Tue 2016-02-09


[NU - Algemeen]

Justitie eist vier jaar cel tegen dealer witte heroïne

Het Openbaar Ministerie heeft dinsdag vier jaar cel geëist tegen Flip S., wegens poging tot doodslag op drie Deense toeristen en drugshandel. S. staat terecht in de zaak rond de als cocaïne verhandelde witte heroïne.

Tue 2016-02-09.14:13 | [NU - Algemeen]



The Internet of Broken Things

szczys writes: The Internet of Things is all the hype these days. On one side we have companies clamoring to sell you Internet-Connected-everything to replace all of the stuff you already have that is now considered "dumb." On the other side are security researchers screaming that we're installing remote access with little thought about securing it properly. The truth is a little of both is happening, and that this isn't a new thing. It's been around for years in industry, the new part is that it's much wider spread and much closer to your life. Al Williams walks through some real examples of the unintended consequences of IoT, including his experiences building and deploying devices, and some recent IoT gaffs like the NEST firmware upgrade that had some users waking up to an icy-cold home.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2016-02-09.14:03 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Wilders reageert fel op kritiek van Spekman

PVV-leider Geert Wilders heeft dinsdag fel gereageerd op de kritiek van PvdA-voorman Hans Spekman dat hij een gevaar zou zijn voor democratie en rechtsstaat. Volgens Wilders demoniseert de PvdA hem nu zoals eerder Pim Fortuyn.

Tue 2016-02-09.14:05 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Groningse nieuwsstartup krijgt investering van 3,7 miljoen

De Groningse startup Crowdynews, die nieuwsmedia beter inzicht wil geven in sociale media, heeft met een investeringsronde 3,7 miljoen euro opgehaald.

Tue 2016-02-09.13:54 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

DataGravity CEO, on layoffs: A little pruning doesn't hurt

Unless you're the one being pruned. Not that he'd know

Comment Fresh fruit blosssoms on new wood and a little pruning doesn't hurt. So said John Joseph, DataGravity's president and founder as he discussed the recent headcount reduction.…

Tue 2016-02-09.14:04 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Private clouds kind of suck

Enterprises want them, but they're still a pain in the ASCII

Sysadmin Blog Are enterprises really starting to act like service providers? If you ask vendors, social media and "thought influencers" hired to speak at conferences, the answer is yes. I'm not so sure.…

Tue 2016-02-09.13:42 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

Viacom Extends Deal With Snapchat To Include Selling Ads On Its Behalf

Deal will help Viacom generate revenue lost from falling TV ratings.

Viacom, the owner of television networks including MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, and Nickelodeon, has signed a multiyear deal with disappearing messaging app Snapchat to sell ads on the app's behalf, confirms Reuters. News of a likely deal was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

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Tue 2016-02-09.13:15 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

What We Learned During Chipotle's First Company-Wide Food Safety Meeting

Chipotle closed all its U.S. locations today to train employees on its new food safety procedures; here's what they said.

  • Chipotle said the investigation into last year's food contaminations has failed to find a direct cause.
  • The company announced a far-reaching new food safety program for Chipotle managers, servers, and suppliers.
  • The company announced a $10 million program to assist local food suppliers in complying with new safety guidelines.
  • Sick employees must now stay away from the workplace for five days after symptoms from an illness disappear; the time off will be paid.

In an unprecedented move, Chipotle has temporarily shuttered all of its U.S. stores today for a company-wide meeting with its employees. The fast casual trendsetter is discussing changes to both its ingredients and its food preparation methods, following a spate of reports linking Chipotle to foodborne illnesses.

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Mon 2016-02-08.17:41 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How The Most Successful People Ask Questions

The most intelligent and successful people ask a lot of questions. Here's how to use what you don't know to your advantage.

Asking the right questions can mean the difference between success and failure. Unfortunately, asking questions can also feel uncomfortable.

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Mon 2016-02-08.11:44 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

How These Companies Have Created Kid-Friendly Offices For Working Parents

Companies with staffs ranging from 22 to over 800 are making a place for kids so employees can be more productive.

A working mother I know recently told me that toggling between parenting a toddler and the demands of managing a department and a staff of three is a tightrope walk. Some days, everything worked smoothly, boosting her confidence in her career path and her childrearing choices. Other days, when her child got sick or daycare was closed due to weather, the disruption and reallocation of her time threatened to tip the fine balance between work and family. "It's stressful," she confesses. "It makes me feel like I'm not doing well at either job," asking not to reveal her name, in case her boss reads the article.

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Mon 2016-02-08.11:35 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

10 Research-Proven Things Working Parents Can Stop Feeling Guilty About

Missing dinner, allowing screen time, going back to work: There are a lot of things we worry about that aren't a big deal.

Talk to any group of working parents, and the word "guilt" comes up a lot. Whether it's about leaving the office while your colleagues are still there, or if you're spending enough time with your kids, it's easy to feel like you're not doing anything right.

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Mon 2016-02-08.11:02 | [Fast Company]
[Webwereld Feed]

Zinloze malware-takedown blijkt zinvol

Bankingtrojan verdwijnt daadwerkelijk na oppakken crimineel erachter.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:41 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Microsoft's Azure Stack beta krijgt DevOps-tools

Twee weken na de eerste publieke beta release.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:35 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Webwereld Feed]

Meer sync-opties voor admins met Windows 10

Bepaal met wie, wat en wanneer.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:09 | [Webwereld Feed]

Sublime Text 3.0 build 3103 bèta

Sublime Text is een uitgebreide teksteditor die vooral programmeurs zal aanspreken. Onder de lange lijst mogelijkheden treffen we onder andere een minimap aan, de mogelijkheid om verschillende secties in een tekst te selecteren, die dan tegelijk bewerkt kunnen worden, syntax-highlighting met ondersteuning voor meer dan veertig talen, en de mogelijkheid om van macro's en op Python gebaseerde plug-ins gebruik te gemaken. Sublime Text is beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en OS X. Een licentie kost 70 dollar en is per gebruiker, niet per machine. Op dit moment is versie 3.0 in ontwikkeling en zijn we inmiddels bij build 3103 aanbeland. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Tue 2016-02-09.13:05 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Mozilla Firefox 44.0.1

Mozilla heeft een update voor versie 44 van zijn webbrowser Firefox uitgebracht. In versie 44 wordt beter weergegeven wanneer Firefox problemen met certificaten detecteert of als er een onbetrouwbare verbinding is. Verder zal de op een systeem aanwezige h.264-decoder worden gebruikt voor het weergeven van video. Indien er geen h.264-decoder aanwezig is, zal WebM/ VP9 video-ondersteuning ingeschakeld worden. Ook is er, net als in Google Chrome, ondersteuning voor brotli-compressie over https-verbindingen. in deze update zijn verder nog de volgende problemen verholpen:

Tue 2016-02-09.12:59 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Amazon biedt gratis te gebruiken eigen game-engine aan

