Write Better Python

MassDosage writes: If you are familiar with the "Effective" style of books then you probably already know how this book is structured. If not here's a quick primer: the book consists of a number of small sections each of which focus on a specific problem, issue or idea and these are discussed in a "here's the best way to do X" manner. These sections are grouped into related chapters but can be read in pretty much any order and generally don't depend on each other (and when they do this will be called out in the text). The idea is that you can read the book from cover to cover if you want but you can also just dip in and out and read only the sections that are of interest to you. This also means that you can use the book as a reference in future when you inevitably forget the details or want to double check something. Read below for the rest of Mass Dosage's review.

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Mon 2015-08-31.20:34 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Ex top judge admits he's incapable of reading email, doesn't own a PC

Clears self of bias on basis someone else read and sent contentious messages

A retired judge presiding over an Australian Royal Commission into corruption in the union movement has admitted he is incapable of sending email and does not own a computer.…

Mon 2015-08-31.18:39 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

KPN vindt uitbreiding aftapbevoegdheden AIVD in strijd met grondwet

KPN noemt de gevolgen van de door het kabinet geplande uitbreiding van de aftapbevoegdheden van de AIVD en MIVD tegenstrijdig met het communicatiegeheim.

Mon 2015-08-31.21:52 | [NU - Algemeen]


[Fast Company]

Android Wear Watches Come To The iPhone--But No Third-Party Apps

Google brings its smartwatch platform to iOS. Part of it, anyway.

The rumors dating back to last spring were true: Google is announcing that smartwatches based on its Android Wear platform will henceforth work with iPhones as well as Android smartphones.

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Mon 2015-08-31.17:43 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Obama Administration Proposes Sanctions In Retaliation For Chinese Cyberhacks

With Chinese president Xi Jinping making his first state trip in September, the U.S. government is proceeding with caution.

The extensive breach of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which was revealed earlier this summer and compromised the records of 22 million Americans, was almost certainly the work of Chinese hackers. In an effort to curb cyberhacking, the White House is currently developing economic sanctions that would impede the operations of Chinese companies in the U.S., the Washington Post reports.

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Mon 2015-08-31.17:30 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

6 Inventions That Will Turn Your Breakfast Into A Pee-Wee Herman Fever Dream

Thanks to Dominic Wilcox, your soggy bowl of Rice Krispies will never be the same.

Dominic Wilcox is like a deranged Thomas Edison, known for creating wild and whimsical inventions, ranging from giant binoculars for your ears, to wingtips that point you home, to toothbrush maracas. And then there are the things he doesn't actually build, but will sketch out anyway.

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Mon 2015-08-31.15:40 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

For Naturephiles Only: A Typeface Made Of Trees

Yes, someone has translated the texts of Borges, Ursula K. Le Guin and others into dense typographic forests.

Irish artist Katie Holten's new book About Trees is not just a book about trees—it's written in Trees.

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Mon 2015-08-31.14:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Design Deconstructed: Pentagram's Natasha Jen On The Ephemeral Brilliance Of Perfume

Follow your nose.

A partner at Pentagram, Natasha Jen relies on her eye to create inventive graphic projects, from museum catalogs and brand identities to marketing campaigns. But the thing that's preoccupying her now relates less to the eye and more to the nose: perfume and its ephemeral nature.

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Mon 2015-08-31.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

What If We Filled Our Parking Lots With These Tiny, Tree-Like Houses?

Putting affordable, sustainable housing in the one place in crowded cities where there is lots of available space.

To judge by their marketing materials, most tiny houses are built in bucolic settings in the woods. But a new tiny house company has a different location in mind: The sea of parking lots that covers the United States.

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Mon 2015-08-31.12:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How Two Startups Are Working To Change The Diversity Gap In FinTech

Addepar and ZestFinance aren't just disrupting spreadsheets and calculators, they are tackling the diversity gap.

In the tech business, the focus is usually on disrupting the status quo to create products or services people eventually can't imagine doing without. The financial industry, not so much.

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Mon 2015-08-31.11:33 | [Fast Company]

Cities Wasting Millions of Taxpayer's Money In Failed IoT Pilots

dkatana writes: Two years ago at the Smart Cities Expo World Congress, Antoni Vives, then Barcelona's second deputy mayor, said he refused to have more technology pilots in the city: "I hate pilots, if anyone of you [technology companies] comes to me selling a pilot, just get away, I don't want to see you." He added, "I am fed up with the streets full of devices. It is a waste of time, a waste of money, and doesn't deliver anything; it is just for the sake of selling something to the press and it does not work." Barcelona is already a leading city in the use of IoT and, according to Fortune, "The most wired city in the world". Over the past 10 years, the city has experienced a surge in the number of sensors, data collection devices and automation and has become "a showcase for the smart metropolis of the future". Over the past few years technology companies have sold pilot programs costing millions of dollars to cities all over the world, claiming it will enhance their "Smart City" rating. Unfortunately, after the initial buzz, many of those pilots never get beyond the evaluation stage and are abandoned because the cities cannot afford them in the first place.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.19:51 | [Slashdot]

Dataverzamelsite Overheid.io verlaat testfase en stelt api's beschikbaar

De Nederlandse dataverzamelsite Overheid.io is uit de testfase. Op de servers van de dienst wordt data samengevoegd van de KvK, RDW en de Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen. Vervolgens stelt Overheid.io api-keys beschikbaar zodat ontwikkelaars de data in applicaties kunnen gebruiken.

Mon 2015-08-31.19:18 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Android Wear-smartwatches werken nu ook met iPhones - update

Android Wear ondersteunt vanaf nu iPhones. De wearables-software werkt met de iPhone 5 en nieuwer, zolang er minimaal iOS 8.2 op draait. De ondersteuning geldt voor de LG Watch Urbane en de Android Wear-horloges van Huawei, Asus en Motorola die binnenkort uitkomen.

Mon 2015-08-31.18:24 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Tech-instituut Fraunhofer opent vestiging in Nederland

Nederland krijgt voor het eerst een vestiging van het Fraunhofer-instituut. Europa’s grootste non-profitorganisatie voor toegepast technologisch onderzoek gaat hiervoor een langdurige samenwerking met de Universiteit Twente aan.

