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Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

schwit1 writes Using its new top-shelf graphics processing unit, Nvidia tackles one of the most persistent conspiracy theories in American history: the veracity of the 1969 to 1972 Apollo moon landings. From the article: "'Global illumination is the hardest task to solve as a game company,' Scott Herkelman, Nvidia's GeForce general manager, said in an interview. 'Virtual point lights don't do a bad job when the environment stays the same, but a game developer has to fake shadows, fake's a labor-intensive process.' So when a Nvidia research engineer used the company's new dynamic lighting techniques to show off a side-by-side comparison between an Apollo 11 photo and a GeForce-powered re-creation, the company knew it had a novel demo on its hands. 'We're going to debunk one of the biggest conspiracies in the world,' Herkelman said."

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"Big Bang Signal" Could All Be Dust

An anonymous reader writes Scientists have shown that the swirl pattern touted as evidence of primordial gravitational waves — ripples in space and time dating to the universe's explosive birth — could instead all come from magnetically aligned dust. A new analysis of data from the Planck space telescope has concluded that the tiny silicate and carbonate particles spewed into interstellar space by dying stars could account for as much as 100 percent of the signal detected by the BICEP2 telescope and announced to great fanfare this spring. The Planck analysis is "relatively definitive in that we can't exclude that the entirety of our signal is from dust," said Brian Keating, an astrophysicist at the University of California, San Diego, and a member of the BICEP2 collaboration.

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Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75" writes Ezekiel J. Emanuel, director of the Clinical Bioethics Department at the US National Institutes of Health, writes at The Atlantic that there is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. "It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us. We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic." Emanuel says that he is isn't asking for more time than is likely nor foreshortening his life but is talking about the kind and amount of health care he will consent to after 75. "Once I have lived to 75, my approach to my health care will completely change. I won't actively end my life. But I won't try to prolong it, either." Emanuel says that Americans seem to be obsessed with exercising, doing mental puzzles, consuming various juice and protein concoctions, sticking to strict diets, and popping vitamins and supplements, all in a valiant effort to cheat death and prolong life as long as possible. "I reject this aspiration. I think this manic desperation to endlessly extend life is misguided and potentially destructive. For many reasons, 75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop."

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NASA's MAVEN enters Mars orbit to sniff its gas

Smell you later, Earth!

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has reached Mars after a 10-month journey – and started its mission to study the Red Planet's upper atmosphere.…

Mon 2014-09-22.13:01 | [The Register]
[The Register]

EMC, HP's $132bn blockbuster 'merger' shocker comes a cropper

Stand down, FTC... you can put your feet up for a bit

+Comment EMC has been holding secret merger talks with HP that have since stalled, according to reports.…

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Ontvoerde Fransman in Algerije doet oproep aan Hollande

Een 55-jarige Fransman die zondag in het oosten van Algerije werd ontvoerd, zegt op een video dat hij is ontvoerd door een splintergroep van Islamitische Staat.

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iPhone 6: Hey, looking good slim. How about... oh, your battery died

Alas, not the generation where batt life stops being an issue

Review When Apple released the first commercially available multi-touch phone in 2007, it had to decide how big it should be. And it got it right first time. Yet this year’s new models both break that mould. The iPhone 6 Plus, which we review tomorrow, makes a feature of its bigness; but the straight iPhone 6 is just this year’s new iPhone, and it’s not obvious why it needed to gain square inchage.…

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Frankrijk sluit luchtaanvallen op IS in Syrië uit

Frankrijk zal op Syrisch grondgebied geen luchtaanvallen uitvoeren op terreurbeweging Islamitische Staat (IS).

Mon 2014-09-22.21:27 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

'Moordenaar Van Gogh handelde niet alleen'

De moordenaar van Theo van Gogh, Mohammed B., heeft bij zijn daad hulp gekregen.

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Huawei buys Cambridge Internet of Things pioneer Neul

Fridge shall speak unto smartwatch

Thirty-person company Neul has been bought by Huawei for a reported $25m to turn the UK into a centre of excellence for Internet of Things.…

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[Fast Company]

You Can Now Say "No, Thanks" To Google+

Signing up for Google+ is no longer a requirement for new Gmail users.

In what might be another nail in the coffin for Google+, or at least a sign Google is letting up on its heavy-handed marketing of the social platform, new users will no longer be required to sign up for Google+ when creating a Gmail account.

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[Fast Company]

Reporter Quits Her Job On Live TV To Focus On Legalizing Pot In Alaska

"F*ck It. I quit."

We've seen some notable entries in the "How to Quit Your Job" category in recent times: There's been interpretive dancing, marching bands, and even a Super Bowl commercial. But somehow none of the above can touch KTVA reporter Charlo Greene's epic mic drop.

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Mon 2014-09-22.16:45 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

The Priceline Of Pot Finds Marijuana That Fits Any Budget

Because not every stoner is a high roller.

Attention, stoners on a budget: A startup that hails itself as the "Priceline of pot" can help you find nearby dispensaries with inventory that won't break the bank.

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[Fast Company]

iPod Mastermind Tony Fadell On The Death Of The iPod: "You Can't Get Too Nostalgic"

After 13 years, the iPod Classic is dead. Google's Tony Fadell tells us what killed the iPod, and why we shouldn't be bummed about it.

What does it feel like to lose your design child?

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Ikea gaat zonnepanelen in Nederland verkopen

Ikea start 28 oktober met de verkoop van zonnepanelen in Nederland. Naast Nederland breidt Ikea ook uit naar Zwitserland met de verkoop van zonnepanelen, terwijl op een later moment nog zes landen aan dat rijtje toegevoegd worden.

Mon 2014-09-22.19:20 | []

Sony bundelt PlayStation TV in Europa met drie games voor 99,99 euro

Sony verkoopt de PlayStation TV vanaf 14 november in de Benelux voor een bedrag van 99,99 euro. De fabrikant bundelt de release met een voucher voor drie gamedownloads en heeft ook de lijst van ondersteunde games voor het apparaat bekendgemaakt.

Mon 2014-09-22.19:02 | []

BlackBerry Passport gaat 599 dollar kosten

Vooruitlopend op de introductie op woensdag heeft de ceo van Blackberry, John Chen, alvast meer informatie bekendgemaakt over de prijs en beschikbaarheid van de nieuwe BlackBerry Passport-smartphone.

Mon 2014-09-22.18:53 | []

Meer dan helft Belgen heeft geen mobiel internetabonnement

Minder dan de helft van de Belgische bevolking heeft een abonnement op mobiel internet. Dat blijkt uit een onderzoek dat door verschillende internationale instanties is uitgevoerd. Nederland scoort met zo'n zes op de tien personen iets hoger.

Mon 2014-09-22.18:18 | []

Gerucht: dunnere passief gekoelde 12"-MacBook Air krijgt geen MagSafe

Volgens nieuwe geruchten over de komst van een 12"-MacBook Air met 'retina'-scherm, gaat die laptop over een dunnere behuizing zonder MagSafe-connector voor de voeding beschikken. Wel zou de dunne laptop met een usb type c-aansluiting uitgerust worden.

Mon 2014-09-22.18:07 | []

Displayport kan straks via usb type c-kabel verlopen

De USB-IF- en VESA-organisaties hebben de 'DisplayPort Alternate Mode on USB Type-C Connector Standard' aangekondigd. De standaard maakt het mogelijk om displayport-videosignaal over de komende usb type c-kabels te laten verlopen.

Mon 2014-09-22.17:34 | []
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Because I care: Project Persephone!

This project has direct relevance to the challenges of the 21-century where our megacities & urban environments will grow at astonishing rates. Yet the building industry, utilities and energy companies necessarily lag behind the physical demands of a growing city and where inflexible infrastructures become inadequate or inappropriate then urban decay sets in with crime, homelessness, waste & resource management issues, traffic congestion etc.


And the nice thing is they can recycle images from old L5 articles.

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.
Mon 2014-09-22.19:05 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

This may appear to be a lower productivity week than usual

Because I will be dealing with two works I will describe as "tomes".

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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SkyOrbiter UAVs Could Fly For Years and Provide Global Internet Access

Zothecula writes The internet has become a critical means of communication during humanitarian crises and a crucial everyday tool for people around the world. Now, a Portuguese company wants to make sure everyone has access to it. Quarkson plans to use SkyOrbiter unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to transmit internet access "to every corner of the world."

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Monitors in toekomst via usb aan te sluiten

Monitors kunnen in de toekomst via de nieuwe omkeerbare usb-kabel aangesloten worden op andere apparaten zoals laptops, pc's of tablets.

Mon 2014-09-22.19:35 | [ - Internet]



Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet

Rambo Tribble writes The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is partnering with HTC for its upcoming 9-inch Nexus tablet. Shunning larger manufacturers like Samsung, speculation is that Google is trying to mitigate the effects of market dominance by one firm. When asked for comment, a Google spokesperson only responded, "There's room for many partners to do well and to innovate with Android."