Amazon heeft zijn eigen 3d-game engine uitgebracht. De Amazon Lumberyard-engine is gratis te gebruiken en is gebaseerd op Crytek's CryEngine. Voor online multiplayer biedt Amazon zijn GameLift service aan waar wel een prijs aanhangt.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:59 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Steam gebruikt verouderde Chromium-browser

Steam maakt gebruik van de opensourceversie van Googles Chrome-browser, Chromium. Daarvoor gebruikt Steam de voorlaatste stabiele versie van de browser, nummer 47, die uit het bèta-kanaal kwam op 1 december 2015. De huidige stabiele versie is nummer 48.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:31 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Adobe brengt opvolger van Flash Professional 'Animate CC' uit

Adobe heeft zijn animatiesoftware Flash Professional een naamswijziging gegeven naar Animate CC. Naast de andere naam zijn er een groot aantal andere aanpassingen doorgevoerd. Het animatiepakket blijft wel ondersteuning bieden voor Flash.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:28 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Asus kondigt RP-AC68U-repeater met leds voor signaalsterkte aan

Asus heeft een 802.11ac-repeater aangekondigd die van vijf gigabitethernetpoorten is voorzien. De opvallend vormgegeven router bevat rode leds die de signaalsterkte aangeven zodat de gebruiker deze eenvoudig op de beste plek kan zetten.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:05 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Franse toezichthouder stelt Facebook ultimatum om overtredingen privacywet

De Franse privacytoezichthouder CNIL geeft Facebook drie maanden om zich aan de geldende privacywetgeving te houden. Zo zou het sociale netwerk onder andere niet-gebruikers volgen en nog steeds gebruikmaken van de ongeldig verklaarde Safe Harbour-regeling.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:57 | [http://tweakers.net/]

1Password voegt unlocken met vingerafdruk toe aan Android-app

AgileBits 1Password heeft in de update naar versie 6 ondersteuning gekregen voor unlocken door middel van een vingerafdruk. Het unlocken van de wachtwoordmanager door het leggen van een vinger op de scanner werkt alleen op toestellen met Android 6.0 en hoger die dit ondersteunen.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:28 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Cisco waarschuwt voor kwetsbaarheden in slimme thermostaat van Trane

Beveiligingslekken in een slimme thermostaat van Trane maakten het mogelijk om met een standaardwachtwoord in te loggen het apparaat en om via een bufferoverflow-aanval willekeurige code uit te voeren. Het duurde meer dan een jaar voordat er een oplossing kwam.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:08 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Burgercoalitie: 'AIVD heeft van rechtbank carte blanche voor dataverzameling'

De coalitie Burgers tegen Plasterk heeft het aangetekende hoger beroep toegelicht bij het gerechtshof in Den Haag in de zaak over het uitwisselen van data tussen geheime diensten. De coalitie diende hier een memorie van grieven voor in.

Mon 2016-02-08.20:49 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[NU - Algemeen]

Ledental politieke partijen op laagste punt

De ledenaantallen van de politieke partijen in de Tweede Kamer zijn ook in 2015 verder afgenomen. Begin 2016 tellen de partijen 285.851 leden, wat het laagste aantal is na de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Tue 2016-02-09.13:26 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Oorlogsmisdadiger en rechterhand Mladic overleden

De voormalige Bosnisch-Servische generaal Zdravko Tolimir is in de nacht van maandag op dinsdag in de gevangenis overleden. 

Tue 2016-02-09.13:25 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one

Otherwise, everything's just fine and dandy

The world’s wealthiest activist shareholder, Steve Ballmer, has offered another critique of Microsoft, the company he helped build.…

Tue 2016-02-09.13:17 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Doden en veel gewonden bij botsing twee treinen in Duitsland

In Bad Aibling bij Rosenheim in de Duitse deelstaat Beieren zijn dinsdagochtend twee passagierstreinen op elkaar gebotst. Daarbij zijn negen doden gevallen en meer dan honderd gewonden.

Tue 2016-02-09.14:15 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Doden na bomaanslag op markt Damascus

Bij een club in de Syrische hoofdstad Damascus is dinsdag een autobom ontploft. Daarbij zijn meerdere doden en gewonden gevallen. 

Tue 2016-02-09.14:14 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

What took you so long, Twitter? Micro blogging site takes on the trolls

U mad bro?

Twitter is seeking to stamp out the anonymous bullies and trolls who blight the “social” media site. Today the company announced the Twitter Trust & Safety Council, comprising more than 40 organisations and outside experts.…

Tue 2016-02-09.13:03 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

Uber legt dienst tijdelijk stil in Parijs

Uber heeft zijn dienst in Parijs dinsdag tijdelijk stilgelegd uit protest tegen het overheidsoptreden tegen taxiapps zoals Uber. 

Tue 2016-02-09.12:42 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Actifio CEO talks about growth, quietly sacks bunch of staff

Copy data reducing startup goes into staff reducing mode

Copy data reduction startup Actifio has laid off some staff, the fifth storage startup we've heard about this month to do so.…

Tue 2016-02-09.12:36 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Stembussen New Hampshire geopend voor voorverkiezingen VS

In het Amerikaanse New Hampshire zijn dinsdagmiddag (Nederlandse tijd) de stembussen geopend voor de tweede voorverkiezingen.

Tue 2016-02-09.13:17 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Silent Nork satellite tumbling in orbit

Pyongyang not yet ready to nuke California

North Korean "Earth observation" satellite Kwangmyongsong-4 is "tumbling in orbit", according to US officials, suggesting a second failure by Pyongyang to get a functioning satellite aloft.…

Tue 2016-02-09.12:18 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Zweedse aanklager wil Assange nog steeds ondervragen in Londen

De Zweedse aanklager die de beschuldigingen tegen Wikileaks-voorman Julian Assange onderzoekt, heeft een nieuw verzoek ingediend om de Australiër te ondervragen in de Ecuadoraanse ambassade in Londen. 

Tue 2016-02-09.12:18 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Asscher reageert op racistische en beledigende scheldpartijen

Minister van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid en vicepremier Lodewijk Asscher spreekt op zijn Facebookpagina de mensen toe die hem via sociale media racistisch en beledigend benaderen.

Tue 2016-02-09.12:11 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Algemeen]

Nederlandse volleyballer bekent in Britse verkrachtingszaak

Een Nederlandse volleyballer zit in Groot-Brittannië vast voor verkrachting van een twaalfjarig meisje. De 21-jarige profsporter uit Den Haag bekende maandag schuld voor de Britse rechter.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:56 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Amazon UK boss is 'most powerful' man in food and drink

We will, we will rock you

"He doesn’t run any supermarkets and his market share in groceries is minuscule. But Chris North gives grocery the shivers.”…

Tue 2016-02-09.12:01 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

KNMI waarschuwt voor zware windstoten in Limburg

Het KNMI heeft dinsdag voor de provincie Limburg opnieuw code geel afgegeven. Inwoners van de provincie en carnavalsvierders moeten rekening houden met harde wind.  