Mon 2015-08-31.17:45 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided komt op 23 februari 2016 uit

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ligt op 23 februari 2016 in de schappen voor de Xbox One, PlayStation 4 en Windows. Ontwikkelaar Square Enix meldt echter niet of dit een wereldwijde releasedatum is, dus mogelijk moeten Europese gamers enkele dagen langer wachten dan het Amerikaanse publiek.

Mon 2015-08-31.17:43 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Nvidia GeForce/Ion 355.82 WHQL

Nvidia heeft nieuwe stabiele GeForce/Ion-drivers uitgebracht. De drivers dragen versienummer 355.82 WHQL en zijn geschikt voor Windows Vista en hoger, met zoals gebruikelijk aparte downloads voor 32bit- en 64bit-omgevingen. Windows 10 staat er overigens niet bij. De drivers kunnen worden gebruikt op alle kaarten van uit de GeForce 400-series en hoger. De nieuwe drivers zijn speciaal uitgebracht voor de spellen Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain en Mad Max.

Mon 2015-08-31.17:41 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Passmark BurnInTest 8.1 build 1009

PassMark Software heeft een update voor versie 8.1 van BurnInTest uitgebracht. Dit programma zet de verschillende onderdelen van de computer flink aan het werk om zo de betrouwbaarheid en stabiliteit van het systeem te beproeven. De software is beschikbaar in een standaardversie en een professionele editie, en van beide is zowel een 32bit- als een 64bit-uitvoering te downloaden. De professionele editie biedt extra testmogelijkheden voor tapedrives en parallelle, seriële en usb-poorten. Daarnaast zijn de geheugentests in de Pro-versie uitgebreider. Meer informatie over de onderlinge verschillen is hier te vinden. Sinds versie 8.1 build 1003 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Mon 2015-08-31.16:58 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Microsoft rust Xbox One van nieuwe Elite Bundle uit met sshd van 1TB

Microsoft heeft een nieuwe bundel voor de Xbox One aangekondigd. De Xbox One Elite Bundle bestaat uit een nieuwe versie van de console die is voorzien van een sshd met een opslagcapaciteit van 1TB. Ook kondigt Microsoft een nieuwe witte draadloze controller aan.

Mon 2015-08-31.16:56 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Opsporingsdiensten tapten in 2014 iets minder Xs4all-verbindingen af

Xs4all heeft in 2014 in totaal zeventien keer een vordering ontvangen van politie en opsporingsdiensten om een internetverbinding af te tappen. Dat is een lichte daling ten opzichte van 2013. Ook bij telefonie was er sprake van een afname.

Mon 2015-08-31.15:32 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[Charlie's Diary]

Not-so-Invisible Ninjas

Or: Recent and Upcoming Debuts in Fantasy and Science Fiction... that just happen to be written by women.

Charlie invited me to come by and join in the posts helping those who may not already be in the know to find the wealth of writers who also happen to be female that they can't otherwise find when they are writing those excellent "where are all the women writers of fantasy and science fiction" posts.

I began to make a list of 'next-generation writers' who also happen to be women. (Since we don't write with our gender identities or genitalia, I figured it would be fine to not modify the word "writer," but for the search engines, I'll add it at in the end, so you know, they can find us. When they look.)

The problem seemed to be that there were so many of us who were otherwise hard to find! The entire list would crash the Internet out of pure hard-to-findness! And so Charlie set me a boundary, limiting me to 20, leaving off many excellent writers. I've thus kept this list focused on 2014 and 2015 English-language debut books in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and YA SFF. Many of these authors have new books coming out in 2015 and 2016 as well. I'll let the comments about those I've not put on this very short list stand as a reminder to you that we are NOT, in fact, hard to find.

  • Andrea Phillips - Revision (Fireside Fiction 2015) Science fiction
  • Zen Cho - Spirits Abroad (Fixi Novo, 2014) Linked short stories/Fantasy
  • Silvia Moreno Garcia - Signal to Noise (Solaris 2015), Fantasy/Slipstream
  • Ilana C. Myer - Last Song Before Night (Tor, 2015) Fantasy/Epic
  • Stephanie Feldman - Angel of Losses (Ecco, 2014) Historical Fantasy/Slipstream
  • Genevieve Cogman - The Invisible Library (Tor, UK) Fantasy/Alternate Worlds
  • Beth Cato - The Clockwork Dagger (Harper Voyager, 2014) Steampunk
  • Alyc Helms - The Dragon of Heaven (Angry Robot, 2015) Fantasy
  • Karina Sumner-Smith - Radiant (Talos, 2014) Fantasy
  • Stacey Lee - Under a Painted Sky (Putnam, 2015) Alt-Historical Western, fantasy
  • Sabaa Tahir - An Ember in the Ashes (Razorbill, 2015) YA Fantasy
  • Jacey Bedford - Empire of Dust - (Daw 2014) Fantasy
  • Susan Murray - The Waterborne Blade (Angry Robot 2015) Fantasy
  • Carrie Patel - The Buried Life (Angry Robot, 2015) Fantasy
  • Heather Rose Jones - Daughter of Mystery (Bella, 2014) Romance/Historical Fantasy/Queer
  • Nicola Yoon - Everything, Everything (Delacorte, 2015) YA Science Fiction
  • A.C. Wise - The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves the World Again (Lethe 2015) Linked short stories/Sci-fi/Queer
  • Monica Byrne - The Girl in the Road (Crown, 2014) Science Fiction
  • Camille Griep - Letters To Zell (47 North, 2015) Fantasy
  • me - Updraft (Tor, 2015) Fantasy

As I stipulated above, this list is defined purely by time, debut-status, and the number 20.

I'd love to add the writers who debuted in the years before us - including but not in any way limited to: N.K. Jemisin, Ann Leckie, Marjorie Liu, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Jodi Meadows, Genevieve Valentine, Justina Ireland, Jaime Lee Moyer, Stina Lecht, Jacqueline Koyanagi, V.E. Schwab, Mur Lafferty, Nene Ormes, Sarah McCarry, Leah Bobet, Natania Barron, Aliette de Bodard, Emma Newman, Alyx Dellamonica, Jaye Wells, Emily St. Jon Mandel, Kameron Hurley, Charlie Jane Anders...