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'Jeugdzorghulp na 1 januari niet gewaarborgd'

Veel jeugdzorginstellingen vrezen voor hun voortbestaan omdat ze maar geen duidelijkheid krijgen over het budget waar ze vanaf 2015 over kunnen beschikken.

Mon 2014-09-22.21:17 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

'Akkoord Boko Haram over vrijlating meisjes bijna rond'

De regering van Nigeria en de terroristen van Boko Haram uit het noordoosten van het land hebben volgens plaatselijke media een akkoordje gesloten over de ontvoering van meer dan tweehonderd schoolmeisjes.

Mon 2014-09-22.18:45 | [ - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Germany strikes again over Amazon warehouse pay

Employees at five sites to walk out in long-running wage dispute

German union Verdi has not given up on the hopes that striking at Amazon warehouses will change the mega-etailer’s mind about pay.…

Mon 2014-09-22.19:01 | [The Register]



Friendly Reminder: Do Not Place Your IPhone In a Microwave

Nerval's Lobster writes Placing your iPhone in the microwave will destroy the phone, and possibly the microwave. While that might seem obvious to some people, others have fallen for the "Wave" hoax making its way around online. The fake advertisement insists that the new iOS 8 allows users to charge their iPhones by placing them in a "household microwave for a minute and a half." Microwave energy will not charge your smartphone. To the contrary, it will scorch the device and render it inoperable. If you nuke your smartphone and subsequently complain about it online, people will probably make fun of you. (If you want a full list of things not to place in a microwave, no matter how pretty the flames, check this out.)

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Astrophysicists Identify the Habitable Regions of the Entire Universe

KentuckyFC writes It's not just star systems and galaxies that have habitable zones--regions where conditions are suitable for life to evolve. Astrophysicists have now identified the entire universe's habitable zones. Their approach starts by considering the radiation produced by gamma ray bursts in events such as the death of stars and the collisions between black holes and so on. Astrobiologists have long known that these events are capable of causing mass extinctions by stripping a planet of its ozone layer and exposing the surface to lethal levels of radiation. The likelihood of being hit depends on the density of stars, which is why the center of galaxies are thought to be inhospitable to life. The new work focuses on the threat galaxies pose to each other, which turns out to be considerable when they are densely packed together. Astronomers know that the distribution of galaxies is a kind of web-like structure with dense knots of them connected by filaments interspersed with voids where galaxies are rare. The team says that life-friendly galaxies are most likely to exist in the low density regions of the universe in the voids and filaments of the cosmic web. The Milky Way is in one of these low density regions with Andromeda too far away to pose any threat. But conditions might not be so life friendly in our nearest knot of galaxies called the Virgo supercluster."

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Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

An anonymous reader writes I wanted to get your opinion on who should pay the costs associated with attending conferences. In the past, I've covered costs associated with attending some local (in town) conferences, but despite claims to be willing to cover some costs associated with conferences, training, and certifications, my requests have been denied. The short version is I would like to attend a national conference, hosted in Las Vegas, and that while specific to a technology, it is what 90% of my day is related to so its directly work related. My employer has declined to pay some of the costs associated with the conference, but has said if I pay my way, they will pay for the training associated with it. Since this is a pretty hot technology, I'm very interested in getting certified and appreciate their offer. I should add that I work for a public entity and due to some fairly public issues, we have enjoyed record levels of funding the past couple of years. We know that they cannot afford to continue so we're about to start a multi-year decrease in our budget. My current thoughts are: First, I was working for a company where we faced potential layoffs, getting as close as to within 24 hours of one. Even just having some job security is extremely appreciated. Second, I work in a WONDERFUL environment. They aren't clock punchers, its about getting the job done. We're not micromanaged and have freedom to try new things. For the public sector, I know those are rare things and I appreciate them. Third, I work on a very talented team. I am probably the weakest member, so for me its a perfect learning/growth opportunity. Finally, its not my employer saying the conference isn't important, its looking at the bottom line and that we are a public entity so its not like we can easily raise more money. Tough decisions must be made. For this particular conference, I decided to try and save up my own money. Unfortunately, my personal life has gotten in the way, so I've resorted to begging. My problem with this is I hate begging, but what am I going to do for future conferences? So should I re-think my acceptance of my employers policy and start looking for a new job? Obviously, it is a personal decision, but I don't have a mentor or close friends to act as sounding boards, so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Microsoft laat studenten gratis Office 365 downloaden

Amerikaanse studenten kunnen vanaf heden zelf gratis een licentie voor Microsoft Office 365 aanvragen.

Mon 2014-09-22.18:34 | [ - Internet]



Security advisories for Monday

Debian has updated mantis (SQL injection flaws) and nginx (virtual host confusion attacks).

Gentoo has updated adobe-flash (multiple vulnerabilities), c-icap (denial of service), chromium (denial of service), and libxml2 (denial of service).

Mageia has updated flash-player-plugin (multiple vulnerabilities), gnupg (MG3: side-channel attack), phpmyadmin (privilege escalation), and zarafa (multiple vulnerabilities).

Mandriva has updated gnupg (side-channel attack).

openSUSE has updated ntp (11.4: denial of service), chromium (13.1, 12.3: multiple vulnerabilities), and phpMyAdmin (13.1, 12.3: privilege escalation).

Red Hat has updated qemu-kvm-rhev (RHEL OSP5.0: multiple vulnerabilities).

SUSE has updated dbus-1 (SLE11 SP3: denial of service).

Ubuntu has updated nss (CA certificate update).

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'Moordenaar Van Gogh handelde niet alleen'

De moordenaar van Theo van Gogh, Mohammed B., heeft bij zijn daad hulp gekregen.

Mon 2014-09-22.17:54 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Treinproblemen rond Schiphol houden aan tot laat in avond

Het treinverkeer rond Schiphol kampt nog zeker tot  22.00 uur met problemen als gevolg van een defecte trein en een kapotte bovenleiding bij de spoorbrug over de Schinkel bij Amsterdam.

Mon 2014-09-22.20:47 | [ - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Hungry Brit giant Daisy Group extends D-day for buying consortium

To buy or not to buy, that is the question facing CEO Riley & Co

The takeover saga at B2B tech and comms outfit Daisy Group looks set to rumble on for a bit longer yet after the London-listed biz again extended the deadline for a consortium of prospective buyers to prepare a bid.…

Mon 2014-09-22.17:58 | [The Register]


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Treinproblemen rond Schiphol houden aan tot laat in avond

Het treinverkeer rond Schiphol kampt nog zeker tot  22.00 uur met problemen als gevolg van een defecte trein. De trein kan pas weg als de bovenleiding is gerepareerd.

Mon 2014-09-22.17:32 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Wettelijk recht op bronbescherming journalist

Journalisten krijgen een wettelijk recht op bronbescherming. Dat verschoningsrecht is echter niet onbeperkt.

Mon 2014-09-22.19:12 | [ - Algemeen]


[Fast Company]

Watch Live: Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks At Climate Week NYC

Tim Cook will address the international sustainability conference at noon ET.

Today at noon ET, Apple CEO Tim Cook will address Climate Week NYC, a yearly gathering on environmental sustainability. This will be Cook's first speech at the conference, where executives from Ikea and Bloomberg are also slated to appear.

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Mon 2014-09-22.16:11 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Can A Search Engine Make You More Creative?

"With Yossarian you can increase the diversity and frequency of your Ah ha! moments." Oh really?

Type "beauty" into Google image search, and you'll see endless photos of white models. Search "beauty" in Yossarian, the metaphorical search engine, and it returns pictures of men shaking hands, a little boy dressed as a super hero, and burning money. Keep scrolling and new understandings of "beauty" pop up.

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Mon 2014-09-22.14:00 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Quote of the Week: Look Failure In The Eye And Keep Going

Get ready for a face-off with your past mistakes and present haters.

Every Monday, tune in to Fast Company Leadership for a quote to get your week started right.

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Mon 2014-09-22.11:25 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How To Turn Monday Into A Day You Actually Enjoy

Ever wish the weekend had just one more day of rest? Rethinking Mondays gets us a little closer to that ideal schedule.

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying an experiment with my Mondays. Rather than making Monday morning my big post-weekend return to work as it is for a lot of people, I've been taking advantage of the flexibility I have to set my own schedule instead. I've dubbed Mondays "head start days", and I've set them aside to do anything that will give me a head start on the week ahead.

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Mon 2014-09-22.11:10 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

4 Steps Toward A More Successful Women-In-Tech Initiative

If you're considering starting a group for fellow tech-focused women at work, you'll want to read this first.

As an advocate for technical women, I meet many people who run the women-in-tech (WIT) group at their company. I'm always curious about what metrics they use to measure the impact of their programs, so I ask. In return I often get slightly embarrassed looks.

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iPhone 6-rijen vol geruzie en dubieuze handelaars

Gadgetliefhebbers in New York ingeruild voor arrestaties en doodsbedreigingen.