Tue 2016-02-09.11:45 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

Witte Huis op zoek naar eerste hoofd cybersecurity

Het Witte Huis gaat voor het eerst iemand aannemen die specifiek de leiding krijgt over de cyberveiligheid van de Amerikaanse overheid.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:33 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Imation: Data storage? No, come to us for, er, investment advice

Hands out cash for activist investor's fund to manage, too

Analysis Activist investor-controlled Imation is setting up an investment advisor subsidiary and putting $20m into an offshore investment fund controlled by the activist investor controlling Imation.…

Tue 2016-02-09.11:38 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Russian ATM-popping gang used nation state cybercrook tactics

Be very slow with the brute force, Igor. Three times a week, only on Saturdays

Cybercrooks are increasingly adopting tactics from more advanced hackers in order to steal millions of dollars from banks and other financial institutions.…

Tue 2016-02-09.11:17 | [The Register]



Are Roads Safer With No Central White Lines?

Press2ToContinue writes: White lines along the center of roads have been removed in parts of the UK, with some experts saying it encourages motorists to slow down. So is it the beginning of the end for the central road marking? You are driving along the road when the dotted white line that has been your companion — separating your car from oncoming traffic — suddenly disappears. One theory is that you will slow down, making the road safer. What could possibly go wrong?

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2016-02-09.10:58 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Ex-TalkTalker TalkTalks: Records portal had shared password. It was 4 years old

Is that how crims nicked the engineers' data?

Exclusive Fraudsters who attempted to scam TalkTalk customers by using records of their maintenance engineer visits are thought to have bought that info from current or former staff.…

Tue 2016-02-09.11:01 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Dell PowerEdge R730: Reg rack monkeys crack smiles over kindness of engineers

Steady on: Nothing shocking, but it's good kit nonetheless

Review: Dell is a company with many arms: it does servers, laptops, desktops and like its competitors, tries to have those arms positioned in as many different areas of IT as possible. The server arm has extended us a Poweredge R730 2U server to review and it has served as a good reminder of why Dell servers are so popular.…

Tue 2016-02-09.10:37 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Canonical reckons Android phone-makers will switch to Ubuntu

Desktop Linux to spring Google's OEM prisoner partners

Canonical is courting Google’s Android partners in the hope they'll break ranks with the Chocolate Factory and deliver devices powered by Ubuntu.…

Tue 2016-02-09.10:22 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Brits best French in Euro securo pwn party

Chronic infections keep a third of baguette-bashers off net shops

Brits are less likely than the French to be p0wned by malware, phishing, or to have their privacy violated by some wretched online service, but are far more vulnerable than the Dutch, the European Union's numbers office has found.…

Tue 2016-02-09.07:42 | [The Register]



The Witness: kleurrijk puzzelspel

The Witness is een uitdagende, kleurrijke puzzelgame waar ontwikkelaar Jonathan Blow al sinds 2008 aan heeft gewerkt. Het resultaat mag er dan ook zeker zijn.

Tue 2016-02-09.09:00 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Intel maakt overklokken non-K-Skylake-processors onmogelijk met update

Bios-updates met code van Intel voor moederborden gaan het onmogelijk maken voor gebruikers om Skylake-processors die niet in de K-serie vallen, nog langer te overklokken. Overklokkers konden Celerons en Pentiums opvoeren en moederbordenfabrikanten adverteerden hiermee.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:55 | [http://tweakers.net/]

TomTom leverde in jaar tijd 600.000 gps-horloges

Het Nederlandse bedrijf TomTom heeft in een jaar tijd 600.000 gps-horloges geleverd. Dat blijkt uit de kwartaalcijfers van de fabrikant. Daarmee groeide het aantal geleverde horloges met 20 procent ten opzichte van 2014.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:49 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[The Register]

Nokia kicks off pre-MWC race with tech show-and-tell

Al-Lu, Al-Lu... Notice anything new about us?

And then there were four: the Big Five mobile network vendors are reduced to a quartet, though Cisco will be hoping that its new alliance with Ericsson will admit it to the inner circle, while Samsung and NEC remain hopeful of harnessing virtualisation to improve their radio access network (RAN) business.…

Tue 2016-02-09.10:05 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Picking apart the circuits in the ARM1 – the ancestor of your smartphone brain

Silicon layout reverse-engineered

Pic Ever since the silicon blueprints of the ARM1 – the grandfather of today's smartphone processors – were recovered in November, hardware guru Ken Shirriff has been poring over the layout and reverse-engineering the landmark chip.…

Tue 2016-02-09.09:39 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

Twitter roept 'veiligheidsraad' in het leven om misbruik tegen te gaan

Twitter heeft een speciale veiligheidsraad opgezet die het sociale medium zal gaan adviseren bij het tegengaan van misbruik en bedreigingen. 

Tue 2016-02-09.09:48 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

France joins India in telling Facebook to just Zuck off

Orders The Social NetworkTM to stop sending data to USA, tracking non-members

Monday June 8th will go down as a bad day in Facebook history, after France joined India by telling the social network to Zuck off.…

Tue 2016-02-09.09:18 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Microsoft researchers break the homomorphic encryption speed barrier

Cryptonets chew data fast but keep it safe

Exclusive Microsoft researchers, in partnership with academia, have published a paper detailing how they have dramatically increased the speed of homomorphic encryption systems.…

Tue 2016-02-09.09:02 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Ready for a nostalgia kick? Usborne has put its old computer books on the web for free

Landmark 1980s tutorials now available for download

UK publishing house Usborne is giving out its iconic 1980s programming books as free downloads.…

Tue 2016-02-09.08:21 | [The Register]


[The Register]

Scary RAM-gobbling bug in SQL Server 2014 exposed by Visual Studio online outage

Query-size predictor ran amok, grabbed nearly 4GB per login

Microsoft techies have pinpointed the SQL query that smashed the software giant's Visual Studio Team Services offline for several hours.…

Tue 2016-02-09.08:41 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Arrestatiebevel bouwer Taiwanese flat Tainan

Het Openbaar Ministerie in de stad Tainan in het zuiden van Taiwan heeft dinsdag een arrestatiebevel uitgevaardigd voor de bouwer van de torenflat die afgelopen zaterdag instortte door een aardbeving.

Tue 2016-02-09.11:56 | [NU - Algemeen]
[NU - Internet]

100.000 projecten gefinancierd via crowdfundingsite Kickstarter

Sinds de start van crowdfundingsite Kickstarter in 2009 zijn honderdduizend projecten succesvol gefinancierd.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:14 | [NU - Internet]



Google Working On Wireless Charging For Self-Driving Cars

MikeChino writes: New FCC filings suggest that Google is currently installing wireless charging systems for self-driving cars at its headquarters in Mountain View. The documents suggest that the systems will be installed by Hevo Power and Momentum Dynamics. Both companies offer technology that can wirelessly charge an electric car via plates that are embedded in the ground.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:01 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Spekman vindt Wilders 'gevaarlijk' voor democratie

De voorzitter van de PvdA, Hans Spekman, vindt dat PVV-leider Geert Wilders de democratie en rechtsstaat in gevaar brengt.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:00 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Metel hackers thrash banks in infinite ATM withdrawal night raids

Hoppers drained in sophisticated two-part network smack-down.