AND the writers who came before that, including Nnedi Okorafor, Elizabeth Bear, Nisi Shawl, Kate Elliot, Kandace Jane Dorsey, Jo Walton, Martha Wells, Laura Anne Gilman, Amanda Downum, Gwenda Bond, Suzanne Collins, Nalo Hopkinson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sarah Monette, Naomi Novik, Caitlín R. Keirnan, Rae Carson, Linda Nagata, Catherynne Valente, Kelly Link, J.K. Rowling,...

And those who came before that: Emma Bull, Judith Tarr, Elizabeth Lynn, Jo Clayton, Robin Hobb, Suzy McKee Charnas, Pamela Dean, Ellen Kushner, Brenda Cooper, Tanya Huff, Janet Morris, Robin McKinley, Michele Sagara, Tricia Sullivan, Delia Sherman, Sherwood Smith, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Karen J. Fowler, Cecelia Holland, Nicola Griffith, CS Friedman ...

And the Grands and Great Grands and so on, like Pat Cadigan, Joan D. Vinge, Margaret Atwood, Kate Willhelm, Jane Yolen, Connie Willis, Andre Norton, Nancy Kress, Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Lois McMaster Bujold, Doris Pischeria, C. L. Moore, Carol Emshwiller, Leigh Brackett, Joanna Russ, James Tiptree Jr., Anne McCaffrey, Diana Wynne Jones, Joan Aiken, C. J. Cherryh, Andre Norton ... all the way to Mary Shelley and beyond. AND everyone here: http://www.womeninsciencefiction.com/?page_id=54, here: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/6934.Science_Fiction_Books_by_Female_Authors, and here: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/38909.Speculative_Fiction_Classics_pre_1980_by_Female_Authors.

AND the coming wave of 2016: here are just a few - Ada Palmer, Laura Elena Donnelly, Mishell Baker, Malka Older... And the editors. And the critics. And the publishers.

And and and... (honestly, I asked five friends to list their favorites and after fifteen minutes had to beg them to stop because my buffers overflowed.)

Oh my goodness, you would think it hard to find women writing fantasy and science fiction given those blog posts and articles.


Mon 2015-08-31.23:24 | [Charlie's Diary]



Security updates for Monday

Debian has updated drupal7 (multiple vulnerabilities) and iceweasel (multiple vulnerabilities).

Mageia has updated audit (MG4,5: unsafe escape-sequence handling), firefox (MG4,5: multiple vulnerabilities), and glusterfs (MG5; MG4: two vulnerabilities).

openSUSE has updated ansible (13.2: regression in previous update) and thunderbird (13.2; 13.1: multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated gdk-pixbuf2 (RHEL6,7: code execution) and jakarta-taglibs-standard (RHEL6,7: code execution).

Scientific Linux has updated firefox (SL5,6,7: two vulnerabilities), gdk-pixbuf2 (SL6,7: code execution), and jakarta-taglibs-standard (SL6,7: code execution).

Slackware has updated firefox (multiple vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated kvm (SLE11SP4: code execution).

Mon 2015-08-31.18:20 | [LWN.net]
[NU - Algemeen]

Ploumen maakt geld vrij voor aanpak kindhuwelijken

Het verminderen van kindhuwelijken, kinderprostitutie en hiv-besmettingen in ontwikkelingslanden staat centraal in zeven allianties die minister Lilianne Ploumen (Ontwikkelingensamenwerking) heeft gesloten. 

Mon 2015-08-31.19:47 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

SolidFire's flash boxes pull into Platform9

All abord the private cloud train

Has the OpenStack loco got enough of a head of steam to leave the station? No one knows yet, but here is more evidence of suppliers rushing to support it: SolidFire's all-flash arrays can be integrated into Platform9's Managed OpenStack OSaaS – OpenStack-as-a-Service – offering.…

Mon 2015-08-31.19:34 | [The Register]



Ask Slashdot: What Would You Do If You Were Suddenly Wealthy?

An anonymous reader writes: There are a few articles floating around today about comments from Markus Persson, aka "Notch," the creator of Minecraft. He sold his game studio to Microsoft last year for $2.5 billion, but he seems to be having a hard time adjusting to his newfound fame and wealth. He wrote, "The problem with getting everything is you run out of reasons to keep trying, and human interaction becomes impossible due to imbalance. ... Found a great girl, but she's afraid of me and my life style and went with a normal person instead. I would Musk and try to save the world, but that just exposes me to the same type of a$#@%&*s that made me sell minecraft again." While he later suggests he was just having a bad day, he does seem to be dealing with some isolation issues. Granted, it can be hard to feel sorry for a billionaire, but I've wondered at times how I'd handle sudden wealth like that, and I long ago decided it would make the human relationships I'm accustomed to rather difficult. So, how would you deal with Notch's problem? It seems like one the tech industry should at least be aware of, given the focus on startup culture.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.19:09 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

KNMI waarschuwt voor onweersbuien in noorden en oosten

Het KNMI waarschuwt voor extreem weer en onweersbuien in een deel van Nederland. In het noorden en oosten is code geel afgegeven.