Mon 2014-09-22.16:13 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Eerste verkoopcijfers iPhone 6 zeggen nog niks

Zijn het er 6,5 miljoen? Of maar liefst 11 miljoen? Nee, het zijn er 10 miljoen geworden (update).

Mon 2014-09-22.08:55 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Lambda the Ultimate - Programming Languages Weblog]

Breaking the Complexity Barrier of Pure Functional Programs with Impure Data Structures

Breaking the Complexity Barrier of Pure Functional Programs with Impure Data Structures by Pieter Wuille and Tom Schrijvers:

Pure functional programming language offer many advantages over impure languages. Unfortunately, the absence of destructive update, imposes a complexity barrier. In imperative languages, there are algorithms and data structures with better complexity. We present our project for combining existing program transformation techniques to transform inefficient pure data structures into impure ones with better complexity. As a consequence, the programmer is not exposed to the impurity and retains the advantages of purity.

This paper is along the same lines a question I asked a couple of years ago. The idea here is to allow programming using immutable interfaces, and then automatically transform it into a more efficient mutable equivalent.


Britse muziekindustrie stuurt 100 miljoen takedownverzoeken naar Google

De British Phonographic Industry, branchevereniging voor de platenindustrie in het Verenigd Koninkrijk, heeft de 'mijlpaal' van het verzenden van meer dan 100 miljoen takedown-verzoeken naar Google gemeld. Het gemiddeld aantal verwijderingsverzoeken neemt nog steeds toe.

Mon 2014-09-22.16:09 | []

Directeuren Netflix en moederbedrijf van UPC ruziën over netneutraliteit

De ceo's van Netflix en Liberty Global, het moederbedrijf van UPC, botsten op een conferentie in Kopenhagen over netneutraliteit. Als contentleveranciers moeten betalen voor netwerkcapaciteit, dan moeten isp's betalen voor de content, betoogt Netflix-ceo Reed Hastings.

Mon 2014-09-22.15:46 | []

Onderzoekers MIT leren robot usb-kabel inpluggen

Onderzoekers van het Massachusetts Institute of Technology hebben een robot uitgerust met tactiele sensoren, waardoor het in staat is om zelfstandig een usb-kabel op te pakken en in een usb-poort te pluggen. Het experiment is volgens de onderzoekers een bijzondere ontwikkeling.

Mon 2014-09-22.15:24 | []

Apple verkoopt tien miljoen exemplaren iPhone 6 en 6 Plus

Apple heeft in het openingsweekeinde meer dan tien miljoen exemplaren van zijn iPhone 6 en 6 Plus verkocht. Dat zijn er meer dan van de iPhone 5s en 5c, waar Apple er vorig jaar ongeveer negen miljoen van verkocht in het eerste weekeinde.

Mon 2014-09-22.14:50 | []

Wine 1.7.27

Er is met versienummer 1.7.27 een nieuwe ontwikkelbuild van Wine verschenen. Wine is een opensource-implementatie van de Windows-api. De software maakt het mogelijk om DOS- en Windows-programma's op Linux, FreeBSD en Solaris te draaien.

Mon 2014-09-22.14:44 | []

Duitse justitie onderzoekt hack GCHQ op satellietprovider

Het Duitse Openbaar Ministerie is een onderzoek begonnen naar de vermeende hack op een Duitse satelliet-internetprovider. Die zou zijn gepleegd door de Britse geheime dienst GCHQ. De hack kwam vorige week aan het licht.

Mon 2014-09-22.14:38 | []

KPN en T-Mobile komen in 2015 met oplossing vervallen tegoed uit databundel

KPN en T-Mobile gaan in 2015 hun abonnementen aanpassen, zodat mensen niet langer te veel betalen, doordat ze aan het einde van de maand veel data uit hun bundel over hebben. Wat ze precies gaan doen, is vooralsnog onbekend.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:48 | []

Marssonde komt aan bij Mars

Na een ruimtereis van bijna een jaar is de NASA-marssonde Maven in een baan om Mars gebracht. De sonde moet antwoorden verschaffen op de vraag hoe vrijwel de hele atmosfeer van Mars kon verdampen.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:22 | []

'Slimme thermostaten van Heatmiser zijn kwetsbaar voor aanvallen' - update

De 'slimme' thermostaten van de Britse firma Heatmiser zijn volgens een beveiligingsonderzoeker door een pover uitgevoerde beveiliging uiterst kwetsbaar. De apparaten kunnen op diverse manieren aangevallen worden.

Mon 2014-09-22.10:36 | []
[The Register]

Yes, you heard me, I sold 10 MEELLION iPhones at the weekend – Apple CEO

But what did you do on Sunday, Tim Cook?

Apple has claimed to have broken its iPhone sales records yet again after shifting 10 million units in the weekend after a new pair of mobes were released.…

Mon 2014-09-22.17:24 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Huawei's top UK mobile man walks out in shock resignation

Where could former Samsung man be off to next?

Mark Mitchinson, executive veep of Huawei's UK and Ireland consumer devices division, will leave the Chinese firm at the end of the month.…

Mon 2014-09-22.16:55 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Bill Gates, drugs and the internet: Top 10 Larry Ellison quotes

'I certainly never expected to become rich ... this is surreal'

When it comes to soundbites, Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison is a pro. Reporters show up not just to hear what he says, but how he says it.…

Mon 2014-09-22.14:01 | [The Register]



How Our Botched Understanding of "Science" Ruins Everything

An anonymous reader writes "Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes at The Week, "If you ask most people what science is, they will give you an answer that looks a lot like Aristotelian 'science' — i.e., the exact opposite of what modern science actually is. Capital-S Science is the pursuit of capital-T Truth. And science is something that cannot possibly be understood by mere mortals. It delivers wonders. It has high priests. It has an ideology that must be obeyed. This leads us astray. ... Countless academic disciplines have been wrecked by professors' urges to look 'more scientific' by, like a cargo cult, adopting the externals of Baconian science (math, impenetrable jargon, peer-reviewed journals) without the substance and hoping it will produce better knowledge. ... This is how you get people asserting that 'science' commands this or that public policy decision, even though with very few exceptions, almost none of the policy options we as a polity have have been tested through experiment (or can be). People think that a study that uses statistical wizardry to show correlations between two things is 'scientific' because it uses high school math and was done by someone in a university building, except that, correctly speaking, it is not. ... This is how you get the phenomenon ... thinking science has made God irrelevant, even though, by definition, religion concerns the ultimate causes of things and, again, by definition, science cannot tell you about them. ... It also means that for all our bleating about 'science' we live in an astonishingly unscientific and anti-scientific society. We have plenty of anti-science people, but most of our 'pro-science' people are really pro-magic (and therefore anti-science). "

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2014-09-22.16:42 | [Slashdot]

Update: Mangalyaan's Main Engine Test Fired, Maven In Orbit

William Robinson writes Before the spacecraft is scheduled to enter Mars orbit, Indian Space Research Organization (Isro) scientists reignited the Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft's main engine for four seconds as a trial. The liquid apogee motor (LAM) engine has been idle for about 300 days since the spacecraft left the Earth's orbit on a Martian trajectory on December 1, 2013. The short-duration test was to ensure that the engine is in good shape for the 24-minute crucial maneuver on Wednesday." In other Mars mission updates, NASA's Maven spacecraft arrived at Mars late Sunday after a 442 million-mile journey that began nearly a year ago.

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Nobody's Neutral In Net Neutrality Debate

ygslash writes Michael Wolff at USA Today has a long list of the many stakeholders in the net neutrality debate, and what each has to gain or lose. The net neutrality issue has made its way into the mainstream consciousness, thanks to grassroots activism and some help from John Oliver on HBO. But it's not as simple as just net neutrality idealists versus the cable companies or versus the FCC. One important factor that has raised the stakes in net neutrality is the emergence ("unanticipated" by Wolff, but not by all of us) of the Internet as the primary medium for distribution of video content. And conversely, the emergence of video content in general and Netflix in particular as by far the most significant consumers of Internet bandwidth. So anyone involved in the distribution of video content has a lot to gain or lose by the outcome of the net neutrality struggle.

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Wettelijk recht op bronbescherming journalist

Journalisten krijgen een wettelijk recht op bronbescherming. Dat verschoningsrecht is echter niet onbeperkt.

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Onderzoeksrechter van proces 'jihadronselaar' gehaald

De rechter-commissaris in het vooronderzoek tegen de vermeende 'jihadronselaar' Abou Moussa moet worden vervangen door een andere onderzoeksrechter.