Kaspersky researchers Alexander Gostev and Vitaly Kamluk have found a malware gang that can drain ATMs of cash by compromising banks and reversing transactions.…

Tue 2016-02-09.08:02 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

'Amerikaanse provider Verizon verkent bod op Yahoo'

Telecombedrijf Verizon onderzoekt de mogelijkheden om een bod uit te brengen op internetbedrijf Yahoo. 

Tue 2016-02-09.07:48 | [NU - Internet]


[The Register]

GitHub fixes 102 flaws, pays out $95k under bug bounty program

Six in one bugs a bust as boffins boom: Send us mooar!

GitHub says it has paid out US$95,300 over two years under its bug bounty program.…

Tue 2016-02-09.07:20 | [The Register]


[NU - Internet]

Contactinformatie 20.000 FBI-medewerkers verschijnt online

Hackers hebben maandag (lokale tijd) de contactinformatie gepubliceerd van 20.000 werknemers van de Amerikaanse federale recherche FBI. 

Tue 2016-02-09.07:01 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

LIGO boffins set to reveal grav-wave corker

A press conference for a Nature paper? Guess that's a 'yes,' then

After weeks of speculation, the stage is set for Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) boffins to announce their findings.…

Tue 2016-02-09.07:02 | [The Register]


[Planet PostgreSQL]

Christophe Pettus: PostgreSQL High Availability, 2016 Edition

The slides from my talk at PG Day at FOSDEM 2016 are now available.

Tue 2016-02-09.04:46 | [Planet PostgreSQL]
[More Words, Deeper Hole]

today is a good day to buy

Letters to Tiptree is only 99c on @WeightlessBooks

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

Tue 2016-02-09.05:05 | [More Words, Deeper Hole]


[NU - Internet]

Aandeel Twitter bereikt dieptepunt door geruchten over tijdlijn

Twitter had maandag te maken met een flinke tegenslag op de beurs. Door geruchten over het vernieuwen van de tijdlijn daalde het aandeel van Twitter tot zijn laagste koers ooit.

Tue 2016-02-09.06:11 | [NU - Internet]


[NU - Algemeen]

Nederlandse slepers trekken vastgelopen Indian Ocean vlot

Het vastgelopen containerschip CSCL Indian Ocean is dinsdagochtend vroeg in de Elbe losgetrokken door slepers van Smit Salvage en Kotug Offshore.

Tue 2016-02-09.09:44 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Fleet of 4.77Mhz LCD laptops with 8088 CPUs still alive after 30 years

Reader has 'a couple of dozen' Toshiba T1000s still in use 24/7, and a tale of embezzlement to dazzle

The can of worms we opened when we learned of the server switched off after eighteen years and ten months' service is still wriggling, as a reader has contacted us to tell of nearly 30-year-old laptops still in service.…

Tue 2016-02-09.05:59 | [The Register]
[The Register]

It's 2016 and a font file can own your computer

Libgraphite font library buggy and vulnerable in Firefox, Thunderbird, WordPad and more says Talos

Cisco-owned Talos has announced a bunch of font library bugs present in apps running on Windows and Linux, affecting client and-server-side machines.…

Tue 2016-02-09.04:58 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Telstra mobile in continental TITSUP

Australia's dominant carrier couldn't do 3G and 4G voice and data for a chunk of this afternoon

UPDATE Australia's dominant carrier, Telstra, is experiencing a total inability to support usual performance (TITSUP) on its mobile voice and data networks.…

Tue 2016-02-09.04:13 | [The Register]



China Just Made a Major Breakthrough In Nuclear Fusion Research

New submitter TechnoidNash writes: China announced last week a major breakthrough in the realm of nuclear fusion research. The Chinese Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), was able to heat hydrogen gas to a temperature of near 50 million degrees Celsius for an unprecedented 102 seconds. While this is nowhere near the hottest temperature that has ever been achieved in nuclear fusion research (that distinction belongs to the Large Hadron Collider which reached 4 trillion degrees Celsius), it is the longest amount of time one has been maintained.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Tue 2016-02-09.05:07 | [Slashdot]


[The Register]

Verizon!–Yahoo! takeover! inches! ahead!

The 1990s called and want their cool brands back

Verizon has decided its Yahoo! strategy is important enough to occupy the attention of the CEO of its AOL business unit.…

Tue 2016-02-09.03:58 | [The Register]


[Fast Company]

Trump's "I Don't Want Your Money" Boast Could Bite Him In NH

Voters who donate to a campaign, the research shows, are far more likely to show up and vote for the candidate on primary day.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump repeated his claim that he doesn't want voters' donations, he just wants their votes. But even if Trump has billions of dollars of his own fortune to spend on the campaign, not taking donations could still hurt him.

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Tue 2016-02-09.02:15 | [Fast Company]
[Fast Company]

Mark Zuckerberg Responds To India's Decision To Ban Free Basics

On Monday, Indian regulators ruled to ban Facebook's Free Basics Internet service—but Zuckerberg says that won't keep Facebook out of India.

On Monday afternoon, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to the decision by Indian regulators to ban the social media giant's Free Basics app, which offers limited Internet access to people in emerging countries. The move capped a lengthy tug-of-war between Facebook and India's Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI), which believes that Free Basics compromises net neutrality, the idea that Internet users should be granted equal access to all content.

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Atlassian creates new Android, iOS development teams

What's 'app-ening at the developers' darling? 'We have no comms on that' say flaks

DevOps darling Atlassian has created new development teams for iOS and Android, and is seeking principal developers to lead both.…

Tue 2016-02-09.02:58 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Dublin opnieuw opgeschrikt door moord

De Ierse hoofdstad Dublin is maandag opnieuw opgeschrikt door een moord. De politie houdt er volgens de BBC rekening mee dat het gaat om een vergelding voor een schietpartij in een hotel in de Ierse hoofdstad.

Tue 2016-02-09.07:13 | [NU - Algemeen]



Wolves Howl In Different 'Dialects,' Machine Learning Finds

derekmead writes: Differentiating wolf howls with human ears can prove tricky, so researchers have turned to computer algorithms to suss out if different wolf species howl differently. They think that understanding wolf howls could help improve wolf conservation and management programs. In a study published in the journal Behavioural Processes, a group of international researchers describe using machine learning for the first time to analyze 2,000 wolf howls gathered from both wild and domesticated wolves and their subspecies from around the world.

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Tue 2016-02-09.02:22 | [Slashdot]
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Did a hacker really pwn the FBI, US Homeland Security and the DoJ?

Do we have another OPM disaster, or a NASA hack redux?

Water cooler My Twitter feed's blowing up! My dad's calling about it because even the New York Times is writing about it. The FBI, the US Dept of Homeland Security and the Dept of Justice all got hacked over the weekend? What the hell, man?