Mon 2015-08-31.18:54 | [NU - Algemeen]



Google Facing Fine of Up To $1.4 Billion In India Over Rigged Search Results

An anonymous reader writes: The Competition Commission of India has opened an investigation into Google to decide whether the company unfairly prioritized search results to its own services. Google could face a fine of up to $1.4 billion — 10% of its net income in 2014. A number of other internet companies, including Facebook and FlipKart, responded to queries from the CCI by confirming that Google does this. "The CCI's report accuses Google of displaying its own content and services more prominently in search results than other sources that have higher hit rates. It also states that sponsored links shown in search results are dependent on the amount of advertising funds Google receives from its clients. Ecommerce portal Flipkart noted that it found search results to have a direct correlation with the amount of money it spent on advertising with Google." The company has faced similar antitrust concerns in the EU and the U.S

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.18:27 | [Slashdot]



Plunging Battery Prices Expected To Spur Renewable Energy Adoption

Lucas123 writes: Lithium-ion (Li-on) and flow battery prices are expected to drop by as much as 60% by 2020, making them far more affordable for storing power from distributed renewable energy systems, such as wind and solar, according to a recent report by Australia's Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The 130-page report (PDF) shows that Li-on batteries will drop from $550 per kilowatt hour (kWh) in 2014 to $200 per kWh by 2020; and flow battery prices will drop from $680 per kWh to $350 per kWh during the same time. Flow batteries and Li-ion batteries work well with intermittent energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines because of their ability to be idle for long periods without losing a charge. Both battery technologies offer unique advantages in that they can easily be scaled to suit many applications and have high cycle efficiency, the ARENA report noted. Li-ion batteries more easily suit consumer market. Flow batteries, which are less adaptable for consumer use because they're typically too large, scale more easily because all that's needed to grow storage capacity is more electrolyte liquid; the hardware remains the same.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.17:45 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Ziggo kampt met telefoonstoring bij sommige gebruikers

Kabelexploitant Ziggo kampt maandag tegen het einde van de middag met een telefoonstoring. Volgens Ziggo worden sommige van zijn klanten door het hele land getroffen.

Mon 2015-08-31.17:41 | [NU - Algemeen]



Where the Tech Industry's Political Donations Are Going

An anonymous reader writes: Early estimates suggest the 2016 U.S. presidential election will result in $5-10 billion in spending by candidates and organizations — much more than ever before. To support this, they need lots of contributions, and the tech industry is becoming a significant player. (Not as much as the financial industry, of course, but tech's influence is growing.) Re/Code breaks down which candidates are getting the most money from the tech sector so far. Right now, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has gotten the most tech money by far — more than the rest of the field combined, thanks in large part to Larry Ellison. Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, is a distant second, followed closely by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) are the only other candidates with significant tech contributions so far. Carly Fiorina, a tech industry veteran, has only managed about $13,000 in donations.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.17:05 | [Slashdot]


[Fast Company]

The Four Best Productivity Tricks I Learned At Google

A two-year tenure at Google gave a team of people the productivity skills to start their own venture.

When Google acquired the online photo editor Picnik in 2010, CMO Lisa Conquergood and the rest of the Picnik team went, too. They worked on the site until Google narrowed its focus and closed Picnik in 2012. Still believing in the concept, the original Picnik team left Google and founded the photo-editing site PicMonkey.

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Mon 2015-08-31.11:11 | [Fast Company]

Metal Gear Solid V PC Disc Contains Steam Installer, Nothing Else

dotarray writes: The boxed copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain reportedly contains nothing but a Steam installer. That's right, even if you fork out real-world money for a physical copy of the game, you'll still have to download the whole thing from the internet. The game officially launches tomorrow. Early critical reviews are quite positive, though you should take that with a grain of salt until the game is more widely distributed. Game Informer says, "Unlike the linear design of previous entries, The Phantom Pain rarely assumes you have particular weapons and equipment, so the missions are brilliantly designed with multiple paths to success." The Washington Post notes, "The Phantom Pain’s openness feels like Kojima finally found a technical platform broad enough to make use of all of those tools and trusts players to build their own narrative drama from the way they choose to put these tools together for each mission." IGN has this criticism: "... where Phantom Pain’s gameplay systems are far richer and meatier than any the series has ever seen, its story feels insubstantial and woefully underdeveloped by comparison." Metal Gear Solid 5 is launching for PCs, current consoles, and previous-gen consoles; Digital Foundry thinks is likely to be the last true cross-generation AAA title.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.16:32 | [Slashdot]

Medion introduceert 5"-smartphone met full-hd-scherm voor 249 euro

Medion heeft voorafgaande aan de IFA-beurs de X5004 aangekondigd: een smartphone met 5"-scherm dat de resolutie van 1920x1080 pixels toont. Het dual-sim-toestel komt eind dit jaar beschikbaar voor 249 euro. Ook komt er een iets duurdere versie met meer geheugen.

Mon 2015-08-31.16:19 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Samsung Magician 4.7

Samsung heeft versie 4.7 van Magician uitgebracht. Met dit programma kan een solid state disk van Samsung worden beheerd. Zo kan onder meer de gezondheid van de ssd in de gaten worden gehouden, kan de firmware worden bijgewerkt, en kunnen statistieken worden ingezien en instellingen worden aangepast. Ook kunnen er diverse tests worden uitgevoerd en geeft het programma aan of je een echte of namaak-Samsung-ssd hebt. Het programma is dus te vergelijken met Intels SSD Toolbox.

Mon 2015-08-31.16:08 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Nvidia geeft platform voor grafische desktopvirtualisatie een upgrade

Nvidia heeft zijn Grid-platform een grote upgrade gegeven. Het platform voor het streamen van grafisch intensieve desktopvirtualisatie-applicaties biedt de mogelijkheid om meer gebruikers per afgenomen server te bedienen, terwijl ook Linux ondersteund wordt.

Mon 2015-08-31.14:41 | [http://tweakers.net/]

MusicBee 2.5

Versie 2.5 van MusicBee is uitgekomen. MusicBee is een uitgebreid en gratis programma voor het beheren en afspelen van muziek. In een overzichtelijke interface kunnen tags worden aangepast, cover art en songteksten worden gedownload, bestanden worden geconverteerd en audio-cd's geript, en kan met diverse mp3-spelers worden gesynchroniseerd. Verder is het uiterlijk aanpasbaar, kan de functionaliteit met bass-plug-ins worden uitgebreid en is het programma ook in het Nederlands te gebruiken. De changelog van deze release is hieronder te vinden.

Mon 2015-08-31.14:30 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

Touch by Claire North

Touch by Claire North

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Mon 2015-08-31.16:41 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

I am in the library

Also in the library: a young, bookish kid for whom this is their first visit to main branch.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Mon 2015-08-31.15:56 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[NU - Algemeen]

Wereldkampioene Schippers gehuldigd op Schiphol

Dafne Schippers is terug in Nederland. De winnares van de 200 meter bij de WK atletiek landde maandagmiddag op Schiphol.