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The British Museum plonks digital bricks on world of Minecraft

Institution confirms it's cool with joining the blocky universe

The British Museum has enlisted the help of Redditors to get a model of the museum and its exhibits into the highly popular Minecraft game universe.…

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Home Depot ignored staff warnings of security fail laundry list

'Just use cash', former security staffer warns friends

Home Depot is facing claims it ignored security warnings from staff, who say prior to its loss of 56 million credit cards, it failed to update anti virus since 2007, did not consistently monitor its network for signs of attack, and failed to properly audit its eventually-hacked payment terminals.…

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LOHAN wraps Kickstarter tin-rattling at £30,725

Ballocket mission funded - award yourselves beer

We invite all of you who backed our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mission Kickstarter tin-rattling to award yourselves a beer or two, in celebration of the campaign closing yesterday at £30,750.…

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Al vijftien Nederlanders onderzocht na ebolaverdenking

De afgelopen weken zijn ongeveer vijftien mensen in Nederland onderzocht op ebola, nadat ze terug waren gekomen uit een risicogebied en ziek waren geworden.

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Demonstratie tegen leenstelsel op Malieveld aangekondigd

Diverse jongerenorganisaties organiseren op 14 november een grote demonstratie tegen het afschaffen van de basisbeurs. Dat laten de organisaties maandag weten aan

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BlackBerry makes a comeback with SQUARE smartphones

Plus PC PIMs from company formerly known as RIM

Analysis BlackBerry, which suffered one of the most sudden and catastrophic crashes of any technology company, begins its comeback on Wednesday. It marks the end of almost 18 months in the wilderness and out of the public eye.…

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Kickstarter Lays Down New Rules For When a Project Fails

An anonymous reader writes "In a blog post, Kickstarter announced several updates to its terms of use for projects. From the article: "Kickstarter has iterated on its policies several times since it launched in 2009, with the most recent wave of revisions surrounding the site's transition from only posting projects cleared by the staff to clearing all projects that meet a basic set of criteria. Even still, some projects lack clear goals, encounter setbacks, or fail to deliver, like the myIDkey project that has burned through $3.5 million without yet to distributing a finished product. The most recent terms revision is timely: on Thursday, science fiction author Neal Stephenson announced that a game he Kickstarted in 2012 with $526,000 in funding was officially canceled."

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Hundreds of Thousands Turn Out For People's Climate March In New York City

mdsolar writes with an update on the People's Climate March. More than 400,000 people turned out for the People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday, just days before many of the world's leaders are expected to debate environmental action at the United Nations climate summit. Early reports from event organizers are hailing the turnout as the largest climate march in history, far bigger than the Forward on Climate rally held in Washington, D.C., last year. High-profile environmentalists including Bill McKibben, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Goodall and Vandana Shiva marched alongside policymakers such as Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former Vice President Al Gore were also there, and more than 550 buses carried in people from around the country.

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Ericsson follows Broadcom to modem Mordor

Swedes ring off

Ericsson, once the major manufacturer of modems, is planning to leave the business. The move will see 1,000 redundancies and 500 people moving to other Ericsson projects, such as small cells.…

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Jesus phone RAISED from DEAD. Watch iPhone 6 get BURNED, DROWNED, SMASHED

Go on, fandroids, you're allowed to giggle

Vid Apple's latest iPhones are the toughest mobes ever made, if the results of a sadistic insurer's torture test are to be believed.…

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FastCo Studios Launches With 4 New Video Series

Point your browsers toward: Power Couples, The 29th Floor, Creative Director For A Day, and Brand Evolution.

Here at Fast Company we not only cover innovation, we strive to be innovative ourselves.

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Feeling Unsatisfied? Get Thee To A Library And Feel Like You Got A Raise

The well-being gained from library patronage is equal to a $2,200 increase in salary.

How do you quantify a public good? Library supporters have struggled with this problem for a long time, as public libraries are often the first institutions up on a budget-slasher's chopping block. But a recent study from the London School of Economics bolsters the value of libraries in a major way. By translating well-being gained from visits to the library into dollars, the study's authors conclude that a year of library visits is equivalent to a little more than a $2,200 raise.

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The New Drug Safety Awareness Message: Eat Your Pot Brownies, But Stay Chill

Now that pot is legal in Colorado and Washington, marijuana advocates have decided it's time for a different kind of public service announcement.

An entire generation remembers the frying eggs ads that told us "This is your brain on drugs" on TV.

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Explore The Private Collection Of A Mid-Century Design Power Couple

Twentytwentyone is auctioning one-of-a-kind treasures once owned by Robin and Lucienne Day.

For generations of students, the chair is instantly recognizable: the curved polypropylene seat, the small hole at the small of the back, the slim legs. Designed by Robin Day in 1971 and still sold by Hille, the Series E chair is a bona fide.

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This Zero-Electricity Lamp Glows With Octopus Bacteria

Who needs bulbs when you have bioluminescence?

Bioluminescent waves are one of nature's most extraordinary sights. oxygen mixes with water, compounds inside aquatic bacteria begin to glow, and the ocean ignites with an otherworldly glow.

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XSS-exploit doet websites uitbundig dansen

Do the Harlem Shake!

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Inside the Wolfram Language

Video of Stephen Wolfram showing off the Wolfram Language and sharing his perspective on the design of the language at Strange Loop conference.

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What's in store for the most widely used language by discerning hackers?

Or, in other words, what's the future of Emacs Lisp (and unavoidable HN discussion).

The original message contains some interesting tidbits. I am not sure how the discussion on emacs-devel will develop. But speculating about things such as Guile elisp is, of course, our bailiwick.

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An operational and axiomatic semantics for non-determinism and sequence points in C

In a recent LtU discussion, naasking comments that "I always thought languages that don't specify evaluation order should classify possibly effectful expressions that assume an evaluation order to be errors". Recent work on the C language has provided reasonable formal tools to reason about evaluation order for C, which has very complex evaluation-order rules.

An operational and axiomatic semantics for non-determinism and sequence points in C
Robbert Krebbers

The C11 standard of the C programming language does not specify the execution order of expressions. Besides, to make more effective optimizations possible (e.g. delaying of side-effects and interleav- ing), it gives compilers in certain cases the freedom to use even more behaviors than just those of all execution orders.

Widely used C compilers actually exploit this freedom given by the C standard for optimizations, so it should be taken seriously in formal verification. This paper presents an operational and ax- iomatic semantics (based on separation logic) for non-determinism and sequence points in C. We prove soundness of our axiomatic se- mantics with respect to our operational semantics. This proof has been fully formalized using the Coq proof assistant.

One aspect of this work that I find particularly interesting is that it provides a program (separation) logic: there is a set of inference rules for a judgment of the form \(\Delta; J; R \vdash \{P\} s \{Q\}\), where \(s\) is a C statement and \(P, Q\) are logical pre,post-conditions such that if it holds, then the statement \(s\) has no undefined behavior related to expression evaluation order. This opens the door to practical verification that existing C program are safe in a very strong way (this is all validated in the Coq theorem prover).

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Luca Cardelli Festschrift

Earlier this week Microsoft Research Cambridge organised a Festschrift for Luca Cardelli. The preface from the book:

Luca Cardelli has made exceptional contributions to the world of programming
languages and beyond. Throughout his career, he has re-invented himself every
decade or so, while continuing to make true innovations. His achievements span
many areas: software; language design, including experimental languages;
programming language foundations; and the interaction of programming languages
and biology. These achievements form the basis of his lasting scientific leadership
and his wide impact.
Luca is always asking "what is new", and is always looking to
the future. Therefore, we have asked authors to produce short pieces that would
indicate where they are today and where they are going. Some of the resulting
pieces are short scientific papers, or abridged versions of longer papers; others are
less technical, with thoughts on the past and ideas for the future. We hope that
they will all interest Luca.

Hopefully the videos will be posted soon.

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Re-thinking Prolog

A recent paper by Oleg Kiselyov and Yukiyoshi Kameyama at the university of Tsukuba discusses weaknesses and areas for improvement to Prolog.

Quite many computations and models are mostly deterministic. Implementing them in Prolog with any acceptable performance requires the extensive use of problematic features such as cut. Purity is also compromised when interfacing with mainstream language libraries, which are deterministic and cannot run backwards. Divergence is the constant threat, forcing the Prolog programmers to forsake the declarative specification and program directly against the search strategy. All in all, Classical Prolog is the exquisite square peg in the world with mostly round holes

The strong points of Prolog can be brought into an ordinary functional programming language. Using OCaml as a representative, we implement lazy guessing as a library, with which we reproduce classical Prolog examples. Furthermore, we demonstrate parser combinators that use committed choice (maximal munch) and can still be run forwards and backwards. They cannot be written in Classical Prolog. Logic variables, unification, and its WAM compilation strategy naturally emerge as a "mere optimization" of the Herbrand universe enumeration.

The paper mentions the strength of the approach used by miniKanren (which embeds logic programming with fairer search strategy than normal Prolog into Scheme) and Hansei (which embeds probability based nondeterminism into Ocaml using delimited continuations to allow direct-style expression of monadic code).

After motivating some choices by studying the prototypical example of running append backwards they cover running parsers with "maximal munch" rule backwards - something that cannot be (declaratively) expressed in prolog.