Tue 2016-02-09.02:20 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Justitie VS vervolgt weduwe IS-leider vanwege dood hulpverleenster

De Amerikaanse justitie vervolgt de Iraakse vrouw van een gedode IS-leider voor haar rol bij de dood van hulpverleenster Kayla Mueller.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:53 | [NU - Algemeen]



Java Installer Flaw Shows Why You Should Clear Your Downloads Folder

itwbennett writes: On Friday, Oracle published a security advisory recommending that users delete all the Java installers they might have laying around on their computers and use new ones for versions 6u113, 7u97, 8u73 or later. The reason: Older versions of the Java installer were vulnerable to binary planting in the Downloads folder. 'Though considered relatively complex to exploit, this vulnerability may result, if successfully exploited, in a complete compromise of the unsuspecting user's system,' said Eric Maurice, Oracle's software security assurance director, in a blog post.

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How the Cloud Has Changed (Since Last You Looked)

snydeq writes: InfoWorld's Peter Wayner takes a look at the new services and pricing models that are making cloud computing more powerful, complex, and cheaper than it was a few short years ago. 'We get more, but using it isn't always as simple as it could be. Sure, you still end up on root on some box that's probably running Linux, but getting the right performance out of that machine is more complex,' Wayner writes. "But the real fun comes when you try to figure out how to pay for your planned cloud deployment because there are more options than ever. ... In some cases, the cost engineering can be more complex than the software engineering."

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Tue 2016-02-09.00:54 | [Slashdot]

GitHub Open Sources Their Internal Testing Tool

destinyland writes: Last week GitHub released a new open source tool called Scientist, a Ruby-based library they've been using in-house for several years. "It's the most terrifying moment when you flip the switch," GitHub engineer Jesse Toth told one technology reporter, who notes that the tool is targeted at developers transitioning from a legacy system. "Scientist was born when GitHub engineers needed to rewrite the permissions code — one of the most critical systems in the GitHub application." The tool measures execution duration and other metrics for both test and production code during runtime, and Toth reports that they're now also developing new versions in Node.js, C#, and .Net..

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It’s Been 20 Years Since This Man Declared Cyberspace Independence (Wired)

Wired talks with John Perry Barlow on the 20th anniversary of his Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace. "In the modern era of global NSA surveillance, China’s Great Firewall, and FBI agents trawling the dark Web, it’s easy to write off Barlow’s declaration as early dotcom-era hubris. But on his document’s 20th anniversary, Barlow himself wants to be clear: He stands by his words just as much today as he did when he clicked “send” in 1996."

Tue 2016-02-09.00:40 | [LWN.net]

Talos Secure Workstation Is Free-Software Centric — and $3100 [Updated]

jones_supa writes: These days, the motivation to use open source software for many people is to avoid backdoors placed by intelligence organizations and to avoid software that has hidden privacy-intruding characteristics. For the operating system and userspace software, open choices are already available. The last remaining island has been the firmware included in various ROM chips in a computer. Libreboot has introduced an open BIOS, but it is not available for newer systems featuring the Intel ME or AMD PSP management features. Talos' Secure Workstation fills this need, providing a modern system with 8-core POWER8 CPU, 132 GB RAM, and open firmware. The product is currently in a pre-release phase where Raptor Engineering is trying to understand if it's possible to do a production run of the machine. If you are interested, it's worth visiting the official website. Adds an anonymous reader about the new system, which rings in at a steep $3100: "While the engineers found solace in the POWER8 architecture with being more open than AMD/Intel CPUs, they still are searching for a graphics card that is open enough to receive the FSF Respect Your Freedom certification." Update: 02/08 18:44 GMT by T : See also Linux hacker and IBM employee Stewart Smith's talk from the just-completed linux.conf.au on, in which he walks through "all of the firmware components and what they do, including the boot sequence from power being applied up to booting an operating system." Update: 02/08 23:30 GMT by T :FSF Licensing & Compliance Manager Joshua Gay wrote to correct the headline originally appeared with this story, which said that the Talos workstation described was "FSF Certified"; that claim was an error I introduced. "The FSF has not certified this hardware," says Gay, "nor is it currently reviewing the hardware for FSF certification." Sorry for the confusion.

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Yelp's Earnings Report Leaks, Reveals CFO Is Stepping Down

The reviews site's quarterly earnings results were released earlier than expected, causing its stock to ricochet.

Yelp's quarterly earnings report, which was slated to be released later today, was pushed out early, according to CNBC. In its earnings results, the reviews site revealed that CFO Rob Krolik will be resigning sometime this year.

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[Fast Company]

New Bitcoin Rival Currency Will Offer More Anonymity, Say Its Creators

The currency, now in alpha testing, will deploy mathematical techniques that let users keep transaction parties and amounts encrypted.

Digital currencies like bitcoin are touted for their anonymity. But in practice, it can be possible to trace transactions across the shared bitcoin ledger known as the blockchain and figure out who's sending bitcoin to whom.

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[Lambda the Ultimate - Programming Languages Weblog]

Programmatic and Direct Manipulation, Together at Last

A technical report by Ravi Chugh et al. Abstract:

We present the SKETCH-N-SKETCH editor for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that integrates programmatic and direct manipulation, two modes of interaction with complementary strengths. In SKETCH-N-SKETCH, the user writes a program to generate an output SVG canvas. Then the user may directly manipulate the canvas while the system infers realtime updates to the program in order to match the changes to the output. To achieve this, we propose (i) a technique called trace-based program synthesis that takes program execution history into account in order to constrain the search space and (ii) heuristics for dealing with ambiguities. Based on our experience writing more than 40 examples and from the results of a study with 25 participants, we conclude that SKETCH-N-SKETCH provides a novel and effective work- flow between the boundaries of existing programmatic and direct manipulation systems.

This was demoed at PLDI to a lot of fanfare. Also see some videos. And a demo that you can actually play with, sweet!


Instagram voegt mogelijkheid tot account-wisselen toe

Instagram heeft de mogelijkheid meerdere accounts vanuit een account te beheren voor iedereen toegevoegd. De functie zou al sinds versie 7.12.0 in de applicatie aanwezig zijn, maar vooralsnog was de mogelijkheid voor het gros van de gebruikers niet beschikbaar.

Mon 2016-02-08.21:19 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[The Register]

Microsoft crams more tools into its Azure-in-a-box technical preview

Redmond wants silver lining to cloud stack

Barely a week after releasing the first preview of its cloud-in-a-box Azure Stack, Microsoft has doubled down with new tools for the code base.…

Tue 2016-02-09.00:30 | [The Register]



Carbon Dioxide From the Air Converted Into Methanol

Zothecula writes: The danger posed by rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide has seen many schemes proposed to remove a proportion it from the air. Rather than simply capture this greenhouse gas and bury it in the ground, though, many experiments have managed to transform CO2 into useful things like carbon nanofibers or even fuels, such as diesel. Unfortunately, the over-arching problem with many of these conversions is the particularly high operating temperatures that require counterproductive amounts of energy to produce relatively low yields of fuel. Now researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) claim to have devised a way to take CO2 directly from the air and convert it into methanol using much lower temperatures and in a correspondingly simpler way.