Mon 2015-08-31.19:37 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Oostenrijk stopt volle vluchtelingentreinen uit Hongarije

De Oostenrijkse politie heeft maandag twee treinen van Boedapest naar Wenen stilgezet vlak voor de grensovergang van Hongarije naar Oostenrijk omdat de treinen te vol zouden zitten. 

Mon 2015-08-31.16:45 | [NU - Algemeen]

Car Model Names

CLIMAX is good, but SEXCLIMAX is even better.

Mon 2015-08-31.06:00 | [xkcd.com]


[NU - Algemeen]

Tempel in Syrische stad Palmyra 'nog overeind'

De Romeinse tempel van Bel in de Syrische stad Palmyra staat nog overeind, ondanks een poging van terreurgroep Islamitische Staat (IS) om het beroemde bouwwerk te vernietigen. 

Mon 2015-08-31.16:27 | [NU - Algemeen]



Over 225,000 Apple Accounts Compromised Via iOS Malware

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers from Palo Alto Networks and WeipTech have unearthed a scheme that resulted in the largest known Apple account theft caused by malware. All in all, some 225,000 valid Apple accounts have been compromised. The theft is executed via variants of the KeyRaider iOS malware, which targets jailbroken iOS devices. Most of the victims are Chinese — the malware is distributed through third-party Cydia repositories in China — but users in other countries have also been affected (European countries, the U.S., Australia, South Korea, and so on). "The malware hooks system processes through MobileSubstrate, and steals Apple account usernames, passwords and device GUID by intercepting iTunes traffic on the device," Palo Alto researcher Claud Xiao explained. "KeyRaider steals Apple push notification service certificates and private keys, steals and shares App Store purchasing information, and disables local and remote unlocking functionalities on iPhones and iPads."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.15:40 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Rellen rond stemming parlement Oekraïne

Bij het Oekraïense parlement in Kiev zijn maandag rellen uitgebroken. Zeker een persoon is omgekomen en meer dan honderd agenten raakten gewond.  

Mon 2015-08-31.15:31 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Internet]

Gehackte datingsite Ashley Madison ontkent gebrek aan vrouwen

De gehackte datingsite Ashley Madison ontkent dat er een gebrek aan vrouwen is op de site. Afgelopen week hebben vrouwen meer dan 2,8 miljoen berichten verzonden.

Mon 2015-08-31.16:01 | [NU - Internet]



OnHub Router -- Google's Smart Home Trojan Horse?

An anonymous reader writes: A couple weeks ago, Google surprised everybody by announcing a new piece of hardware: the OnHub Wi-Fi router. It packs a ton of processing power and a bunch of wireless radios into a glowy cylinder, and they're going to sell it for $200, which is on the high end for home networking equipment. Google sent out a number of units for testing, and the reviews are starting to come out. The device is truly Wi-Fi-centric, with only a single port for an ethernet cable. It runs on a Qualcomm IPQ8064 dual-core 1.4GHz SoC with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. You can only access the router's admin settings by using the associated app on a mobile device. OnHub's data transfer speeds couldn't compete with a similarly priced Asus router, but it had no problem blanketing the area with a strong signal. Ron Amadeo puts his conclusion simply: "To us, this looks like Google's smart home Trojan horse." The smartphone app that accompanies OnHub has branding for something called "Google On," which they speculate is Google's new hub for smart home products. "There are tons of competing smart home protocols out there, all of which are incompatible with one another—imagine HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray, but with about five different players. ... Other than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, everything in OnHub is a Google/Nest/Alphabet protocol. And remember, the "Built for Google On" stamp on the bottom of the OnHub sure sounds like a third-party certification program."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.14:56 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Internet]

AIVD ziet geen bewijs dat KPN-kabels illegaal zijn afgetapt

Er is geen duidelijk bewijs dat de Duitse inlichtingendienst BND gegevens van Nederlanders heeft afgetapt via het netwerk van KPN, maar dit kan ook niet helemaal worden uitgesloten.

Mon 2015-08-31.15:00 | [NU - Internet]



Unearthed E.T. Atari Game Cartridges Score $108K At Auction

MojoKid writes: Hundreds of Atari 2600 cartridges of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial that were excavated last year from a landfill in Alamogordo, New Mexico collectively raked in nearly $108,000 through eBay auctions. Some $65,000 of that will go to the city of Alamogordo, while the Tularosa Basin Historical Society will receive over $16,000. Over $26,600 went to shipping fees and other expenses. A team of excavators led by operational consultant Joe Lewandowski unearthed the E.T. cartridges in front of a film crew. The high profile (among gaming historians) dig was the basis a documentary called Atari: Game Over, which is available for free through the Microsoft Store.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.14:13 | [Slashdot]


[The Register]

Hands on with Windows Server 2016 Containers

Containers, Docker support are big new features, but the current preview is rough

First Look Microsoft has released Technical Preview 3 of Windows Server 2016, including the first public release of Windows Server Containers, perhaps the most interesting new feature.…

Mon 2015-08-31.14:01 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

How Google Stealthily Prepared Users For A New Smartwatch UI

In order to add new functionality to Android Wear smartwatches, Google first had to take some of it away.

A traditional watch face is the logical homescreen for any smartwatch. After all, we've worn watches specifically to glance at the time for over a hundred years. But thus far, Apple and Google have mostly leveraged the smartwatch face as a means of self-expression to add stylistic variety rather than extra functionality—all the while hiding more functional features deeper in the OS.

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Mon 2015-08-31.13:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

The Burning Man Temple Project, LLC

This startup's exit isn't an IPO, it's a pyre. A really big pyre.

Imagine walking into an investor meeting and saying, "I need funding for my $300,000 project—but oh, by the way, when we're done with our startup, we're going to burn our product to the ground." Then imagine having the same conversations with banks and insurance brokers.

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Fri 2015-08-28.23:44 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

What's The Best Comic-Book Adaptation Ever?

The Avengers? The Dark Knight? Weird Science?! Picking a page-to-screen winner isn't easy. But then, neither is CGI.