A very interesting paper on logic programming! It also thanks Tom Schrijvers of CHR fame at the end.

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Scratch jr

Scratch jr is an iPad version of the Scratch environment, designed with young kids in mind. It is the best kid-oriented programming tool I tried so far, and my five year old has great fun making "movies" with it. As I noted on twitter an hour after installing, the ability to record your own voice and use it for your sprites is a killer feature. Check it out!

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Scala woes?

A fork in the back? See discussion over at HN. People in the know are encouraged to shed light on the situation.

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Howard on Curry-Howard

Philip Wadler posts his exchange with William Howard on history of the Curry-Howard correspondence. Howard on Curry-Howard.

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Cost semantics for functional languages

There is an ongoing discussion in LtU (there, and there) on whether RAM and other machine models are inherently a better basis to reason about (time and) memory usage than lambda-calculus and functional languages. Guy Blelloch and his colleagues have been doing very important work on this question that seems to have escaped LtU's notice so far.

A portion of the functional programming community has long been of the opinion that we do not need to refer to machines of the Turing tradition to reason about execution of functional programs. Dynamic semantics (which are often perceived as more abstract and elegant) are adequate, self-contained descriptions of computational behavior, which we can elevate to the status of (functional) machine model -- just like "abstract machines" can be seen as just machines.

This opinion has been made scientifically precise by various brands of work, including for example implicit (computational) complexity, resource analysis and cost semantics for functional languages. Guy Blelloch developed a family of cost semantics, which correspond to annotations of operational semantics of functional languages with new information that captures more intentional behavior of the computation: not only the result, but also running time, memory usage, degree of parallelism and, more recently, interaction with a memory cache. Cost semantics are self-contained way to think of the efficiency of functional programs; they can of course be put in correspondence with existing machine models, and Blelloch and his colleagues have proved a vast amount of two-way correspondences, with the occasional extra logarithmic overhead -- or, from another point of view, provided probably cost-effective implementations of functional languages in imperative languages and conversely.

This topic has been discussed by Robert Harper in two blog posts, Language and Machines which develops the general argument, and a second post on recent joint work by Guy and him on integrating cache-efficiency into the model. Harper also presents various cost semantics (called "cost dynamics") in his book "Practical Foundations for Programming Languages".

In chronological order, three papers that are representative of the evolution of this work are the following.

Parallelism In Sequential Functional Languages
Guy E. Blelloch and John Greiner, 1995.
This paper is focused on parallelism, but is also one of the earliest work carefully relating a lambda-calculus cost semantics with several machine models.

This paper formally studies the question of how much parallelism is available in call-by-value functional languages with no parallel extensions (i.e., the functional subsets of ML or Scheme). In particular we are interested in placing bounds on how much parallelism is available for various problems. To do this we introduce a complexity model, the PAL, based on the call-by-value lambda-calculus. The model is defined in terms of a profiling semantics and measures complexity in terms of the total work and the parallel depth of a computation. We describe a simulation of the A-PAL (the PAL extended with arithmetic operations) on various parallel machine models, including the butterfly, hypercube, and PRAM models and prove simulation bounds. In particular the simulations are work-efficient (the processor-time product on the machines is within a constant factor of the work on the A-PAL), and for P processors the slowdown (time on the machines divided by depth on the A-PAL) is proportional to at most O(log P). We also prove bounds for simulating the PRAM on the A-PAL.

Space Profiling for Functional Programs
Daniel Spoonhower, Guy E. Blelloch, Robert Harper, and Phillip B. Gibbons, 2011 (conference version 2008)

This paper clearly defines a notion of ideal memory usage (the set of store locations that are referenced by a value or an ongoing computation) that is highly reminiscent of garbage collection specifications, but without making any reference to an actual garbage collection implementation.

We present a semantic space profiler for parallel functional programs. Building on previous work in sequential profiling, our tools help programmers to relate runtime resource use back to program source code. Unlike many profiling tools, our profiler is based on a cost semantics. This provides a means to reason about performance without requiring a detailed understanding of the compiler or runtime system. It also provides a specification for language implementers. This is critical in that it enables us to separate cleanly the performance of the application from that of the language implementation. Some aspects of the implementation can have significant effects on performance. Our cost semantics enables programmers to understand the impact of different scheduling policies while hiding many of the details of their implementations. We show applications where the choice of scheduling policy has asymptotic effects on space use. We explain these use patterns through a demonstration of our tools. We also validate our methodology by observing similar performance in our implementation of a parallel extension of Standard ML

Cache and I/O efficient functional algorithms
Guy E. Blelloch, Robert Harper, 2013 (see also the shorter CACM version)

The cost semantics in this last work incorporates more notions from garbage collection, to reason about cache-efficient allocation of values -- in that it relies on work on formalizing garbage collection that has been mentioned on LtU before.

The widely studied I/O and ideal-cache models were developed to account for the large difference in costs to access memory at different levels of the memory hierarchy. Both models are based on a two level memory hierarchy with a fixed size primary memory (cache) of size \(M\), an unbounded secondary memory, and assume unit cost for transferring blocks of size \(B\) between the two. Many algorithms have been analyzed in these models and indeed these models predict the relative performance of algorithms much more accurately than the standard RAM model. The models, however, require specifying algorithms at a very low level requiring the user to carefully lay out their data in arrays in memory and manage their own memory allocation.

In this paper we present a cost model for analyzing the memory efficiency of algorithms expressed in a simple functional language. We show how many algorithms written in standard forms using just lists and trees (no arrays) and requiring no explicit memory layout or memory management are efficient in the model. We then describe an implementation of the language and show provable bounds for mapping the cost in our model to the cost in the ideal-cache model. These bound imply that purely functional programs based on lists and trees with no special attention to any details of memory layout can be as asymptotically as efficient as the carefully designed imperative I/O efficient algorithms. For example we describe an \(O(\frac{n}{B} \log_{M/B} \frac{n}{B})\) cost sorting algorithm, which is optimal in the ideal cache and I/O models.

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Stream Processing with a Spreadsheet

ECOOP 2014 paper (distinguished) by Vaziri et. al, abstract:

Continuous data streams are ubiquitous and represent such a high volume of data that they cannot be stored to disk, yet it is often crucial for them to be analyzed in real-time. Stream processing is a programming paradigm that processes these immediately, and enables continuous analytics. Our objective is to make it easier for analysts, with little programming experience, to develop continuous analytics applications directly. We propose enhancing a spreadsheet, a pervasive tool, to obtain a programming platform for stream processing. We present the design and implementation of an enhanced spreadsheet that enables visualizing live streams, live programming to compute new streams, and exporting computations to be run on a server where they can be shared with other users, and persisted beyond the life of the spreadsheet. We formalize our core language, and present case studies that cover a range of stream processing applications.

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Safely Composable Type-Specific Languages

Cyrus Omar, Darya Kurilova, Ligia Nistor, Benjamin Chung, Alex Potanin, and Jonathan Aldrich, "Safely Composable Type-Specific Languages", ECOOP14.

Programming languages often include specialized syntax for common datatypes (e.g. lists) and some also build in support for specific specialized datatypes (e.g. regular expressions), but user-defined types must use general-purpose syntax. Frustration with this causes developers to use strings, rather than structured data, with alarming frequency, leading to correctness, performance, security, and usability issues. Allowing library providers to modularly extend a language with new syntax could help address these issues. Unfortunately, prior mechanisms either limit expressiveness or are not safely composable: individually unambiguous extensions can still cause ambiguities when used together. We introduce type-specific languages (TSLs): logic associated with a type that determines how the bodies of generic literals, able to contain arbitrary syntax, are parsed and elaborated, hygienically. The TSL for a type is invoked only when a literal appears where a term of that type is expected, guaranteeing non-interference. We give evidence supporting the applicability of this approach and formally specify it with a bidirectionally typed elaboration semantics for the Wyvern programming language.

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A Next Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform

A Next Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform, Vitalik Buterin.

When Satoshi Nakamoto first set the Bitcoin blockchain into motion in January 2009, he was simultaneously introducing two radical and untested concepts. The first is the "bitcoin", a decentralized peer-to-peer online currency that maintains a value without any backing, intrinsic value or central issuer. So far, the "bitcoin" as a currency unit has taken up the bulk of the public attention, both in terms of the political aspects of a currency without a central bank and its extreme upward and downward volatility in price. However, there is also another, equally important, part to Satoshi's grand experiment: the concept of a proof of work-based blockchain to allow for public agreement on the order of transactions. Bitcoin as an application can be described as a first-to-file system: if one entity has 50 BTC, and simultaneously sends the same 50 BTC to A and to B, only the transaction that gets confirmed first will process. There is no intrinsic way of determining from two transactions which came earlier, and for decades this stymied the development of decentralized digital currency. Satoshi's blockchain was the first credible decentralized solution. And now, attention is rapidly starting to shift toward this second part of Bitcoin's technology, and how the blockchain concept can be used for more than just money.