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[NU - Algemeen]

VS wil 'zo snel mogelijk' afweersysteem raketten naar Zuid-Korea

De Verenigde Staten willen "zo snel mogelijk" een raketafweersysteem richting Zuid-Korea sturen.

Tue 2016-02-09.08:19 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Security? We haven't heard of it, says hacker magnet VTech

Toymaker says its insecurity is your fault – read the T&Cs and weep

Insecure kiddie-IoT-tat merchant VTech has decided its insecurity is its users' fault.…

Mon 2016-02-08.23:31 | [The Register]

Mon 2016-02-08



Instagram Launches Account Switching On iOS and Android

Today, Instagram announced that users will be able to switch between up to five different accounts when using the app on iOS and Android. This new feature will be available later this week, when users download version 7.15 of the app. According to a blog post from the company, "Go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you'll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you're using at the moment."

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Cisco recalls switches that could short power to the case. And hurt you

You'll never think of 'Cisco Live' in quite the same way again

Cisco is recalling a bunch of industrial Ethernet switches because it discovered the power source wiring could potentially short to the case.…

Mon 2016-02-08.08:21 | [The Register]



Sen. Blumenthal Demands Lifting of IT 'Gag' Order

dcblogs writes: U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the layoff and replacement of IT workers by foreign workers at a state energy utility. But he is also demanding that the utility, Eversource Energy, drop a particularly restrictive non-disparagement clause that laid off employees had to sign to receive their severance. This clause bars discussion "that would tend to disparage or discredit" the utility. [emphasis added] He wants the employees, who had to train foreign replacements, to be able to state "honestly what happened to them."

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Mon 2016-02-08.22:57 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Internet]

Facebook moet stoppen met volgen niet-gebruikers in Frankrijk

De Franse privacywaakhond heeft Facebook bevolen om binnen drie maanden te stoppen met het volgen van niet-gebruikers van Facebook zonder hun toestemming.

Tue 2016-02-09.06:10 | [NU - Internet]
[The Register]

Anova takes small slice of failing AOptix

Free-space optics vendor crashes, burns

Free-space optics vendor AOptix is reportedly on skid row, with Anova Technologies catching part of the company on the way down.…

Mon 2016-02-08.22:58 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Zuidwesterstorm over hoogtepunt heen

Nederland heeft maandag officieel te maken gehad met een zuidwesterstorm. Tegen het eind van de avond was de storm over haar hoogtepunt heen.

Mon 2016-02-08.22:50 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

CSIRO says it's not firing scientists, it's re-balancing

Changing focus and re-skilling, not walking away from climate research, says CEO

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has published a correction of recent reports about redundancies at the government-funded outfit.…

Mon 2016-02-08.22:45 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Facebook cares about you, yes you, so much it won't give up on India

Mark Zuckerberg responds to India's Free Basics ban

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken to Facebook – of course! – to vent about India's decision to ban its neo-colonialist virtual land grab Free Basics internet-on-ramp.…

Mon 2016-02-08.22:40 | [The Register]
[The Register]

Trane thermostat is a hot spot for viruses on home networks

When is the IoT industry going to get smart on security?

That shiny Internet of Things thermostat might look oh-so cool on the wall, but new research from Cisco shows it could be harboring a whole host of ugly malware.…

Mon 2016-02-08.22:22 | [The Register]



Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Demands Torrents Time Cease and Desist

An anonymous reader writes: Not even a week has gone by since Torrents Time appeared on the scene, and the site has already been served with a cease-and-desist letter. Anti-piracy group BREIN, based in the Netherlands, has deemed the streaming tool an "illegal application" and demands the administrators "cease and desist the distribution of Torrents Time immediately."

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AdBlock Plus, websites draft peace deal so ads can bypass blockade

Eyeo, publishers said to be locked in talks on allowing more banners to appear in browsers

The developer of AdBlock Plus is in talks with website owners to seal a deal that would allow more adverts to bypass the ad-blocker and appear in people's browsers.…

Mon 2016-02-08.21:41 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Grote brand verwoest loods op industrieterrein Staphorst

Een grote brand heeft maandagavond in Staphorst een loods vol caravans en tenten in de as gelegd.

Mon 2016-02-08.21:41 | [NU - Algemeen]


[The Register]

Imation flogs off IronKey to Kingston

Gets NYSE listing compliance notice

Imation has unravelled one of ex-CEO Mark Lucas's recovery strategy acquisitions and sold the IronKey business to Kingston. It's also received a non-compliance listing notice from the New York Stock Exchange; its valuation not being high enough.…

Mon 2016-02-08.21:28 | [The Register]


[Planet PostgreSQL]

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: explain.depesz.com – new change and some stats

Quite a long time ago (in October), Oskar Liljeblad reported a bug in anonymization. Namely – group keys were not anonymized. You can see example of such plan here. I finally got to it, fixed the bug, pushed new version to live site, and now such plans will be correctly anonymized. Thanks Oskar, and sorry […]

Mon 2016-02-08.20:30 | [Planet PostgreSQL]

The Hyperloop Industrial Complex

Jason Koebler writes: Two and a half years after Elon Musk pitched the technology, actually traveling on a hyperloop is still theoretical, but its effect on business is not. There is a very real, bonafide industry of people whose job description is, broadly speaking "make the hyperloop into a tangible thing." The SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend at Texas A&M University earlier this weekend was the coming out party for people in that industry.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2016-02-08.20:53 | [Slashdot]

Humble Bundle gaat zijn eigen games financieren

Onder de vlag 'Humble Originals' gaat Humble Bundle eigen games uitgeven. Deze Humble Originals komen beschikbaar onder het abonnement Humble Monthly. Deze bundel geeft recht op een van te voren geheime, samengestelde collectie games voor een maandelijks bedrag.

Mon 2016-02-08.19:00 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Netgear maakt Nighthawk X4S AC2600-router beschikbaar

Netgear brengt binnenkort een nieuwe wifi-router uit in de Nighthawk-serie. De Netgear Nighthawk X4S AC2600 met typenummer R7800 is een 802.11ac-router met quadstream-wifi op zowel de 2,4- als 5GHz-band.

Mon 2016-02-08.18:14 | [http://tweakers.net/]
[The Register]

Labels to artists: You'll get a penny, so go away

And don't go spoiling Spotify's IPO for us

Two of the three major record labels last week promised to share some of the money from the windfall they may receive from a Spotify IPO with artists. Neither said how much will land in the busker's hat. But the implication was that this was an act of munificence, and whatever the amount is, they should be jolly grateful.…

Mon 2016-02-08.21:01 | [The Register]
[Schneier on Security]

Data and Goliath Published in Paperback

Today, Data and Goliath is being published in paperback.