In Fast Company's September issue, we speak with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to hear how he took America's favorite flesh-eating zombies from the pages of comic books to millions of digital devices around the world for the hit TV show. This got us thinking: Of all the many, many comic-book adaptations that have lit up screens big, small, and pocket-size over the decades, which one is the absolute best?

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Mon 2015-08-31.12:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Instagram's Square Photo Tyranny Has Been Abolished

Instagram's support for tall and wide pics means the days of worrying about cropping are over.

Good news photographers, Instagram's UI now supports landscape- and portrait-oriented images—and video!—making it easier and less cumbersome to compose that perfect shot.

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Fri 2015-08-28.21:30 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

6 Tips For Designing An Awesome Rube Goldberg Machine

Hamster Wheel, the guys behind 3M's viral new Brand Machine video, tell us what makes a Rube Goldberg great.

If nothing else, 3M is an impressive company for the sheer breadth of products it offers. According to Wikipedia, it makes more than 55,000 products, "including adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental and orthodontic products, electronic materials, medical products, car-care products, electronic circuits, and optical films."

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Fri 2015-08-28.20:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

These Crystal Sheets Change Color When Layered Over Each Other

Designers Thomas Vailly and Laura Lynn Jansen created a material with crystalline characteristics.

For a visual primer on how crystals refract light, look no further than the cover for Dark Side of the Moon. When light enters the prism, it slows down to different wavelengths and different colors emerge from the opposite side. Designers Thomas Vailly and Laura Lynn Jansen harnessed this natural phenomenon in 101.86°, a project that artificially recreates the natural properties of a particular crystal that's apparently only found in the highlands of Iceland.

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Fri 2015-08-28.19:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

This Tinder Sim Will Teach You That The Only Thing That Matters In Life Is Swiping

Whatever you do, don't stop swiping.

Welcome to the thrilling world of app-based dating!

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Fri 2015-08-28.18:00 | [Fast Company]
[Webwereld Feed]

64-bit Firefox blijft een brug te ver

Vuurvosje kan de overstap niet maken.

Mon 2015-08-31.13:36 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

ICT-faal: Almere verkwist miljoenen euro's

Werkplekkenmigratie duurt twee jaar in plaats van zes maanden.

Mon 2015-08-31.12:03 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Procesdigitalisatie betekent heel ver vooruit kijken

'Vandaag is de smartphone hip, morgen de smartwatch'

Mon 2015-08-31.13:25 | [Webwereld Feed]

Medion introduceert gebogen 78"-uhdtv

Medion komt eind dit jaar met een gebogen televisie met een beelddiagonaal van 78 inch en de uhd-resolutie van 3840x2160 pixels. De Medion X18119, die het bedrijf voorafgaand aan de IFA presenteert, gaat 4999 euro kosten.

Mon 2015-08-31.12:07 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Videobeelden van Sony Xperia Z5 verschijnen online - update

Een video toont Sony's Xperia Z5-lijn, met een 4k-scherm voor de Xperia Z5 Premium. De beelden zijn van het Franstalige Clubic.com. De video laat onder andere het ontwerp van de telefoon zien en hoe de software en gebruikersinterface werken.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:45 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Razer komt met Wildcat Xbox One-controller voor hardcore gamers - update

Razer werkt aan een Xbox One-controller die moet concurreren met de Elite-controller waar Microsoft aan werkt. De Razer Wildcat heeft net als de Elite aanvullende triggers aan de achterkant, en ook een optie om de triggers gemakkelijk af te laten gaan voor snel vuren.

Sun 2015-08-30.10:02 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[NU - Algemeen]

Miljoenenschade door extreme regenval

Het noodweer van de afgelopen nacht heeft naar schatting tussen de 5 en 10 miljoen euro schade veroorzaakt. Volgens het Verbond van Verzekeraars gaat het vooral om waterschade in en om woningen. 

Mon 2015-08-31.16:05 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Deel Zoetermeer getroffen door stroomstoring

Een deel van Zoetermeer is maandag even na het middaguur anderhalf uur getroffen door een stroomstoring. Het gaat om delen van onder meer het Stadshart en de wijk Buytenwegh. 

Mon 2015-08-31.13:36 | [NU - Algemeen]



T-Mobile Starts Going After Heavy Users of Tethered Data

VentureBeat reports that T-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced that T-Mobile will cut off (at least from "unlimited" data plans) customers who gloss over the fine print of their data-use agreement by tethering their unlimited-data phones and grab too much of the network's resources. In a series of tweets on Sunday, Legere says the company will be "eliminating anyone who abuses our network," and complains that some "network abusers" are using 2TB of data monthly. The article says, "This is the first official word from the carrier that seems to confirm a memo that was leaked earlier this month. At that time, it was said action would be taken starting August 17 and would go after those who used their unlimited LTE data for Torrents and peer-to-peer networking."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.10:29 | [Slashdot]

"McKinley" Since 1917, Alaska's Highest Peak Is Redesignated "Denali"

NPR reports that the Alaskan mountain which has for nearly a century been known officially as Mt. McKinley will revert to the name under which it's been known for a much longer time: Denali. President Obama is to "make a public announcement of the name change in Anchorage Monday, during a three-day visit to Alaska." Interior Secretary Sally Jewell's secretarial order of August 28th declares the name change to be immediately effective, and directs the United States Board on Geographic Names "to immediately implement this name change, including changing the mountain's name in the Board's Geographic Names Information System and notifying all interested parties of the name change."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.13:28 | [Slashdot]


[NU - Algemeen]

Feyenoord-fans niet vervolgd voor vernielingen fontein Rome

De Feyenoordsupporters die terechtstaan voor de rellen in Rome worden niet vervolgd voor vernielingen aan de Barcaccia-fontein. 

Mon 2015-08-31.17:27 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Internet]

Google riskeert megaboete om aanpassen zoekresultaten in India

Google maakt volgens meerdere bedrijven in India misbruik van zijn marktpositie, onder meer door eigen diensten voor te trekken in de zoekresultaten. De Indiase mededingingswaakhond CCI doet onderzoek naar de aantijgingen en heeft Google middels een officieel rapport aangeklaagd.