Commonly cited applications include using on-blockchain digital assets to represent custom currencies and financial instruments ("colored coins"), the ownership of an underlying physical device ("smart property"), non-fungible assets such as domain names ("Namecoin") as well as more advanced applications such as decentralized exchange, financial derivatives, peer-to-peer gambling and on-blockchain identity and reputation systems. Another important area of inquiry is "smart contracts" - systems which automatically move digital assets according to arbitrary pre-specified rules. For example, one might have a treasury contract of the form "A can withdraw up to X currency units per day, B can withdraw up to Y per day, A and B together can withdraw anything, and A can shut off B's ability to withdraw". The logical extension of this is decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) - long-term smart contracts that contain the assets and encode the bylaws of an entire organization. What Ethereum intends to provide is a blockchain with a built-in fully fledged Turing-complete programming language that can be used to create "contracts" that can be used to encode arbitrary state transition functions, allowing users to create any of the systems described above, as well as many others that we have not yet imagined, simply by writing up the logic in a few lines of code.

Includes code samples.

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InterState: A Language and Environment for Expressing Interface Behavior

An interesting paper by Oney, Myers, and Brandt in this year's UIST. Abstract:

InterState is a new programming language and environment that addresses the challenges of writing and reusing user interface code. InterState represents interactive behaviors clearly and concisely using a combination of novel forms of state machines and constraints. It also introduces new language features that allow programmers to easily modularize and reuse behaviors. InterState uses a new visual notation that allows programmers to better understand and navigate their code. InterState also includes a live editor that immediately updates the running application in response to changes in the editor and vice versa to help programmers understand the state of their program. Finally, InterState can interface with code and widgets written in other languages, for example to create a user interface in InterState that communicates with a database. We evaluated the understandability of InterState’s programming primitives in a comparative laboratory study. We found that participants were twice as fast at understanding and modifying GUI components when they were implemented with InterState than when they were implemented in a conventional textual event-callback style. We evaluated InterState’s scalability with a series of benchmarks and example applications and found that it can scale to implement complex behaviors involving thousands of objects and constraints.

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Workshop on Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU)

We are having another PLATEAU workshop at SPLASH 2014. We have a new category for "Hypotheses Papers" and thought this would be particularly appealing to the LTU community.

Programming languages exist to enable programmers to develop software effectively. But how efficiently programmers can write software depends on the usability of the languages and tools that they develop with. The aim of this workshop is to discuss methods, metrics and techniques for evaluating the usability of languages and language tools. The supposed benefits of such languages and tools cover a large space, including making programs easier to read, write, and maintain; allowing programmers to write more flexible and powerful programs; and restricting programs to make them more safe and secure.

PLATEAU gathers the intersection of researchers in the programming language, programming tool, and human-computer interaction communities to share their research and discuss the future of evaluation and usability of programming languages and tools.

Some particular areas of interest are:
- empirical studies of programming languages
- methodologies and philosophies behind language and tool evaluation
- software design metrics and their relations to the underlying language
- user studies of language features and software engineering tools
- visual techniques for understanding programming languages
- critical comparisons of programming paradigms
- tools to support evaluating programming languages
- psychology of programming

Submission Details

PLATEAU encourages submissions of three types of papers:

Research and position papers: We encourage papers that describe work-in-progress or recently completed work based on the themes and goals of the workshop or related topics, report on experiences gained, question accepted wisdom, raise challenging open problems, or propose speculative new approaches. We will accept two types of papers: research papers up to 8 pages in length; and position papers up to 2 pages in length.

Hypotheses papers: Hypotheses papers explicitly identify beliefs of the research community or software industry about how a programming language, programming language feature, or programming language tool affects programming practice. Hypotheses can be collected from mailing lists, blog posts, paper introductions, developer forums, or interviews. Papers should clearly document the source(s) of each hypothesis and discuss the importance, use, and relevance of the hypotheses on research or practice. Papers may also, but are not required to, review evidence for or against the hypotheses identified. Hypotheses papers can be up to 4 pages in length.

Papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library at the authors’ discretion.

Important Dates

Workshop paper submission due - 1 August, 2014
Notification to authors - 22 August, 2014
Early registration deadline - 19 September, 2014


Josh Bloch, former Chief Java Architect at Google and Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems.

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Interactive scientific computing; of pythonic parts and goldilocks languages

Graydon Hoare has an excellent series of (two) blog posts about programming languages for interactive scientific computing.
technicalities: interactive scientific computing #1 of 2, pythonic parts
technicalities: interactive scientific computing #2 of 2, goldilocks languages

The scenario of these posts is to explain and constrast the difference between two scientific computing languages, Python and "SciPy/SymPy/NumPy, IPython, and Sage" on one side, and Julia on the other, as the result of two different design traditions, one (Python) following Ousterhout's Dichotomy of having a convenient scripting language on top of a fast system language, and the other rejecting it (in the tradition of Lisp/Dylan and ML), promoting a single general-purpose language.

I don't necessarily buy the whole argument, but the posts are a good read, and have some rather insightful comments about programming language use and design.

Quotes from the first post:

There is a further split in scientific computing worth noting, though I won't delve too deep into it here; I'll return to it in the second post on Julia. There is a division between "numerical" and "symbolic" scientific systems. The difference has to do with whether the tool is specialized to working with definite (numerical) data, or indefinite (symbolic) expressions, and it turns out that this split has given rise to quite radically different programming languages at the interaction layer of such tools, over the course of computing history. The symbolic systems typically (though not always) have much better-engineered languages. For reasons we'll get to in the next post.


I think these systems are a big deal because, at least in the category of tools that accept Ousterhout's Dichotomy, they seem to be about as good a set of hybrid systems as we've managed to get so far. The Python language is very human-friendly, the systems-level languages and libraries that it binds to are well enough supported to provide adequate speed for many tasks, the environments seem as rich as any interactive scientific computing systems to date, and (crucially) they're free, open source, universally available, easily shared and publication-friendly. So I'm enjoying them, and somewhat hopeful that they take over this space.

Quotes from the second:

the interesting history here is that in the process of implementing formal reasoning tools that manipulate symbolic expressions, researchers working on logical frameworks -- i.e. with background in mathematical logic -- have had a tendency to produce implementation languages along the way that are very ... "tidy". Tidy in a way that befits a mathematical logician: orthogonal, minimal, utterly clear and unambiguous, defined more in terms of mathematical logic than machine concepts. Much clearer than other languages at the time, and much more amenable to reasoning about. The original manual for the Logic Theory Machine and IPL (1956) makes it clear that the authors were deeply concerned that nothing sneak in to their implementation language that was some silly artifact of a machine; they wanted a language that they could hand-simulate the reasoning steps of, that they could be certain of the meaning of their programs. They were, after all, translating Russel and Whitehead into mechanical form!


In fact, the first couple generations of "web languages" were abysmally inefficient. Indirect-threaded bytecode interpreters were the fast case: many were just AST-walking interpreters. PHP initially implemented its loops by fseek() in the source code. It's a testament to the amount of effort that had to go into building the other parts of the web -- the protocols, security, naming, linking and information-organization aspects -- that the programming languages underlying it all could be pretty much anything, technology-wise, so long as they were sufficiently web-friendly.

Of course, performance always eventually returns to consideration -- computers are about speed, fundamentally -- and the more-dynamic nature of many of the web languages eventually meant (re)deployment of many of the old performance-enhancing tricks of the Lisp and Smalltalk family, in order to speed up later generations of the web languages: generational GC, JITs, runtime type analysis and specialization, and polymorphic inline caching in particular. None of these were "new" techniques; but it was new for industry to be willing to rely completely on languages that benefit, or even require, such techniques in the first place.


Julia, like Dylan and Lisp before it, is a Goldilocks language. Done by a bunch of Lisp hackers who seriously know what they're doing.

It is trying to span the entire spectrum of its target users' needs, from numerical inner loops to glue-language scripting to dynamic code generation and reflection. And it's doing a very credible job at it. Its designers have produced a language that seems to be a strict improvement on Dylan, which was itself excellent. Julia's multimethods are type-parametric. It ships with really good multi-language FFIs, green coroutines and integrated package management. Its codegen is LLVM-MCJIT, which is as good as it gets these days.


Onderzoekers verbeteren vloeibare accu's

Onderzoekers zijn er in geslaagd accu's op basis van gesmolten metalen aanzienlijk te verbeteren, waardoor de inzet voor de opslag van energie afkomstig van duurzame bronnen dichterbij komt. De accu's behouden hun capaciteit grotendeels, zelfs na tien jaar laden en ontladen.

Mon 2014-09-22.14:13 | []

Dragers Moto 360-smartwatches klagen over 'ingebrand' scherm na opladen

Een aantal bezitters van de Moto 360, een smartwatch van Motorola, klagen over een 'ingebrand' scherm na het opladen van het horloge. Het fenomeen van luie pixels, ofwel 'image persistance', maken het lastig om de lcd af te lezen.