Everyone tells me that the paperback version sells better than the hardcover, even though it's a year later. I can't really imagine that there are tens of thousands of people who wouldn't spend $28 on a hardcover but are happy to spend $18 on the paperback, but we'll see. (Amazon has the hardcover for $19, the paperback for $11.70, and the Kindle edition for $14.60, plus shipping, if any. I am still selling signed hardcovers for $28 including domestic shipping -- more for international.)

I got a box of paperbacks from my publisher last week. They look good. Not as good as the hardcover, but good for a trade paperback.

Mon 2016-02-08.21:11 | [Schneier on Security]



Listen To Hawking's Second Reith Lecture On Black Holes, Illustrated

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC has now put the second of Stephen Hawking's Reith Lectures up on their web site, with accompanying illustrations. It's not 'All you ever wanted to know about Black Holes', but it's an easy introduction to some of the latest thinking on them.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2016-02-08.20:27 | [Slashdot]
[The Register]

Big hybrid iron swinger Infinidat bigs up its own growth

Unlisted company doing well off decline of legacy arrays

Infinidat, Moshe Yanai’s attempt to re-invent monolithic arrays in hybrid array, super-reliable form, had a good final 2015 quarter and wants everyone to know it's growing while competitors are lagging.…

Mon 2016-02-08.15:53 | [The Register]



Researcher Finds Tens of Software Products Vulnerable To Simple Bug

An anonymous reader writes: There's a German security researcher that is arduously testing the installers of tens of software products to see which of them are vulnerable to basic DLL hijacking. Surprisingly, many companies are ignoring his reports. Until now, only Oracle seems to have addressed this problem in Java and VirtualBox. Here's a short (probably incomplete) list of applications that he found vulnerable to this attack: Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, 7Zip, WinRAR, OpenOffice, VLC Media Player, Nmap, Python, TrueCrypt, and Apple iTunes. Mr. Kanthak also seems to have paid special attention to antivirus software installers. Here are some of the security products he discovered vulnerable to DLL hijacking: ZoneAlarm, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Trend Micro, ESET NOD32, Avira, Panda Security, McAfee Security, Microsoft Security Essentials, Bitdefender, Rapid7's ScanNowUPnP, Kaspersky, and F-Secure.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2016-02-08.20:10 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

Canada staakt deze maand luchtaanvallen op IS

Canada stopt later deze maand met zijn luchtaanvallen op terreurbeweging Islamitische Staat in Irak en Syrië. 

Mon 2016-02-08.20:30 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Inside Adwind: A DIY malware toolkit used by 1,800 crooks to spy on 443k victims

RAT entrails dissected

Security researchers have lifted the lid on Adwind – a malware-as-a-service platform which has hit more than 400,000 users and organisations across the globe.…

Mon 2016-02-08.19:57 | [The Register]



Security advisories for Monday

Arch Linux has updated lib32-libsndfile (multiple vulnerabilities) and libsndfile (multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated polarssl (code execution) and tiff (multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian-LTS has updated eglibc (multiple vulnerabilities) and linux-2.6 (multiple vulnerabilities).

Fedora has updated claws-mail (F23: stack-based buffer overflow), nginx (F22: denial of service), and prosody (F23: insecure handling of dialback keys).

Mageia has updated cakephp (denial of service), cgit (three vulnerabilities), curl (authentication bypass), cyrus-imapd (two vulnerabilities), docker/golang (two vulnerabilities), gajim (man-in-the-middle), imlib2 (denial of service), java-1.8.0-openjdk/copy-jdk-configs/lua-lunit/lua-posix (multiple vulnerabilities), krb5 (three vulnerabilities), phpmyadmin/phpseclib (multiple vulnerabilities), and socat (man-in-the-middle).

openSUSE has updated curl (Leap42.1; 13.2; 13.1: authentication bypass), mariadb (Leap42.1; 13.2: multiple vulnerabilities), mysql (Leap42.1, 13.2; 13.1: multiple vulnerabilities), nginx (Leap42.1: denial of service), openssl (13.2: man-in-the-middle), php5 (Leap42.1: two vulnerabilities), phpMyAdmin (Leap42.1, 13.2: multiple vulnerabilities), rubygem-actionpack-3_2 (13.2: multiple vulnerabilities), rubygem-actionpack-4_2 (Leap42.1: multiple vulnerabilities), rubygem-rails-html-sanitizer (Leap42.1: multiple vulnerabilities), and phpmyadmin (13.1: multiple vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated openstack-swift (RHELOSP5 for RHEL6; RHELOSP5 for RHEL7; RHELOSP6 for RHEL7: denial of service) and python-django (RHELOSP6 for RHEL7: information disclosure).

SUSE has updated kernel (SLE11-SP3: multiple vulnerabilities).

Mon 2016-02-08.19:11 | [LWN.net]

Talos Secure Workstation Is FSF-Certified — and $3100

jones_supa writes: These days, the motivation to use open source software for many people is to avoid backdoors placed by intelligence organizations and to avoid software that has hidden privacy-intruding characteristics. For the operating system and userspace software, open choices are already available. The last remaining island has been the firmware included in various ROM chips in a computer. Libreboot has introduced an open BIOS, but it is not available for newer systems featuring the Intel ME or AMD PSP management features. Talos' Secure Workstation fills this need, providing a modern system with 8-core POWER8 CPU, 132 GB RAM, and open firmware. The product is currently in a pre-release phase where Raptor Engineering is trying to understand if it's possible to do a production run of the machine. If you are interested, it's worth visiting the official website. Adds an anonymous reader about the new system, which rings in at a steep $3100: "While the engineers found solace in the POWER8 architecture with being more open than AMD/Intel CPUs, they still are searching for a graphics card that is open enough to receive the FSF Respect Your Freedom certification." Update: 02/08 18:44 GMT by T : See also Linux hacker and IBM employee Stewart Smith's talk from the just-completed linux.conf.au on, in which he walks through "all of the firmware components and what they do, including the boot sequence from power being applied up to booting an operating system."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2016-02-08.19:29 | [Slashdot]



Metel Hackers Roll Back ATM Transactions, Steal Millions

msm1267 writes: Researchers from Kaspersky Lab's Global Research & Analysis Team today unveiled details on two new criminal operations that have borrowed heavily from targeted nation-state attacks, and also shared an update on a resurgent Carbanak gang, which last year, it was reported, had allegedly stolen upwards of $1 billion from more than 100 financial companies. The heaviest hitter among the newly discovered gangs is an ongoing campaign, mostly confined to Russia, known as Metel. This gang targets machines that have access to money transactions, such as call center and support machines, and once they are compromised, the attackers use that access to automate the rollback of ATM transactions. As the attackers empty ATM after ATM—Metel was found inside 30 organizations—the balances on the stolen accounts remained untouched.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2016-02-08.18:48 | [Slashdot]
[NU - Algemeen]

'Ongekend niveau van voedselschaarste in Zuid-Soedan'

Bijna 25 procent van de bevolking in Zuid-Soedan, in totaal zo'n 2,8 miljoen mensen, heeft dringend behoefte aan voedselhulp. 