Mon 2015-08-31.12:23 | [NU - Internet]


[NU - Algemeen]

Nationale Politie vertraagd en twee keer zo duur

De vorming van de Nationale Politie is later dan gepland voltooid en wordt twee keer zo duur.

Mon 2015-08-31.11:58 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

The Honor's a defo gamechanger, but good luck buying one

China sleeps no more ... and she could get tetchy

Analysis China has been threatening to up-end the phone business for a while, without coming up with a convincing end product. Finally, though, it has, and I expect to see a rapid shakeout of top tier handset manufacturers, already reeling from years of losses.…

Mon 2015-08-31.12:01 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Alarm om zoutzuur lekkende tankwagen Noord-Limburg

Hulpdiensten hebben maandagochtend groot alarm geslagen om een tankwagen die zoutzuur lekt op het terrein van de verzinkerij The Coatinc Company in Molenhoek bij Nijmegen. 

Mon 2015-08-31.14:02 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Enorme files op Hongaarse snelweg door grenscontroles Oostenrijk

Aan de Oostenrijkse grens op de Hongaarse snelweg M1 is maandag een file van 20 kilometer ontstaan door verscherpte grenscontroles in Oostenrijk.

Mon 2015-08-31.13:58 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

Dafne Schippers wordt gehuldigd in Utrecht

Dafne Schippers zal worden gehuldigd in haar woonplaats Utrecht. Wanneer de huldiging van de wereldkampioen plaats zal vinden, is nog niet bekend.

Mon 2015-08-31.11:06 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Twintig tips in zaak dode vrouw in koffer Maastricht

De politie heeft ongeveer twintig tips gekregen nadat er een foto en een omschrijving was vrijgegeven van  het lichaam dat vrijdag is gevonden in een koffer in de Maas.

Mon 2015-08-31.12:34 | [NU - Algemeen]


[Webwereld Feed]

T-Mobile hekelt best betalende klanten

Onbeperkt data? Alleen met allerlei restricties.

Mon 2015-08-31.10:09 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

DDoS-dienst lapt klanten erbij

DDoS-groep wilde domme klanten hacken; politie maakt handig gebruik van hun database.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:42 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Sony smartwatch werkt alleen met iPhone

Xperia-bezitters hebben pech.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:27 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Planet PostgreSQL]

Heikki Linnakangas: Helsinki PostgreSQL meetup on Tuesday September 1st

Helsinki PostgreSQL User Group will convene tomorrow, on Tuesday September 1st 2015 at 15:00.

I will be babbling about the various index types in PostgreSQL. GIN, GiST, and the humble B-tree. What does the structure of each one look like? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? And of course, a lot of free chatter on whatever other topics you want to bring up.

We have also created a Meetup group. Registration at Meetup is recommended to ensure you get a seat: http://www.meetup.com/Helsinki-PostgreSQL-Meetup/.

This is the fourth meeting of the Helsinki PostgreSQL User Group. Come and meet fellow PostgreSQL users and developers. Welcome!

September 1st 2015

Richardinkatu Library
Rikhardinkatu 3

Mon 2015-08-31.09:00 | [Planet PostgreSQL]

WB Games schrapt Mortal Kombat X voor PS3 en Xbox 360

WB Games, onderdeel van Warner Bros, heeft op zijn officiële forum aangekondigd dat Mortal Kombat X niet uit zal komen voor de PlayStation 3 en de Xbox 360. De vereiste kwaliteit kon niet gehaald worden op de oudere hardware.

Mon 2015-08-31.10:48 | [http://tweakers.net/]

AIVD: geen bewijs dat BND kabelverbindingen van en naar Nederland aftapte

De inlichtingendienst AIVD concludeert na onderzoek dat uit de documenten die de Oostenrijkse parlementariër Pilz in bezit heeft, niet valt op te maken dat de Duitse spionagedienst BND kabelverbindingen van en naar Nederland heeft afgetapt. Dit uitsluiten wil minister Plasterk ook niet.

Mon 2015-08-31.10:42 | [http://tweakers.net/]

T-Mobile VS gaat 'netwerkmisbruikers' die soms 2TB per maand verstoken aanpakken

De Amerikaanse tak van T-Mobile gaat optreden tegen abonnees die 'misbruik' maken van 4g-tethering en zo in sommige gevallen wel 2TB aan data per maand verstoken. De telecomprovider gaat contact met de gebruikers opnemen en ze eventueel een beperkt 4g-abonnement opleggen.

Mon 2015-08-31.10:15 | [http://tweakers.net/]

PeaZip 5.7.2

Versie 5.7.2 van PeaZip is verschenen. Dit archiveringsprogramma wordt onder een opensourcelicentie beschikbaar gesteld, en downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows en Linux. Het programma wil zich van de concurrentie onderscheiden door zich te specialiseren in veiligheid. Het versleutelen van data is dan ook een van de voornaamste functies van het eigen pea-formaat. PeaZip kan 7z-, bz2-, gz-, paq/lpaq-, pea-, quad-, tar-, upx- en zip-bestanden creëren, en diverse bestandsformaten uitpakken, waaronder ace, arj, cab, deb, iso, lha, rar en rpm. In deze uitgave zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Mon 2015-08-31.09:51 | [http://tweakers.net/]

HitmanPro 3.7.9 build 245

SurfRight heeft een update van HitmanPro versie 3.7.9 uitgebracht. Met HitmanPro kunnen virussen, spyware, Trojaanse paarden, rootkits en andere vormen van malware worden verwijderd. Door op een slimme manier te scannen en gebruik te maken van cloudcomputing, voert de software een complete scan in vaak niet meer dan enkele minuten uit.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:25 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Kodi 15.2 RC 1

Er is een tweede update voor Kodi versie 15.0 uitgekomen, die vooralsnog als bèta wordt aangeboden. Kodi is crossplatform-mediacentersoftware die wordt ontwikkeld voor Windows, OS X, Linux, Android en iOS.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:25 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Rufus 2.3.709