Mon 2014-09-22.14:11 | []

qBittorrent 3.1.10

Er is een nieuwe versie van qBittorrent is verschenen. Deze opensource-torrentclient heeft versies voor Windows, Linux, OS X en FreeBSD, en toont geen advertenties. Het programma wordt met Qt4 ontwikkeld en is gebaseerd op libtorrent (rasterbar) en Boost. Het programma is het geesteskind van de Franse student Christophe Dumez, die er sinds maart 2006 aan werkt. Tegenwoordig wordt het door de community onderhouden. In versie 3.1.10 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Mon 2014-09-22.14:09 | []

nVidia GeForce Experience

Nvidia heeft versie van GeForce Experience uitgebracht. Dit programma is bedoeld voor de fanatieke gamer en moet ertoe leiden dat de Nvidia-videokaart optimaal wordt gebruikt. Niet alleen houdt het in de gaten of er nieuwe drivers beschikbaar zijn, ook kijkt het programma of op de computer aanwezige spellen de best mogelijke instellingen gebruiken. Zo niet, dan kan dat met een simpele klik worden aangepast. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om beelden uit een spel op te nemen. In deze uitgave zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen doorgevoerd:

Mon 2014-09-22.13:07 | []

Onderzoekers maken bewegingsherkenning met behulp van signaal 2g en 3g

Onderzoekers van een Amerikaanse universiteit hebben een methode ontwikkeld om handbewegingen boven het toestel te detecteren door middel van het meten van de invloed van de hand op het mobiele signaal. Tot nu toe gebeurt dat met infrarood.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:05 | []

Microsoft ontslaat robotica-afdeling

Microsoft heeft het robotteam van zijn researchafdeling ontmanteld, als onderdeel van eerder aangekondigde ontslagen. Dat meldt een van de medewerkers van het team. In totaal ontslaat Microsoft 18.000 mensen.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:00 | []

Cooler Master introduceert NovaTouch TKL-toetsenbord

Cooler Master heeft het Novatouch TKL-toetsenbord aangekondigd. Het keyboard gebruikt een capacitief mechanisme waardoor volgens de fabrikant toetsaanslagen nauwkeuriger en sneller worden herkend.

Mon 2014-09-22.12:49 | []

'GTA V krijgt mogelijk first-person-modus voor PS4, Xbox One en pc'

Grand Theft Auto V krijgt mogelijk een first-person-modus in de versies voor de PlayStation 4, Xbox One en pc. Daarnaast worden er mogelijk extra features, zoals dieren en nieuwe wapens, aan het spel worden toegevoegd.

Mon 2014-09-22.12:20 | []

'HP sprak over fusie met EMC'

HP heeft gesprekken gehad over een fusie met EMC, een bedrijf dat is gespecialiseerd in grootschalige data-opslag en virtualisatie. De gesprekken zouden echter zijn afgelopen, waardoor onduidelijk is of de overname van de baan is

Mon 2014-09-22.12:07 | []
[ - Internet]

'KPN en T-Mobile gaan databundel houdbaar maken'

KPN en T-Mobile zullen mogelijk nieuwe abonnementen introduceren waarin datategoeden mee kunnen worden genomen naar een volgende maand.

Mon 2014-09-22.14:37 | [ - Internet]
[Schneier on Security]

Security for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a report titled "Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications: Readiness of V2V Technology for Application." It's very long, and mostly not interesting to me, but there are security concerns sprinkled throughout: both authentication to ensure that all the communications are accurate and can't be spoofed, and privacy to ensure that the communications can't be used to track cars. It's nice to see this sort of thing thought about in the beginning, when the system is first being designed, and not tacked on at the end.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:03 | [Schneier on Security]
[The Register]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone movie: report

Batman's Robin knows all about the bewildered orphan look

Batman and Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly set to play Edward Snowden in director Oliver Stone's latest film.…

Mon 2014-09-22.14:28 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Microsoft delays Xbox One launch... Big Trouble in Big China?

Not coming to the People's Republic until later this year

Microsoft pushed back the release of its Xbox One console in China to the end of 2014 on Sunday, without explaining why the launch of its product in the People's Republic had been delayed. The Indian launch is expected to take place tonight.…

Sun 2014-09-21.15:40 | [The Register]



The Raid-Proof Hosting Technology Behind 'The Pirate Bay' writes Ernesto reports at TorrentFreak that despite its massive presence the Pirate Bay doesn't have a giant server park but operates from the cloud, on virtual machines that can be quickly moved if needed. The site uses 21 "virtual machines" (VMs) hosted at different providers, up four machines from two years ago, in part due to the steady increase in traffic. Eight of the VM's are used for serving the web pages, searches take up another six machines, and the site's database currently runs on two VMs. The remaining five virtual machines are used for load balancing, statistics, the proxy site on port 80, torrent storage and for the controller. In total the VMs use 182 GB of RAM and 94 CPU cores. The total storage capacity is 620 GB. One interesting aspect of The Pirate Bay is that all virtual machines are hosted with commercial cloud hosting providers, who have no clue that The Pirate Bay is among their customers. "Moving to the cloud lets TPB move from country to country, crossing borders seamlessly without downtime. All the servers don't even have to be hosted with the same provider, or even on the same continent." All traffic goes through the load balancer, which masks what the other VMs are doing. This also means that none of the IP-addresses of the cloud hosting providers are publicly linked to TPB. For now, the most vulnerable spot appears to be the site's domain. Just last year TPB burnt through five separate domain names due to takedown threats from registrars. But then again, this doesn't appear to be much of a concern for TPB as the operators have dozens of alternative domain names standing by.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:57 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Weekend reads: Tales of Madchester in Chapter and Verse plus Shark and Ring of Steel

New Order guitarist’s kiss ’n’ tell and Will Self waxes lyrical

Page File El Reg bookworm Mark Diston reviews the latest literary treats. Lauded wordsmith Will Self's new novel takes some extraordinary twists and turns. Joy Division and New Order guitarist Bernard Sumner tells his life story and Alexander Watson delivers a unique take on WWI, history, not from the victors, but as told from the centre of events.

Sat 2014-09-20.11:35 | [The Register]


[The Register]

One-time direct sales giant Dell weds world's largest tech distie... in the UK

Do you, Dell UK, take Ingram Micro to have and to hold?

Privately owned Dell has finally tipped its cap in the direction of broadline distribution by hauling in Ingram Micro to carry its entire line card across Blighty.…

Mon 2014-09-22.13:42 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Staff unions call for removal of controversial UN patent agency chief

Masked meeting to be held in Geneva tonight

Three unions representing United Nations staff have called for the immediate removal of Francis Gurry, the controversial boss of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).…

Mon 2014-09-22.13:18 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Apple's iPhone 6 first-day sales are MEANINGLESS, mutters analyst

Big weekend queues only represent fruity firm's supply

Record iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sales trumpeted by Apple reveal very little about demand, says an analyst, this is because of the limited supplies of the mobes provided to stores in the initial few days.…

Sun 2014-09-21.23:40 | [The Register]


[ - Algemeen]

Oekraïne trekt zware wapens terug van frontlinie

Het Oekraïense leger bereidt zich maandag voor om artillerie en andere zware wapens terug te trekken van de frontlinie.

Mon 2014-09-22.16:55 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Nieuw 10-eurobiljet vanaf dinsdag in omloop

Dinsdag brengt de Europese Centrale Bank het nieuwe bankbiljet van 10 euro in omloop.

Mon 2014-09-22.13:07 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

A4 vrijgegeven na ongeluk met vrachtwagen

Het verkeer kan weer onbelemmerd over de A4 richting Den Haag. Het gedeelte bij Roelofarendsveen, richting Den Haag, is maandag rond kwart voor 1 volledig vrijgegeven.

Mon 2014-09-22.12:49 | [ - Algemeen]


[ - Algemeen]

Europese Commissie verscherpt beveiliging gebouwen

De Europese Commissie scherpt de beveiliging aan rond haar gebouwen in Brussel. Dat heeft eurocommissaris Maros Sefkovic laten weten, meldt persbureau Belga maandag.

Mon 2014-09-22.16:11 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Groot studentenprotest in Hongkong tegen macht China

Duizenden studenten in Hongkong zijn maandag begonnen met grootschalige protesten tegen de verregaande invloed van China. Ze gaan een week lang niet naar de colleges aan de Chinese Universiteit van Hongkong.

Mon 2014-09-22.12:45 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Wetsvoorstel afschaffen basisbeurs studenten naar Kamer

Het wetsvoorstel van minister Jet Bussemaker (Onderwijs) om een einde te maken aan de basisbeurs is maandagmiddag naar de Tweede Kamer gestuurd.