Mon 2016-02-08.18:39 | [NU - Algemeen]
[The Register]

Reports of Twitter's death greatly exaggerated, says CEO

Hints of new curated timeline leads to #RIPtwitter chatter, followed by smackdown

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has mostly quashed rumours that the struggling social network is introducing an algorithmically-curated timeline.…

Sun 2016-02-07.22:53 | [The Register]


[NU - Algemeen]

Honderdtwintig Libanonveteranen dienen claim in tegen Staat

Honderdtwintig veteranen die in Libanon een trauma hebben opgelopen gaan een schadeclaim tegen de Nederlandse Staat indienen. 

Mon 2016-02-08.18:18 | [NU - Algemeen]


[Webwereld Feed]

VLC bestaat 15 jaar

De open source videospeler maakt al anderhalf decennium gebruikers gelukkig.

Mon 2016-02-08.15:28 | [Webwereld Feed]
[Planet PostgreSQL]

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for 9.6 – Add num_nulls() and num_nonnulls() to count NULL arguments.

On 5th of February, Tom Lane committed patch: Add num_nulls() and num_nonnulls() to count NULL arguments.   An example use-case is "CHECK(num_nonnulls(a,b,c) = 1)" to assert that exactly one of a,b,c isn't NULL. The functions are variadic, so they can also be pressed into service to count the number of null or nonnull elements in […]

Mon 2016-02-08.16:42 | [Planet PostgreSQL]
[Planet PostgreSQL]

Gulcin Yildirim: Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2016

The 9th annual “Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day” conference will be held on 17th and 18th February in Prague.


Me with PostgreSQL elephants at Prague Zoo :)

Welcome to Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day

Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day is a two day conference and talks & trainings are mostly in Czech language. Conference program is also ready, you can check the full schedule.

1st Day: Trainings – 17th of February

The first day of the conference, there will be trainings and practical lectures for a smaller number of attendees. You can find the detailed trainings program. All trainings will be in Czech language.

One of the most interesting ones is “Reading query execution plans” training. With this training Tomas Vondra from 2ndQuadrant aims to help trainees to understand the basic stages of processing a SQL query (parsing, planning and execution) and how the database trying to find the best plan.

If you are more into PostgreSQL database administration you might want to join Pavel Stěhule‘s “Configuration, administration and monitoring PostgreSQL” training. He will focus on monitoring PostgreSQL for preventing problems and unwanted downtimes also figuring out possible bottlenecks of the PostgreSQL systems.

If you are interested in awesome PostGIS you might consider joining Jan Michalek‘s “Introduction to PostGIS” training. After the training participants are expected to have ability to perform simple spatial queries, import / export data, etc.

The last training that I would like to mention is Aleš Zelený‘s “Learning PostgreSQL for Oracle DBAs”. He will show differences and similarities between Oracle and PostgreSQL databases from the perspective of an Oracle DBA. If you are interested in listening his journey while he has been adapting PostgreSQL with a different DBMS background and different experiences, you might want to join his training.

With these 4 trainings that I mentioned above, the first day will end and the conference will continue with the talks both in Czech and English languages.

2nd Day: Talks – 18th of February

There will be interesting talks on the second day of the conference. You can find the detailed list of talks here.

Petr Jelinek from 2ndQuadrant will give a talk about “Open-source clustering solutions for PostgreSQL” and Tomas Vondra will talk about “Major changes in PostgreSQL 9.5″.

The two English talks will be given by Andres Freund and Marco Slot. Andres will talk about “IO in Postgres – Architecture, Tuning, Problems” and Marco will talk about “pg_paxos: Table replication distributed through consensus”. You don’t want to miss any of the talks though!

Last year’s event

This year, Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day conference expects to have around 200 people attending. They sold out in 7 days!

Don’t miss this great chance of meeting PostgreSQL people and having 2 days full of PostgreSQL!

Prague PostgreSQL Developer Day 2015 was a huge success with more than 150 people attending. If you would like to read about last year’s event, check out Tomas’s blog post.

We would like to meet with you!

Prague is an amazing city with its dark and gothic atmosphere, I enjoy spending my time in Prague and I’m so excited to join this year’s event!

Like I said before, Prague is awesome and 17th-18th of February will be more awesome with PostgreSQL people discussing about PostgreSQL and meeting with each other.

We will have a company booth and I will be there to talk about PostgreSQL and answer your questions about 2ndQuadrant.

Hope to see you all there. Happy P2D2!

Mon 2016-02-08.16:13 | [Planet PostgreSQL]

NAND Flash Density Surpasses HDDs', But Price Is Still a Sticking Point

Lucas123 writes: With the introduction of 3D or stacked NAND flash memory, non-volatile memory has for the first time surpassed that of hard disk drives in density. This year, Micron revealed it had demonstrated areal densities in its laboratories of up to 2.77 terabits per square inch (Tbpsi) for its 3D NAND. That compares with the densest HDDs of about 1.3Tbpsi. While NAND flash may have surpassed hard drives in density, it doesn't mean the medium has reached price parity with HDDs — nor will it anytime soon. One roadblock to price parity is the cost of revamping existing or building new 3D NAND fabrication plant, which far exceeds that of hard drive manufacturing facilities, according to market research firm Coughlin Associates. HDD makers are also preparing to launch even denser products using technologies such as heat assisted magnetic recording.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mon 2016-02-08.18:07 | [Slashdot]

Lek in website farmaceutisch bedrijf maakte handel met voorkennis mogelijk

Een lek in de website van het beursgenoteerde farmaceutische bedrijf Pharming maakte het mogelijk om nieuwsberichten met onder andere financiële resultaten in te zien, een dag voordat deze officieel gepubliceerd werden. Dit maakte handelen met voorkennis mogelijk.

Mon 2016-02-08.18:02 | [http://tweakers.net/]

'Nederlandse internetgebruikers hebben kleinste kans op virussen'

Uit een rapport van Eurostat blijkt dat Nederlanders, samen met Tsjechen, de minste last hebben van beveiligingsproblemen. Ook zouden Nederlanders jaarlijks maar 6 procent kans hebben om een computervirus binnen te halen, terwijl het gemiddelde in Europa op 21 procent ligt.

Mon 2016-02-08.17:00 | [http://tweakers.net/]

Krita 2.9.11

Versie 2.9.11 van Krita is verschenen. Krita is een programma waarmee digitale tekeningen kunnen worden bewerkt en gecreëerd, en kan overweg met zowel bitmap- als vectorafbeeldingen. Het programma is onderdeel van Calligra Suite en wordt ontwikkeld door het KDE-team, maar werkt ook prima onder Gnome of XFCE. Daarnaast zijn er downloads voor Windows en OS X. Inmiddels wordt er ook al aan versie 3.0 gewerkt en tegelijkertijd met versie 2.9.11 is ook de tweede alpharelease van versie 3.0 verschenen. De changelog voor deze uitgave ziet er als volgt uit:

Mon 2016-02-08.16:09 | [http://tweakers.net/]


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