Versie 2.3 van Rufus is uitgekomen. Rufus is een Windows-programma waarmee zelfstartende usb-sticks kunnen worden gemaakt. Handig bijvoorbeeld om een besturingssysteem te installeren, wat sneller gaat vanaf een usb-stick dan van een cd of dvd, om het bios bij te werken of om een systeem te benaderen dat niet meer wil starten. Er is overigens een groot aantal tooltjes waarmee dit gedaan kan worden, maar Rufus beweert een van de snelste in zijn soort te zijn. In deze release zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Mon 2015-08-31.09:24 | [http://tweakers.net/]

HoneyView 5.14

Bandisoft heeft versie 5.14 van HoneyView uitgebracht. HoneyView is een gratis programma waarmee afbeeldingen kunnen worden bekeken. Het is klein, snel en bevat geen ad- of spyware. Ondersteuning is aanwezig voor de meest gebruikelijke afbeeldingsformaten. Verder kan het exif- en gps-informatie tonen, indien aanwezig, en kan het de afbeeldingen ook als een diavoorstelling weergeven. Daarnaast kunnen kleine bewerkingen, zoals roteren, uitsnijden en vergroten of verkleinen, worden uitgevoerd. In deze uitgave zijn enkele problemen verholpen waaronder het verwijderen van de verkeerde afbeelding wanneer er op de delete toets werd gedrukt.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:23 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Sony introduceert in Japan een 'smartwatch' met analoge wijzerplaat

Sony introduceert een 'smartwatch' zonder digitaal display. De Wena Wrist heeft een nfc-chip voor betalingen, een vibratiemotor en een led voor notificaties. Ook kan de smartwatch lichamelijke activiteit bijhouden. Aan de voorkant zit echter een gewoon analoog horloge.

Mon 2015-08-31.09:07 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Gerucht: Apple overweegt 149 of 199 dollar te vragen voor nieuwe Apple TV

Apple zou overwegen een aanzienlijk hogere prijs voor de nieuwe Apple TV te vragen dan voor de oude. Een nieuwe versie wordt naar verluidt volgende week aangekondigd. De fabrikant zou prijzen van 149 en 199 dollar overwegen.

Mon 2015-08-31.08:59 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Europa haalt recyclingdoelen voor elektronica niet

Europa recyclede in 2012 slechts een derde van zijn elektronisch afval volgens de Europese richtlijnen. Grote hoeveelheden gebruikte telefoons, computers en televisies worden illegaal verhandeld of gedumpt, zo blijkt uit onderzoek verricht door de Verenigde Naties en Interpol.

Sun 2015-08-30.14:13 | [http://tweakers.net/]


[NU - Algemeen]

Noodweer zorgt voor wateroverlast en verkeersproblemen

Het verkeer in het westen heeft maandagochtend te maken gehad met overlast door zware regen- en onweersbuien die over het land trekken. Ook afgelopen nacht werden delen van Nederland geteisterd door noodweer.

Mon 2015-08-31.08:04 | [NU - Algemeen]


[The Register]

Boffins unveil open source GPU

Benchmarks today, real hardware tomorrow?

It's a kitten rather than a roar right now, but if the MIAOW project unveiled at last week's Hot Chips conference can get legs, the next year could see the launch of the world's first “open GPU”.…

Mon 2015-08-31.08:56 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Molen in Terwolde verwoest door vuur na blikseminslag

Door een blikseminslag is maandagochtend vroeg een molen in Terwolde (Gelderland) in vlammen opgegaan.

Mon 2015-08-31.08:35 | [NU - Algemeen]


[NU - Algemeen]

Scream-regisseur Wes Craven (76) overleden

De Amerikaanse regisseur Wes Craven is zondag op 76-jarige leeftijd overleden. Craven werd bekend met horrorfilms als A Nightmare on Elm Street en Scream.

Mon 2015-08-31.08:49 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

US to stage F-35-versus-Warthog bake-off in 2018

Hipsters to take on steampunks

US brass-hats have decided when the F-35 “Joint Strike Fighter” will finally be ready to take on the ancient A10 “Warthog”: in another three years, give or take a little.…

Mon 2015-08-31.08:31 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Ruskie ICS hacker drops nine holes in popular Siemens power plant kit

WinCC HMI control platform used in Natanz, Large Hadron Collider.

Ilya Karpov of Russian security outfit Positive Technologies has reported nine vulnerabilities in Siemens industrial control system kit used in critical operations from petrochemical labs and power plants up to the Large Hadron Collider.…

Mon 2015-08-31.07:56 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

'Boswachters zien minder controle op criminele activiteiten in natuurgebieden'

In bossen en natuurgebieden neemt de controle op criminele activiteiten steeds verder af, terwijl de illegale praktijken juist daar toenemen.

Mon 2015-08-31.08:02 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Nieuwe arrestatiebevelen na bomaanslag Bangkok

De Thaise politie heeft arrestatiebevelen uitgevaardigd tegen twee nieuwe verdachten in het onderzoek naar de vooralsnog raadselachtige bomaanslag in de hoofdstad Bangkok. 

Mon 2015-08-31.11:33 | [NU - Algemeen]



Brain Cancer Claims Horror Maestro Wes Craven At 76

New submitter JamesA writes: Wes Craven, the famed writer-director of horror films known for the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream movies, died Sunday after a battle with brain cancer. He was 76. Though he's far less known as a novelist than for his various horror film jobs (writer, director, producer, actor ...), Craven also wrote a few books; I can't vouch for "Coming of Rage," but "Fountain Society" is pretty solid speculative fiction. Wikipedia notes that Craven also "designed the Halloween 2008 logo for Google, and was the second celebrity personality to take over the YouTube homepage on Halloween."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2015-08-31.07:33 | [Slashdot]
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Beschadigde huizen Tianjin krijgen opknapbeurt

De Chinese overheid biedt inwoners van Tianjin hulp als hun woningen schade hebben opgelopen bij de explosies in de stad.

Mon 2015-08-31.10:13 | [NU - Algemeen]


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Linux Foundation releases PARANOID internal infosec guide

Workstation security tips for system administrators.

Linux Foundation project director Konstantin Ryabitsev has publicly-released the penguinistas' internal hardening requirements to help sysadmins and other paranoid tech bods and system administrators secure their workstations.…

Mon 2015-08-31.06:56 | [The Register]


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