Mon 2014-09-22.16:00 | [ - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Mushy spam law's IDEAL for toothless watchdog: Spamhaus slams CAN-SPAM

One in 10 non-compliance? It's worse than that, even in the US

Antispam organisation Spamhaus has reacted phlegmatically to a recent survey that one in 10 of the world’s largest online retailers are still violating the CAN-SPAM Act, a full 10 years after the US anti-spam legislation went into effect.…

Mon 2014-09-22.12:33 | [The Register]


[ - Algemeen]

Hermetische afsluiting Sierra Leone vanwege ebola voorbij

Miljoenen Sierra Leoners mogen maandag hun huizen weer verlaten nadat het land drie dagen lang hermetisch was afgesloten vanwege de ebola-epidemie.

Mon 2014-09-22.12:00 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Poetin overweegt Russische deelname aan strijd tegen IS

De Russische president Vladimir Poetin overweegt deelname aan de strijd tegen strijders van de Islamitische Staat (IS).

Mon 2014-09-22.14:31 | [ - Algemeen]



Vrvana's Totem HMD Puts a Camera Over Each Eye

The Verge reports that Montreal startup Vrvana has produced a prototype of its promised (and crowd-funded) VR Totem headset. One interesting aspect of the Totem is the inclusion of front-facing cameras, one over each eye, the output of which can be fed to the displays. Reviewer Mike Futter has worn a prototype, and seems to be generally impressed, writing at Game Informer: Vrvana’s device offers 1080p resolution and features 90-degree field of view (the same as the Project Morpheus, but less than the Oculus Rift's 100-degree FOV), an OLED display, and adjustable lenses that can compensate for lens prescription. The HMD is usable by glasses wearers, but the tuning provides an option for those that don't want to wear corrective lenses while in VR. The system connects via HDMI to any source, and can model 3D (side-by-side) from game consoles as virtual reality right now. The Totem is currently compatible with all Oculus developer kit 1 applications, and Vrvana is working on getting DK2 experiences working. The prototype I wore was a good proof of concept, but didn't yet feature the OLED screen. This led to increased persistence due to the LCD. The head tracking also wasn't perfect, requiring some software tuning to prevent drift (something easily surmountable down the road). The clarity was impressive, rivaling some of the best experiences I've had with a Rift or Morpheus.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2014-09-22.10:50 | [Slashdot]


[The Register]

EE buys 58 Phones 4u stores for £2.5m after picking over carcass

Operator says it will safeguard 359 jobs, plans lick of paint

EE has scooped up 58 Phones 4u stores from the beleaguered High Street retailer, one week after it slipped into administration.…

Mon 2014-09-22.11:31 | [The Register]


[Webwereld Feed]

ADV: 4 redenen om smartphonebeveiliging vandaag serieus te nemen

Smartphones van medewerkers op het bedrijfsnetwerk zijn een grote zorg voor netwerkbeheerders. De apparaten vol spelletjes en privé-apps slaan grote gaten in de zorgvuldig opgeworpen beschermingswallen die bedrijfsgegevens en –systemen moeten beschermen.

Mon 2014-09-22.08:00 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Star Wars wil digitale beschermmuur tegen drones

Filmmakers worden gek van gluurders, maar douane wil DroneShield niet vrijgegeven.

Mon 2014-09-22.09:24 | [Webwereld Feed]

FlashFXP 5.0.0 build 3771

OpenSight Software heeft versie 5.0.0 van FlashFXP uitgebracht. Deze ftp-client kan niet alleen bestanden van en naar een ftp-server verplaatsen, maar ook direct bestanden tussen twee servers uitwisselen, zonder dat de data eerst langs de client hoeft te gaan. Lang niet alle ftp-programma's ondersteunen dit zogeheten file-exchange-protocol. De software is in een groot aantal talen, waaronder de Nederlandse, te gebruiken en een levenslange licentie gaat voor 30 dollar van de hand. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, U3 en een 'gewone' usb-drive. De changelog voor deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

Mon 2014-09-22.08:47 | []

AIMP 3.60 build 1425 bèta 2

De tweede bètarelease van versie 3.60 van de mediaspeler AIMP is verschenen. Deze gratis lichtgewichtmediaspeler van Russische makelij heeft ondersteuning voor de populairste muziekformaten. Het uiterlijk heeft wat weg van het bekende Winamp en is door middel van skins aan te passen. AIMP heeft een 18-kanaalsequalizer aan boord en ondersteunt plug-ins. Verder kan het programma cd's rippen, muziekbestanden converteren en tags bewerken. In deze release zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Mon 2014-09-22.08:45 | []

Mp3tag 2.64

Florian Heidenreich heeft versie 2.64 van Mp3tag uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen de metatags van de meest gangbare muziekformaten worden aangepast. Ondersteuning is aanwezig voor ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes Mp5, wma, Vorbis-comments en Ape-tags. Verder kunnen de bestandsnamen aan de hand van die tags worden aangepast en kunnen playlists worden gegenereerd. In deze release zijn onder meer enkele json-functies toegevoegd en is de Italiaanse vertaling verbeterd.

Mon 2014-09-22.08:43 | []

'China blokkeert privacybewuste zoekmachine DuckDuckGo'

Het lijkt er op dat de Chinese overheid de op privacy gerichte zoekmachine DuckDuckGo op de zwarte lijst heeft gezet. Eerder blokkeerde de Chinese overheid al de toegang tot Google voor zijn onderdanen. Het is niet bekend waarom de website is geblokkeerd.

Mon 2014-09-22.08:18 | []

Apple Safari 7.1

Apple heeft nieuwe versies van zijn webbrowser Safari uitgebracht. Deze webbrowser is alleen voor OS X beschikbaar; de ontwikkeling van de Windows-versie is alweer enige tijd geleden gestaakt. Versie 7.1 wordt standaard meegeleverd met OS X-versie 10.9.5 en heeft onder meer de mogelijkheid om DuckDuckGo als standaardzoekmachine in te stellen. Verder worden zoekopdrachten nu versleuteld naar Yahoo gestuurd en gaat de browser beter om met om met documenten die met Reader kunnen worden geopend en het automatisch aanvullen van websites.

Sun 2014-09-21.22:57 | []


[The Register]

SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD – courting speed freaks and gamers

10-year warranties are the new black

Review Typical. Just when we've gotten over the shock of a SSD drive being offered with a 10-year warranty, namely Samsung’s SSD850 PRO (reviewed recently), when another appears on the block, this time from SanDisk.…

Mon 2014-09-22.11:01 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Soundbites: News in brief from the Wi-Fi audiophile files

DTS and Sonos sing out but not off the same hymnsheet

Listen up! Here are some soundbites - so to speak - from Wi-FIispeaker/player suppliers.…

Mon 2014-09-22.10:32 | [The Register]


[ - Algemeen]

Obama wil wereldwijd verbod op reizen strijders

De Amerikaanse president Barack Obama wil dat de VN-veiligheidsraad een resolutie aanneemt waarmee het voor potentiële strijders onmogelijk wordt om naar oorlogsgebieden af te reizen.

Mon 2014-09-22.10:22 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Vertragingen rond Schiphol door defecte trein

Het treinverkeer tussen Amsterdam en Schiphol wordt maandagochtend gehinderd door een defecte trein.

Mon 2014-09-22.11:49 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Internet]

'App kan stress en depressie herkennen'

Een app kan door het gebruik van sensoren herkennen of de gebruiker stress heeft of depressief is.

Mon 2014-09-22.10:09 | [ - Internet]
[The Register]

Hey, what's a STORAGE company doing working on Internet-of-Cars?

Boo - it's not a terabyte car, it's just predictive maintenance and that

It’s the coming internet of driven things; HDS is working with the Clarion car audio biz on Internet-connected cars.…

Mon 2014-09-22.09:57 | [The Register]


[ - Algemeen]

Blair wil grondtroepen tegen IS niet uitsluiten

Volgens de Britse oud-premier Tony Blair zijn luchtaanvallen alleen niet genoeg om Islamitische Staat (IS) uit te schakelen en moet het sturen van grondtroepen niet worden uitgesloten.

Mon 2014-09-22.11:24 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

Doden door explosies in Chinese regio Xinjiang

Zeker twee mensen zijn door meerdere explosies om het leven gekomen in het noordwesten van China. De explosies vonden zondag plaats in de autonome regio Xinjiang.

Mon 2014-09-22.09:45 | [ - Algemeen]


[ - Algemeen]

Vluchtelingen vermist na zinken vlot voor kust Libië

Zo'n veertig vluchtelingen zijn vermist nadat hun vlot ongeveer vijftig kilometer voor de kust van Libië was vergaan.

Mon 2014-09-22.09:14 | [ - Algemeen]
[ - Algemeen]

A59 weer open na kettingbotsing met vijf auto's

De A59 richting Zierikzee is weer vrijgegeven na een kettingbotsing met vijf auto's.

Mon 2014-09-22.09:16 | [ - Algemeen]


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